Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brandenburg represents Tea Party principles !

Jack Brandenburg is talking to voters every day across the 11th Senate District, listening to their concerns, and preparing to take the fight to Lansing January 1st 2011. He has been at numerous Tea Party meetings and rallies because he shares their philosophy of "less government spending, lower taxes on businesses and families, and smaller government". He knows you cannot reduce taxes until you reduce the cost of government. And much of the cost of government is hidden in the medical and retirement benefits of government workers.

Government needs to be "reformed", not "expanded", and that's what Obama's health care plan did. It gave 30 million people health care coverage while doing nothing to reduce the costs. That's socialism, not reform. We need to send real reformers like Jack Brandenburg to Lansing and Washington, and return Socialists like Granholm and Obama to the countries they came from, if we can ever find out where that is !


  1. I had a great talk with Jack Brandenburg at the Tea Party Express in Clinton Twp. He is a great guy. For some reason Joe has a bug up his butt about you writing about a guy you would like to see in office. That is lib lingo for,Joe has nothing bad to say about Jack so he puts a strawman in the mix. HEE hEE Heee. It's like grade school again.

  2. Chris,
    If i blog about Unions people can reasonable expect that i would announce any bias i might have like belonging to one. Its expected that people would be upfront about such things.

    there was a time when the MD used to print Brians letters about prop 2 without acknowledging that he had a vested interest in it, that he was county co-chair of an organization attempting to get it passed.

    So yes, i do still point out to Brian that he's being less than upstanding.

  3. Joe just like your title(Angery Unionist) and Brians title(On The Right) I think that most people would have a clue. Please tell me you are that slow Joe or that you think Brians readers are.

  4. I wrote letters and Guest Commentaries on behalf of MCRI (Prop. 2) as the Macomb County Chairman of that campaign, and signed my name as such. If this knucklehead JoeC would take the time to search some of my old letters and Guest Column's from 2006, he'd know that.

    It's very obvious that I support Jack Brandenburg, as I've said numerous times. I'm not trying to hide the fact that I am actively supporting him. His opponents are just not as representative of the voters in Northern Macomb County.
    Leon is good on fiscal issues, but on social issues he is way out of the conservative mainstream. He supports same sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana. If you doubt me just ask him. He is a proud Libertarian.
    Also, Jack's opponents think it is O.K. to pull stuff like putting a 21 yr. old kid on the ballot named "Zack Brandenburg" to confuse voters.
    Well, the voters are sick of "politics as usual" where the candidates play the voters for fools. When I confronted her about this stunt Kim Meltzer told me "this has been going on for years in Macomb County, don't worry about it, it's no big deal"
    I think voters want someone who will take their concerns seriously, and Jack Brandenburg will !

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