Saturday, May 8, 2010

Socialist Obama is destroying our country !

As we enter the summer of 2010, we will be entering a historic "summer of choice". I believe we are living in times that are no less critical to our nations future than the late 1700's when our founding fathers declared their independence from British rule, or the mid-1800's when our country fought a civil war over the institution of slavery.

We must now make a stand against the "liberal-socialists" who are attempting to hijack the greatest country on earth. Their "Svengali-like" leader, President Barack Hussein Obama, is leading the entranced American public down the path to becoming a doomed social-welfare state, like the failed democracies of Europe. Great Britain, Greece, France and Germany, and most of the West-European nations are drowning under a wave of debt and immigration. Obama welcomes both saying "We are no longer a Chistian nation", and telling us that the way to solve our economic problems is through borrowing and spending.

This insanity must stop, and we are the ones who have to stop it. There is no one who will come to save us, we must save ourselves. Just as our founding fathers acted to declare their independence from British rule, and the Republicans in the North fought and died to stop the spread of slavery, we must fight and stop the spread of socialism that threatens to destroy this country. The time is now, this is the place, and we are the people who must do it !


  1. How ironic. Here we have an individual, who in his previous post, implores us to stand for principle rather than political correctness. Then he offers us his concerns about our nation heading towards socialism. Why is this ironic?

    Because this same individual sent a letter to the Oakland Press extolling the virtue of the recently enacted smoking ban. Is it really possible he doesn't see the contradiction in his words? He argues against Socialism on one hand while promoting the government's involvement in private business on the other. He is clearly renouncing his principles to the alter of political correctness. Unfortunately, the most appropriate word to describe this behavior. Hypocrite!

  2. Are you "principled", or simply a "rigid ideologue".

    I do not feel that property rights trump public health, period. Protecting the 80% of the citizenry that don't want to be forced to breath second-hand smoke as a condition of employment should determine whether or not government allows smoking in the workplace. Enough said.

  3. Sorry Brian, Paul nailed you. The proper statement is 0% of the citizenry is "forced" to breath second-hand smoke as a condition of employment. Nobody is forced to work under those conditions, they are free to seek employment in an atmosphere that is in concert with their guidelines. Unfortunately, he is correct, your views on this subject clearly demonstrates your hypocrisy. Also, you don't win the battle by labeling someone as an "rigid ideologue". That's code word for being principled.

    By the way, you want another irony. I notice you used a photo of Lincoln in this post. Let's see what he had to say about principles.

    “Important principles may and must be inflexible.” Enough said!

  4. "I do not feel that property rights trump public health, period." Did you just use the word "feel" to try and make a valid point? Feelings are related to emotions and have no place in a intellectual debate. People can "feel" any number of emotions, but it's facts that should ultimately be used to prove your argument.

    And the fact is that property rights are the cornerstone of this country's development. All rights are derived from ownership and that ownership comes through the act of obtaining and use of property. Since the non-smoker has no right to the property of the business owner, he has no way to enforce his desires. The only way he can obtain a right to someone else's property, is through the force of government. He lobbies them to violate and confiscate the property of other's to use in the way he "feels" he is entitled. That appears to be the very same thing you believe our current administration is engaging in. Congratulations, you are now a Socialist.

  5. Brian we have the right to leave those businesses if the smoke is bothering us. It is up to business to chose how they run their business. It isn't a no choice right to life,libedrty and the persuit of property/happyness like abortion. People are educated on the effects of second hand smoke and they have legs to move them out of businesses that don't suite their tastes in air quaility. Now if it is a law about smoking in a car with a child that doesn't have a choice to breath clean air then I agree with a law to curb it.