Friday, May 21, 2010

Liberals wanted "change" ... we got it !

Naive American voters thought Barack Hussein Obama was an "agent of change", someone who would unite us and bring positive change. They were wrong ... terribly wrong ! Obama is a socialist who has divided us and is destroying the America our parents and grandparents fought and died to protect. He agreed with Mexican President Calderon when he stood on American soil and called Arizona's new law to enforce it's border "discrimination".

As a veteran, it sickens me to hear the President, our "commander-in-chief", apoligize for America's history. To see him bow to a Saudi King who is responsible for the spread of madrassa's that teach a violent, radical form of Islam is unforgivable.

But it is also unacceptable for people to continue to vote for politicians who support Obama's radical agenda. Each and every one of us needs to do our utmost to elect conservatives this fall to stop the destruction of our country. Please share this blog with as many people as you can. Thank You.


  1. i think he's brought about positive change and bitter sore losers like yourself work to find continuous partisan reasons to hate him, most of the time for little things that have no bearing on anything but your petty little minds.

    you and your ilk have been nothing more than petty and vindictive and if anything continues to divide us itis the conservative ways of hatred and intolerance. Typical of the right we saw during the Clinton years, which lined up to practice its special form of hypocrisy in all things.

    And if any large groups of democrats or independents are remorseful over their choice it shows that they have a capacity that Conservatives failed to show during the Bush administration, despite its failures.

  2. Joe do you realy think obamacare and the new CBC numbers aere a good change? Do you think the stimulus pork bill was good change? Do you think the Patriot Act being grown is good? Gitmo,deficit,our debt,higher unemployment,low growth even with trillions of our $$$? What about the growth of the wars instead of a withdraw? Do you like the fact that our friends have been dissed and our communist and socialist dictators love Obama? The stock morket doesn't think too highly of him and his admin. Housing is going to crash again when the forcloser firlows end. How is that Gulf coast oil spill coming along? I'm trying to see it from your point of view Joe but your posts are aslways vague when it comes down to it. What is it you like about Obama and Congress again because we have made our stance clear as a bell. What we don't get is what is it you like about Obama and Congress? Let's see which list is bigger?