Saturday, April 3, 2010

Even liberal lapdog Katie Couric knows something is wrong !

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Bottom line; Obama does not care that Americans reject his Socialist agenda. He is a "Svengali-like" Socialist who has hypnotized the voters into thinking he is concerned about them and is trying to help them. He is not. Obama's Socialist agenda is just that. He is intent on implementing his agenda, just like Stalin did in Russia and Fidel Castro did in Cuba. He claims to be "for the people", for the "common man", but we all know (well, most of us know ...) Socialism is a failure !

Thankfully, as the latest polls show, Americans are waking up from the "trance" that Obama has had them in. They are realizing that he is taking us down a road to Socializm, from which there is no return. The Tea Parties are on the "front-lines" warning the citizens of America to WAKE-UP ! We will see this movement grow and the resistance to Obama and his Socialist henchmen in the Congress will build until we storm to the polls in November to retake our government. Then we will turn our eyes on him, their "Dear Leader" and he will be unceremoniously removed from office after one disastrous term in 2012 !


  1. Your title should have read:
    "Liberal Katie Couric Shows Disappointment That Americans Know Something is Wrong"

  2. Brian is socialism a failure? I mean we all know that, yet it seems that plenty of socialistic countries exist and do quite nicely for themselves. How do you explain that?

    Explain Sweden then. How is it not a failure? Its far more socialistic than we are.

    How bout Norway? It has state-sponsored industries and its GDP per capita exceeds ours.

    We could look at Switzerland, a exceedlingly capitalistic country, that also has socialised medicine. The Swiss citizens are covered by a compulsory universal health-insurance coverage.

    So i'm asking you Brian, in other than words what is wrong with socialism? Why doesn't it work? Seems that social medicine and social welfare work for alot of other industrial nations yet you claim it doesn't.

  3. The Progressive ship is sinking. If you thought they were violent before their liberal world crashed just wait when the Dems lose more seats then expected come Nov. Brian we have been saying this was going to happen all along. The media will turn when they have too.

  4. Joe how is it that America is by far the richest,strongest and most generous country in the world? Why does everyone want to move to America? Just serviving and succeeding are two different things Joe. Even Socialist EU wants to be more like us. Just look at Greece and tell me that it's all good. And Joe how many of these countries lean on America to protect themselves so they don't have to spend the money on a strong military? Just think how many countries would get invaded if it wasn't for America.

  5. Chris, so your answering my questions with questions?

    What does any of that have to do with whether socialism works or not? I guess you had to resort to something because you had no way to prove me wrong.

    You don't get points for attacking some political myth about wanting to be like europe, when i am not suggesting that.

    Again, how is it that everyone knows Socialism doesn't work yet socialist countries exist and function well every single day?

  6. JoeC,
    I have an answer - Venezuela, why look to conservatives for what is reported in your own MSM? Oh, and guess what, it is in our own hemisphere.

    Now if you call that "functioning" well I guess that would be on par for those who are deaf, dumb and blind, but to those who are not it is referred to as DISFUNCTIONAL at best.

    Cuba maybe? LMAO

  7. Joe surviving and prospering are two different things. Get it? Socialist cvountries survive but they never prosper. That is the answer Joe.

  8. Hey Brian, A Happy Easter to you and yours.

  9. Christopher,
    Great choice, take a third world latin american country instead of a solid industrial nation like that of Sweden or Norway and throw that at me to prove what? Absolutely nothing. Good Talk though.

    Chris, Is having the fourth largest GDP PER CAPITA thriving? Thats Norway? So much for your little theory.

    Enjoyed it fellas but now we all know that Socialism isn't a failure, just a failure in your heads. Have a happy easter

  10. JoeC said... "Socialism isn't a failure". It's hilarious to read the comments of someone living in America talk about how "successful" Socialism is. Amazing and sad !

    The liberal Democrats want to "change" this country ... into a Socialist state with a centralized government. And they need sheep like JoeC to do it.

  11. Brian, thansk for your enlightening, but totally useless comments on my genus species. The funny thing is the only person making sheeple comments was you. I presented three examples of socialised nations that do work, one of which has combination of free market phlisophy and social welfare, to which you replied....Nothing. You called me a sheep.

    You can't even engage it in a thoughtful manner. Please tkae the time do the reasearch prove me wrong. Show me where those countries are failing.

    What is amazing and sad is that out of all the industrialized nations in this world, the single greatest one has a large percentage of supposedly moral, supposedly thoughtful people who see nothing wrong with people who have little to no health care and insurance. Who see nothing wrong with having the 40th best life expectancy and 30th best infant mortality rates behind the other industrialized nations with socialised healthcare. Thats what the saddest part.

  12. Joe how do you explain all the other socialist countries that are or have failed? Why is Greese failing Joe?

  13. Chris, asking a question to answer my questions again.

  14. You must not have an answer then. Thanks for playing the socialist game.

  15. You don't have an answer for how Norway has a much more extensive social welfare plan and a higher GDP rate? So should i answer you before you answer me? I asked first.

    Seems your the one with no answer. thanks for playing the rightwing talking points game.

  16. Joe, sorry to ask you a question, but how are you picking socialist countries? Both Sweden and Norway are constitutional monarchies, sometimes leaning left, sometimes right. Norway most recently elected 178/349 from a center/right coalition.

    The admitted socialist countries I found are... China, Cuba, N Korea, Laos and Vietnam. Are you going to hold one of these up as a shining example?

    I also think Chris answered your question as long as even a socialist leaning country has a big brother to protect it, it can do okay (Canada), but if it has to protect itself, it will sooner or later implode.