Monday, April 5, 2010

Tea Party Express III coming to Macomb County !

We are very fortunate to have the Tea Party Express III coming to Macomb County ! After starting out in Searchlight Nevada to say "Adios" to the Tax & Spend Speaker Harry Reid, the Tea Party Express makes its way to Michigan for Five (Yes 5 !) rallies in sellout Bart Stupak's District in Northern Michigan District, then down the West side of the state and through Lansing before coming to Clinton Township in the home of the Reagan Democrats right here in Macomb County !

The local Tea Party group in St. Clair Shores, MEDEFCO, is hosting the event and we need to turn out as many people as possible ! This event will be covered by the national media, as well as local media including the Macomb Daily. Let's show Michigan and the rest the country that Macomb County is motivated ! See you at 10:00 Sunday morning at the Clinton Township Municipal Center @ Romeo Plank and Canal, about 1 1/2 miles South of M-59 (Hall Rd.)


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  2. Joe, you liberals like to name call, don't you. Bruce Fealk also had a demented obsession with "Tea Bagging". What's wrong with you libs ?

    As you know, our limited government group is called the "Tea Party", and it's conservative members are referred to as "Tea Partiers". If you insist on using a derogatory sexual term in your comments about the Tea Party members I'll just delete it from now on. If you want to comment here,you;ll have to do it without the childish name calling.

  3. I will be there Brian and I know of two people that I'm taking with me. We need to go on the Oakland Press and Macomb Daily and post reminders to the readers about the Tea Party Express.

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  5. 2 comments were removed here by "the Editor" for using a "derogatory sexual-term" to describe the patriotic members of the Tea Party movement. If readers want to disagree here, they are invited to do so, but I will not allow constant name calling by either side of the debate.
    Unfortunately, Bruce Fealk is the cancer that has caused this type of name-calling on my blog and I won't allow it to continue.
    If Mr. Fealk wants to bait, taunt and call names trying to provoke a response, like he used to do on my blog in The Oakland Press, he will have to do it somewhere else, not here.
    This blog is for discussion and debate, not name calling, sorry Bruce.

  6. Thank you Brian, I am one who does not take name calling to heart due to my up-bringing but it is rather tiresome I must admit. What has me wondering is what do they think by using such terminology is achieving?

    Are they using it to bring homosexuals to the Tea Parties? If so Thanks,all are welcome to condemn this Obamanation.

    Are they using it to deride a great number of their supporters? Again Thank you, as you do they will consider the RIGHT side as we welcome their participation (Think Log Cabin Republicans)

    Either way, this is what they are achieving along with the MSM.

    Actually, these sorry commentors are behind the times, even their MSM is now dropping all the derogatory remarks as the White House has instructed.

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  9. Derogatory sexual terms will not be allowed Bruce. Your taunting and baiting is getting old. Have you considered seeking counseling ?

  10. Brian, you and your conservative friends have called me every name under the sun, but if you want to be a hypocrite, that's fine by me.

    You and your friends have all said I'm gay, which isn't true, but conservatives don't care about truth. You are perfectly comfortable lying on every issue. Maybe you don't even realize you are lying any more and can't distinguish fact from fiction.

  11. Bruce, I've deleted several comments that said derogatory things about you that crossed the line. But I'll be honest with you Bruce ... You bait people, taunt people, and then try to "ACT" shocked and insulted when they get fed-up and respond by lashing out at you.
    Bruce, you're NOT fooling me. THAT IS EXACTLY THE RESPONSE YOU'RE TRYING TO PROVOKE ! You generated so much hatred towards yourself over in The Oakland Press, that you got fired and took me along with you.
    It's your life story Bruce. That's why members of your OWN FAMILY have gotten in touch with me to tell me that you are bad news ... a constant trouble maker. It's true Bruce, you bring it on yourself.

  12. Oh, please, Brian. You are the reason the Oakland Press shut down your blog. You are your own worst enemy.

    My brother is another story. He has issues of his own, and so does his girlfriend. I don't pay too much attention to what they think at all.

    You and your commenters have continued to call me every name under the sun. Just because I use one term that you consider derogatory, that the tea partiers themselves coined, is no reason to censor my comments.

  13. Your comments won't be censored, unless you use a derogatory sexual term to describe patriotic Americans like the Tea Party members.

  14. Brian keep up the good work america needs more people like you to speak up and organize,would like to see you seek political office,educated people seem to be hard to find now days. Looking forward to seeing you at another rally.


  15. Mike, It was good to see you too. There were alot of good, patriotic Americans out there rallying for the values that were important to our coutry's Founding Fathers. Freedom from government tyranny, Liberty and the ability to keep what you earn.
    I'm proud to be associated with people like you, and everyone at that rally that loves our country and what it stands for !