Saturday, April 24, 2010

Standing up for principle -vs- being "politically correct".

Mike Cox attended the recent Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in St. Clair Shores, sponsored by the MEDEFCO Tea Party group, and hosted by WJR's Frank Beckman. I took the opportunity to highlite Cox's principled support for Prop. 2 in 2006, and contrast it with the "politically-correct" position taken by then U.S. Senate candidate Michael Bouchard. Bouchard and 2006 Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos both publicly refused to support Prop.2, fearing that it would hurt them at the polls.

Well, they were on the wrong side of the issue; Prop. 2 was passed statewide 58%-42%, and 68%-32% in Macomb County ! Both Bouchard and DeVos were soundly defeated and arguably could have benefitted from standing up for banning racial preferences like Mike Cox did. Mike Cox was the top vote-getter in Macomb County in the 2006 election.
I don't think it was any coincidence that Mike was a strong supporter of MCRI/Prop. 2.

The following video shows me confronting Bouchard on the issue, and pointing out that Mike Cox is the only one of the 2010 candidates for Governor who supported Prop. 2/MCRI. Mike was a supporter of Prop. 2, not because it was politically popular to do so, or because it was "polling well" (it wasn't winning in most published polls right up to the day of the election ...) Attorney General Mike Cox stood up for banning Affirmative Action for the same reason I did, "It was the right thing to do..."
Kids should not be judged differently based on their race, they should be judged on their ability, accomplishments, and achievements, period.


  1. You racist. I just had to say it. It sounds just as dumb when the left say it. But you know they will. What a great job on the questioning Brian. It's funny but the US census cares more about our race then marital status. What does color have to do with anything? If you are liberal color is the world to them.

  2. How ironic (or "moronic") that the lib's on the left would try to accuse someone of being a "racist" for wanting all people to be treated the same under the law, regardless of their race/

    That's what you call "political correctness" run amok ...

  3. Cox is a fool. Please ask why he did not go after the Tamara Greene case when he could have?

    In Rev. Wrights words: NO,NO,NO

    It is blatently clear Cox is a political TOOL/FOOL of the poilitical machine that is the Peopels Rebublic of Michiogan.

  4. wish he would've stood for principles instead of getting his freak on with a woman other than his wife.

    How ironic the party that attacks John Edwards for the very same thing has a number of adulterers on their tickets. Go NERD instead.

  5. And don't forget about wasting taxpayer money trying to exempt Michigan from the health care reform.

    What a doofus.

  6. I have to laugh when clowns like Bruce "Paper-Mache head" Fealk use the word "reform" to describe the government takeover of another sector of our nation's economy.

    Reform, to me, means things like lowering costs and increasing efficiency. Obamacare does neither. All Obamacare does is give free healthcare to over 30 million people who can't afford it, and make the rest of us pay for it.

  7. Hey Bruce, are you referring to the 20 state (and growing) lawsuit being drafted to challenge the Heathcare law? I would say if 20 AG and/or Governors (highly experienced in law) feel there is a violation of the Constitution within this law, they are looking out for your rights, or don't you care about your rights?
    Now you might say 'I don't think it does violate my rights.' But wouldn't you want to make sure that it passes constitutional muster?

  8. Brian, you couldn't be more WRONG.

    New health care law a godsend for Texas lawyer, family
    By Maria Recio | McClatchy Newspapers

    WASHINGTON — Attorney Andrew Griffin doesn't share the outrage that many of his fellow Texans feel over the Obama administration's new health care law.

    Instead, he thinks of his epileptic son Alec, 12, as almost a poster child for the new law and thinks that his family will benefit because it prohibits insurers from denying coverage of a pre-existing condition.

    Two years ago, Griffin, a new law school grad, discovered that he made too much money at the Fort Worth law firm he'd just joined to qualify for his son's care under the Texas Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP.)

    Alec's seizures, which had begun in 2003 but all but disappeared, had become constant, but more than 60 insurers rejected Griffin's applications for coverage. Turning to his wife, he proposed that they divorce so she and their two children could qualify for federal assistance.

  9. McClatchy Newspapers... the liberals mouth piece... They (and you Bruce) seem to be hung up on the talking point out there that both left and right agree on 'denying coverage of a pre-existing condition.'
    If this is the lefts real major problem in todays heathcare, why didn't they just pass a (maybe)50 page law to stop this practice, instead of dragging the whole nation under a 2700 page heathcare insurance law? Because they want to control 1/6 of the economy, on top of a more cynical policy...

  10. Brian, I find it strange that you do not address the current trial going on in the murder of Tamara Greene that Cox is knee deep in?

    As you well know I am a Conservative and also know we do not see eye to eye on everything, but please, this local, real issue involving a murder of a young woman must certainly concern you.

    With former Democrat Mayor of Detroit Kilpatricks also current legal problems I would think you would want to get to the bottom of all of this.

    If Cox is not compliant in the cover-up, then one would believe YOU would state that.

    Your silence is very telling.

  11. Christopher,
    You lost me ... Cox is "knee deep" in the trial of Tamara Greene ? What are you talking about ?

    I think you've been listening to too many 3rd (or 4th) hand rumors. My favotite one is that Mike Cox was at a party hosted by Kwame at the Manoogian Mansion and now everyone that was there is sworn to secrecy and won't admit it !

    Christopher, I didn't know you were so gullible. Do you HONESTLY believe that if Kwame had had a huge party at the Manoogian Mansion with strippers and fights and everything else that the rumor says, that not one single person would admit it under oath ? REALLY ? C'mon Christopher, give it a rest.

    You will really go to some extreme lengths to attack conservatives.

  12. Guilible? Ahh Brian, You must be so soaked-up in Cox that you know nothing of the case.

    So be it. Stay wrpped-up in a candidate that is less than honest. True that comment is common but at least most try to hide it, except that is for Cox.

    I guess attourneys stick together no matter the stripes huh.

    Ever hear of tort reform?

  13. It is amazing what you deam Conservative?

    You stae I a Conservative attack Conservatives?
    That on itself is ludicious. When and if I attack it is those who oppose Conservatives.

    You had better back Conservatives or you yourself will be placed in the trash-heep of wrong Americans,i.e. democrats

  14. Christopher, i think it was telling that Bruce didn't resort to innuendo but rather stuck to policy.

    I for one find that Mike Cox was most likely behind the cutting of the investigation short and take the sworn tesitmony of two State Troopers alot more seriously than his. Remember he was part of the Wayne County Prosecutors office.

    Thats why i say "Go Nerd"

  15. JoeC are you going to vote for the "Nerd"?

  16. I am considering it. I don't see anyone running on the democrats who i feel that can run the state. Occasionally i cross party lines when i find someone i trust or just have a good feeling about.

    I'm not a Virge fan or Andy Dillion either.

  17. I agree that is who I like also. And I also don't like Verg or Andy Dillon for Mich. We need someone outside the beltway that knows business in Mich.

  18. Chris, I would add that in Rick Snyder we do not find a career politico swayed by lobbyist money and interests.

  19. JoeC, I suggest you take another look ar Virg. He's done a good job as Mayor of Lansing and business does not equal good government. DeVos proved that.

  20. I think Virg Bernero is a fighter, and I like that. But having said that he is also a liberal Democrat, so I am a strong supporter of the "conservative fighter" in the Republican primary ... Attorney General Mike Cox !

    Cox is a proven winner; he has won statewide elections twice, and he was a strong supporter for banning Affirmative Action by the state in 2006. That took cajone's. Cox is willing to fight for principle, and some of the other candidates apparently aren't.

  21. Brian, I think if you look at Virg's record as mayor of Lansing, he's actually done all the things that even a conservative could look at and be impressed. Put your ideology aside for a minute, Brian.

    Virg has actually done things inside government. Just because Cox supported a lousy discriminatory policy doesn't... Oh, wait, you like people like that. Never mind. I forgot who I was talking to for a minute.

  22. "business does not equal good government. DeVos proved that" - bfealk

    DeVos not being elected proved the ignorance of voters in MI. Just what has Jenny done to improve anything in the economy?

    Liberal politics does not equal good business.

  23. What kind of things has Virg done that is considered right of center,bfealk?

  24. He has a long list of accomplishments, creating jobs, balancing the budget, AAA bond rating, etc.

    Here's my interview with him.

  25. Here's a list from his web site, Chris.

  26. So Bruce it looks like you also think that "creating jobs,balancing the budget,AAA bond ratings" are his right of center attributes. I agree that those are right wing attributes and the opposite is left wing. That is why we need a right wing candidate not another left winger that destroy jobs,bloat the budget and loose our AAA ratings, all things the Democrats have given us. Thanks for clearing that up Bruce.

  27. Chris, no, Virg is a solid liberal. The point is that liberals have to clean up the messes made by conservatives. Virg has managed to create jobs in spite of the mess that Mike Bishop and the Republican Senate have left for him.

    This is what always happens, conservatives make a mess, like George W. Bush, and Democrats have to come in and clean it up. Then because it doesn't happen fast enough, Democrats get voted out and the cycle starts again.

    Conservatives are so F'ing stupid.

  28. Bruce this state has been run by liberals foa a long long long time and look at where it has taken us. How are we the stupid ones when you gave all conservative talking points as Virg's attributes. What does glass taste like bfealk?