Thursday, April 8, 2010

...And the liberal media call the Tea Party "violent and out of the mainstream" ?

Well, good thing we've got the unbiased, objective media to tell us that we Tea Party members are dangerous and deranged eh ? They didn't notice anything wrong with the liberals exercising their 1st Amendment rights when George W. Bush was President though... probably because the media agrees with the Left Wing !

Come to think of it, the Mainstream Media are the LEADERS of the Left Wing. Let's take a look at the venom that was spewed at President Bush week after week, month after month, and then after you come to the Tea Party Express rally this Sunday Morning, tell me how the 2 groups compare. Fair enough ?

The mainstream media will not tell you that the Tea Party members are patriotic and love their country (which is true ...), but ignore the hatred and lies spewed by the left. See you Sunday my friends ...


  1. except that video shows that dude spitting on Rep Cleaver.

  2. Say don't spray it is more like it Joe. He had a cop right behind him and no one did anything. Thank God no bird craped on them or you would be saying they were shit on as well. Joe just doesn't like us showing the true face of Progressivism. Like I've said many times in the past, our prisons are full of liberals and Democrats.

  3. Brian did you see the freak show at the liberal 'protest'? There was a guy in a tinfoil hat and it looked like a lot of mentaly ill people being lead by the liberals. Everyone was laughing at them as they went by. And the guy that kept screaming "don't touch me" was creepy. Those liberals are a mental group.

  4. Church stopped a lot of people I know. Did you hear that they had to pay the blacks that showed up to protest us? They also paid some homeless to help them protest us. Great job will all you did at that rally. The liberals have never had anything even close to this not even in the hippy 60's. And I heard that the spot that the liberal 15 protested was left a mess while those 5,000 left the place cleaner then they found it.

  5. Chris, I never did see the wacky "liberals" that were protesting at the rally ... It would have been hard to find a small group like that among the thousands of Tea Party members !

    I think the Macomb Daily estimated the crowd at over 3,000 people ! Nice turnout for a Sunday Morning . I know alot of people I told about it said they would like to come, but didn't want to miss church ...
    It was great to see so many Patriotic Americans energized to take back their country.

  6. Hello. This is the only time I plan on commenting on this blog. I don't know who has committed the following actions, but here is what I am requesting:

    1. Someone has made a site on blogger in which they say I am having an affair with the treasurer of Oakland County. I want the website taken down and a retraction made saying that it was a lie.

    2. There is a still a fake profile that uses my picture and my first name on Blogger. I want it removed.

    This needs to stop. Arguing about politics is one thing. Harassing someone is wrong.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  7. Hey dj the whiner. Quit whining.
    (By the way, is the Treasurer a man or woman ?)
    Good luck with that !

  8. Careful what you say- I posted Bruce Fealk's wacko email to his group (Bruce is an activist who worked for Congressman Peters and now runs a group of socialist/communists) about that last protest, and now he's threatening to sue me! Check it out over at my blog.

  9. Good question Brian. I think djtyg is trolling. He was on my blog as well with the same post. I looked for the website and found nothing. I have a new post on my blog you might enjoy the comments. A Conservative Teacher did a great blog on Bruce Fealk and I wanted everyone to read it. I think the left wing whiners are coming unhinged.

  10. Brian Oakland County treasurer is a dude named Andrew Meisner. I just looked it up. How clasic. BWAAAAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA Brian you called it right on that one. Sick.