Saturday, April 24, 2010

Standing up for principle -vs- being "politically correct".

Mike Cox attended the recent Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in St. Clair Shores, sponsored by the MEDEFCO Tea Party group, and hosted by WJR's Frank Beckman. I took the opportunity to highlite Cox's principled support for Prop. 2 in 2006, and contrast it with the "politically-correct" position taken by then U.S. Senate candidate Michael Bouchard. Bouchard and 2006 Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos both publicly refused to support Prop.2, fearing that it would hurt them at the polls.

Well, they were on the wrong side of the issue; Prop. 2 was passed statewide 58%-42%, and 68%-32% in Macomb County ! Both Bouchard and DeVos were soundly defeated and arguably could have benefitted from standing up for banning racial preferences like Mike Cox did. Mike Cox was the top vote-getter in Macomb County in the 2006 election.
I don't think it was any coincidence that Mike was a strong supporter of MCRI/Prop. 2.

The following video shows me confronting Bouchard on the issue, and pointing out that Mike Cox is the only one of the 2010 candidates for Governor who supported Prop. 2/MCRI. Mike was a supporter of Prop. 2, not because it was politically popular to do so, or because it was "polling well" (it wasn't winning in most published polls right up to the day of the election ...) Attorney General Mike Cox stood up for banning Affirmative Action for the same reason I did, "It was the right thing to do..."
Kids should not be judged differently based on their race, they should be judged on their ability, accomplishments, and achievements, period.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

...And the liberal media call the Tea Party "violent and out of the mainstream" ?

Well, good thing we've got the unbiased, objective media to tell us that we Tea Party members are dangerous and deranged eh ? They didn't notice anything wrong with the liberals exercising their 1st Amendment rights when George W. Bush was President though... probably because the media agrees with the Left Wing !

Come to think of it, the Mainstream Media are the LEADERS of the Left Wing. Let's take a look at the venom that was spewed at President Bush week after week, month after month, and then after you come to the Tea Party Express rally this Sunday Morning, tell me how the 2 groups compare. Fair enough ?

The mainstream media will not tell you that the Tea Party members are patriotic and love their country (which is true ...), but ignore the hatred and lies spewed by the left. See you Sunday my friends ...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tea Party Express III coming to Macomb County !

We are very fortunate to have the Tea Party Express III coming to Macomb County ! After starting out in Searchlight Nevada to say "Adios" to the Tax & Spend Speaker Harry Reid, the Tea Party Express makes its way to Michigan for Five (Yes 5 !) rallies in sellout Bart Stupak's District in Northern Michigan District, then down the West side of the state and through Lansing before coming to Clinton Township in the home of the Reagan Democrats right here in Macomb County !

The local Tea Party group in St. Clair Shores, MEDEFCO, is hosting the event and we need to turn out as many people as possible ! This event will be covered by the national media, as well as local media including the Macomb Daily. Let's show Michigan and the rest the country that Macomb County is motivated ! See you at 10:00 Sunday morning at the Clinton Township Municipal Center @ Romeo Plank and Canal, about 1 1/2 miles South of M-59 (Hall Rd.)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Even liberal lapdog Katie Couric knows something is wrong !

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Bottom line; Obama does not care that Americans reject his Socialist agenda. He is a "Svengali-like" Socialist who has hypnotized the voters into thinking he is concerned about them and is trying to help them. He is not. Obama's Socialist agenda is just that. He is intent on implementing his agenda, just like Stalin did in Russia and Fidel Castro did in Cuba. He claims to be "for the people", for the "common man", but we all know (well, most of us know ...) Socialism is a failure !

Thankfully, as the latest polls show, Americans are waking up from the "trance" that Obama has had them in. They are realizing that he is taking us down a road to Socializm, from which there is no return. The Tea Parties are on the "front-lines" warning the citizens of America to WAKE-UP ! We will see this movement grow and the resistance to Obama and his Socialist henchmen in the Congress will build until we storm to the polls in November to retake our government. Then we will turn our eyes on him, their "Dear Leader" and he will be unceremoniously removed from office after one disastrous term in 2012 !

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We have too many "Hank Johnson's" in Washington ... Time to fire them !

Here's another fine example of why we need to clean house in Washington ! Can you believe voters in Georgia actually sent this knucklehead to Washington to represent them as their Congressman ? I can't ... I really can't.

And here in Detroit there are several Congressmen and women that are about as clueless, but will unfortunately probably be returned to Washington in November to represent the citizens of Detroit, unless the voters there finally wake up ! Voters need to fire the corrupt and clueless, and Congresswoman Kilpatrick and Congressman Conyers would be a good place to start. Why would you continue to elect fools and thieves ? It's sad !

Well, there is an old saying that goes " In a democracy, you get the government you deserve " I guess all we can do is try to educate and motivate voters to research the candidates and actually think about who they want to represent them in our nation's capitol. Thank god for the Tea Party !

Obama is in Denial !

This guy is out of touch with reality ! You can bet he will intensify his efforts to censor Talk Radio hosts like Sean Hannity. The irony here is that in response to being told people think he is a "Socialist" and a "Nazi", he is sure to behave even more like the Socialist he is ! Ever heard of "The Fairness Doctrine" ... ? You will.