Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Government Takeover of Health Care !

President Obama's lying, manipulating, deal making and arm-twisting will continue right up until the "non-vote",(AKA "deem and pass") that his San Francisco liberal accomplice Nancy Pelosi is forcing through this weekend.

The obsession that Obama has with a government takeover of our healthcare system has blinded him and most Democrats. They lust for more government power and control. With Obama it is the obvious and now open desire for Socialized medicine in this country. He is willing to sacrifice Democrat lawmakers on the alter of socialized medicine and will stop at nothing to achieve it. He is within a couple of votes as he cuts deals and promises savings that most of us know very well, will not happen.

There is no way that the government can mandate health care insurance, expand it to 30 million people who do not currently have it, and reduce the cost at the same time.
Has anyone taken the time to look at how the government is doing managing Social Security ? It is projected to be broke in a few years. How about Medicare ? Going Broke. Medicaid ? Same story. And now Democrats want you to let them take over the entire health care system, 1/6th of our entire economy. Are we all crazy ? We need to send a strong message to these liars and thieves in November; Anyone who votes for this government takeover of healthcare MUST be voted out of office !


  1. The Progressives are going to destroy the Democrat party. The Democrats were warned that the Progressives would destroy their party but they didn't listen. I don't mind the fact that they are destroying the Democratic party but the problem is they are destroying America along with it. They just don't give a crap about what the people want. Our mission in life needs to be to destroy the Progressives in both parties.

  2. How's that working out so far for you, Chris?

  3. Bruce "the Socialist" Fealk, We'll see who is laughing in November when Madame speaker has to hand the gavel over to John Boehner.

    My prediction (and my record is pretty good ...) the Social Democrats lose 50 seats in the House and 8 in the Senate. We'll see how close I am ... Oh, and by the way Bruce, that will really hurt Obama, 'cause he is a "1 -termer" and won't be able to jam through anymore of his radical liberal agenda ... too bad eh ?

  4. Bruce I look at the glass as half full. So it is working out great thanks for asking. I know yo0u want to destroy this country but you can't as long as we have the Constitution and that is why you want the Constiltution to live because then you can kill it.

  5. Brian & Chris - I've notice a lot of reference to the Constitution whenever you have trashed the health care reform efforts. While I consider myself a savvy student of American History and civics, I would never claim to be a Constitutional scholar - nor do I believe you guys could also. Soo - what is in the Constitution that leads you to believe it is being violated as a result of the health care reform legislation?? And this is straight up question - I have no hidden agenda, nor am I trying to be facetious.

  6. Chris, isn't Bruce's stupidity amazing ? He doesn't seem to see the train coming down the tracks that is going to destroy the liberals that have taken over our government.
    November is going to bring some real change ... it just took Barack Hussein Obama, Prince Harry Reid and San Francisco Nancy Pelosi to wake us up to the danger of Liberalism/Socialism !

  7. Vomamike, welcome back ! I'm glad to see a "reasonable" defender of liberal values joining the discussion here. My blog has not been very active lately, since I had Hip-Replacement surgery last week, but I plan on getting it back up to speed now. Glad to have you back in the debate, it gets REAL old having to deal with a hateful radical like Bruce all of the time.

  8. vomamike, If you will give me some specifics, I will respond to them. I think most people, Republican or Democrat, would agree that our health care system was very good, but needed some "reforms".
    Reforms that reduced cost, increased efficiency and expanded service to more people. Not a government takeover that will cost a Trillion dollars to give health care to those 10% of the population that didn't have it.

  9. vomamike, I wish to respond to your question pertaining to the constitution if I may, to recap you ask (emphasis) is mine:

    "what is IN the Constitution that leads you to believe it is being violated as a result of the health care reform legislation"??

    Thats the point really, none of it including the process by which it was achieved is NOT IN the Constitution which therefore is side-stepping the law of the land that is the violation in of itself.