Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Government Takeover of Health Care !

President Obama's lying, manipulating, deal making and arm-twisting will continue right up until the "non-vote",(AKA "deem and pass") that his San Francisco liberal accomplice Nancy Pelosi is forcing through this weekend.

The obsession that Obama has with a government takeover of our healthcare system has blinded him and most Democrats. They lust for more government power and control. With Obama it is the obvious and now open desire for Socialized medicine in this country. He is willing to sacrifice Democrat lawmakers on the alter of socialized medicine and will stop at nothing to achieve it. He is within a couple of votes as he cuts deals and promises savings that most of us know very well, will not happen.

There is no way that the government can mandate health care insurance, expand it to 30 million people who do not currently have it, and reduce the cost at the same time.
Has anyone taken the time to look at how the government is doing managing Social Security ? It is projected to be broke in a few years. How about Medicare ? Going Broke. Medicaid ? Same story. And now Democrats want you to let them take over the entire health care system, 1/6th of our entire economy. Are we all crazy ? We need to send a strong message to these liars and thieves in November; Anyone who votes for this government takeover of healthcare MUST be voted out of office !

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Muslim leaders need to speak out against violence !

Religious freedom is something we celebrate in America, and there is no reason to fear the practice of any religion here. What is cause for alarm though is the hijacking of any religion by extremists and fanatics who use "religion" to attempt to justify violence and hatred.

I do think there is reason to be concerned that Islamic Extremists will try to use the growing Muslim presence in Europe and America to infiltrate and undermine the Christian principles that our countries and cultures are founded on. Christian culture and tradition must be preserved and protected in Western countries.

I think it is incumbent upon good, peace loving Muslims to denounce the extremist acts of violence that are being perpetrated against innocent people of all faiths around the world by Muslim extremists who falsely claim to represent Islam.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Tea Party is made up of decent, honest, hard working Patriots !

Dylan Ratigan, of MSNBC, the station that tries to label Fox News as a "biased ,right wing news outlet, is a prime example of several things. First of all, the hypocrisy of NBC, which uses it's news wing to attack conservatives and support liberals like Obama but calls Fox "biased". Second, the obvious effort to discredit the grassroots movement that has become known as the "Tea Party".

I attended a Tea Party meeting last Monday in Romeo (Washington Township) that had to be moved once to accomodate the huge interest. The organizers expected 130-150 people, but over 300 showed up. The group was largely made up of Seniors who are upset and afraid that our government is destroying the country they grew up in and love !

They were polite, well behaved and very peaceful. There were no bigots, racists or haters of anything except TYRANNY !The Tea Party activists are Patriots who want to save our country ! I am proud to be a patriot working to return our country to it's rightful owners, the taxpayers.