Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama has been exposed as a hypocrite and a liar !

Barack Hussein Obama's poll numbers continue to drop, as Americans are finally realizing that he is not the "post-partisan" uniter he claimed to be. He is not the new kind of leader the liberal media proclaimed him to be, and he is certainly not the "saviour" that many naive voters hoped for. Americans are disappointed and disillusioned as they see one example after another of Obama's hypocrisy and double talk. They are beginning to see through the protective liberal media's shield that surrounded Obama during the "fairy-tale like" campaign, and even some mainstream media are beginning to question his methods as well as his motives. Barack Obama is a fraud. He is a hypocrite of the highest order. One example of this hypocrisy is his willingness to use the majority the Democrat party temporarily holds in Congress to force through a liberal agenda that the American voters do not want.He thought by letting tone deaf Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and San Francisco Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi do his dirty work for him, the American people wouldn't realize he was forcing his agenda on us. Well, we have caught on to Mr. Obama's tricks. It turns out HE IS a typical politician, he is just a very smooth talking and persuasive one ! Along with the liberal media to help him, he talked his way right past us and into the White House. The good news is that in 8 months we will be able to remove his accomplices in Congress to take away most of his power.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Time is NOW ! It's time to Take Back Our Country !

The Tea Party movement is gaining momentum,and channeling its energy into productive efforts to retake our government. There was just a national convention held by Tea Party Nation to try to coordinate the many local groups into a united movement. The convention was aimed at bringing the Tea Party Movement leaders together from around the nation for the purpose of networking and supporting the movement's multiple organizations' principal goals.
Locally, there are several Tea Party groups that have formed that conservatives can join to help take back our government.I have become active in the Romeo Area Tea Party, a Macomb County group. I will be leading a group of it's members in a "letter writing campaign", that will include members from several groups. Jack Brandenburg came to the 1st meeting I attended . Brandenburg is presently running for Michigan State Senate in the 11th District. (All of Macomb County North of M-59)

The time has come for the American People to stand up and say, "Enough ! We are done watching the government waste the money the take from us, we are done with politics as usual, we are done being lied to by both political parties !

The Tea Party movement is energized and it is growing. It is not limited by the traditional two-party mentality. We are bi-partisan, and we represent ALL working, taxpaying Americans ! Become active and be a positive force in our country this year !s ! Please join this movement today ! Go to and find the closest Tea Party organization to you and join it.