Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama smooth-talked his way past voters, and into the White House.

Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, asks "How did we get to this point ?"
Well Senator, I'll tell you how. By trying to "go along to get along". The so called "moderates" like you turned a blind eye to the radical extreme views of Barrack Hussein Obama, and fell for the smooth rhetoric spewing out of his mouth. We let a smooth talking con man talk his way into the White House. SHAME ON US !

Now we have to do everything in our power to correct the mistake the voters made in 2008, we need to remove as many Obama allies as possible from Congress in the 2010 elections ! We can take his liberal majority away. Conservatives need to win at least 41 seats in the house to take the gavel away from San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi. And we need to take 10 seats back in the Senate.

The Senate will be tough, I think a 6 seat gain by Conservatives is probable, 8 seats is possible, but we do have a "chance" at taking 9 or 10 seats if we really work hard. The House is much more "in play". I think we take the 41 seats we need, no problem. But if we continue to gain momentum and work hard, and smart, we can equal or pass the 54 seats we took in 1994. But this time we need to listen to the people when we regain power and not allow another "Obama" to talk his way into power.

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