Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jack Brandenburg's Senate campaign is in full swing entering 2010

State Senate Candidate Jack Brandenburg was the featured speaker at the January MEDEFCO meeting in St. Clair Shores. Jack spoke for about 45 minutes on the state of Michigan, its economy, and what needs to be done to encourage more small business creation and jobs in our beautiful state.

The 230 Tea-Partiers gave Brandenburg a warm welcome !


  1. Well, if the teabaggers endorse him, he must be a great guy.

    Is he in favor of getting our money back from the big banks that took taxpayer money, and are now giving out massive bonuses? If not, is he a real fiscal conservative? I don't think so.

    Is he in favor of the Supreme Court ruling this week that allows corporations to give unlimited money directly to politicians? If so, that doesn't sound much like power to the people to me.

    If he is in favor of getting taxpayers' money back from the big big banks and holding them accountable for the crimes they committed and for paying out big bonuses before they've paid back the American taxpayers, he's just another corrupt politician trying to steal our money and give it to corporate thieves.

  2. By the way, Brian, I've noticed traffic on your blog is really down and hardly any comments. Have you ceded to Chris' blog?

  3. Far be it from me to defend a RINO, But here goes,

    Bruce, There is no term "teabagger" except amongst you homosexuals so do not bring it here,

    As far as money back, well your bitch-ass pres TOOK it and gave it to the fat cats bitches on the payroll of the liberal rats like barney your butt buddy!

    Bonuses? You can say that with a straight face??? $10B to unions and that is NOT a bonous????

    SC ruling anyone should be in favor of!!!! What is wrong with free speech be they dem or rep.? What is wrong with you?

    You tend to repeat yourself, your third paragraph goes back to the first? Apparently talking points do not prove themselves, but alas, repetitiveness is the playground of the devil.

  4. Hey Fealk, don't jump to conclusions. Just because I'm writing about non-controversial subjects and getting fewer comments, does NOT mean that reader traffic is down.
    I've been pretty busy working on Jack Brandenburg's campaign and doing some work in Macomb County for Mike Cox's campaign. You'll be hearing more about it in the near future ...
    I'm also doing some freelance stuff that you don't need to know about.
    And don't forget Brucie, some of us have day jobs ...

  5. Bruce, From what I have heard, "Tea-Baggers" are fellas like you and Barney Frank.

    "Tea-Partiers" are guys like Me, Jack Brandenburg, Chris, John and Thomas Jefferson ...

  6. Brian, I would not be so quick if I were you to call yourself a 'Tea Partier'.

    I have no liking whatsoever as to people such as Bruce,actually I would call it LOATHING.

    But being you are so linked at the hip to the MI version of the RNC, that can hardly be called a 'Teas Partier'.

    Ronald Reagan would not,nor ever be proud of the people you support or discount.

  7. Actually it was the tea partiers themselves that coined the word teabagger.

  8. Christopher, I knew I could count on you to try to "minimize" and shrink the Tea-Party movement, just like you try to make the Republican party as small as possible by applying a strict ideological litmus test to everyone who claims to be one.
    If we listed 10 important issues and I agreed with the conservative position on 9 of them, you would say "You are not a "true Conservative", therefore cannot call yourself a "Republican".
    Same with the Tea Party movement. I belong to MEDEFCO and attend their monthly meetings because I support returning power to the citizens, (the "Folks", as Bill O'Reilly calls us...)I think Barack Obama has woken up a sleeping giant .. THE SILENT MAJORITY, and we are going to take back our government over the next 2 elections !The 4 or 5 Tea Party Rallies I attended last summer and fall were evidence of our momentum.
    But Ideologues like you are committed to litmus testing everyone who wants to join the movement, you insist on rigid ideological purity. You want to question everyone who could help us achieve our goals of smaller mgovernment and less taxes. Any sign of moderation is all you need to exclude someone.
    But I look for ways to INCLUDE people in our movement, reasons for them to join with us !

    By the way Chris, John and any other person interested, the next Metro Detroit Freedom Coalition meeting is on February 23 at the Barrister Gardens Banquet Hall on Harper @ 81/2 mile in St. Clair Shores at 7:00.
    Senator Mike Bishop is scheduled to be the guest speaker and I'm working on getting Attorney Gen. Mike Cox there as well.

  9. Nice try Bruce. As you well know it is your blog that is doing poorly. You only have that schizo djtyg posting anymore. Brian still has way more comments and way more readers then you. And the funny part is you think I'm a retard and have said so and yet I have had more readers then you ever have. And you have been doing it since 2005 and you say you are in Marketing. That is so embaracing Bruce that a man that can't spell worth a crap and isn't a self proclamed marketing guru has more people that looked at my profile alone then you. And by the way we know you are trying to divide us like you on the left are divided but it wont work. We are stronger then ever and you liberals are just a fringe group of violent radicals. I'm just waiting for the next left wing riot or domestic left wing terrorist to strike. I bet they try to make it look like a conservative did it like they always do. Bruce where are all your protests about the wars,patriot act and deficit spending you hypocrit?

  10. Brian you keep doing what you are doing. FAILk just wants you to stop helping get a Republican elected and that bothers him. You are putting words into action brother. You know if it bother bruce your doing the right thing. I think it is great that you are sacrificing your time and tallents getting these Republicans elected.

  11. Brian Obama is the most polorizing President in history. He is over 10% worse then the next worse President. Didn't Obama say he would bring us together as a nation? He also said that he has save milions of jobs but in fact he has lost over 2 million jobs since the Stimulus Bill. Maybe he will blow more smoke up our asses on the State of the Union address. More Hope and Change and all the community organizer style hoopla. United we stand divided we fall. Thanks to Obama he has weakened
    America like no other President. But he will just like and say he has brought us together but it's Bush and the Republicans fault. Maybe he will warn everyone about the conservative extreemist that never happened. But the left have had more then just a few riots,deaths and fake damages done to Democrats.

  12. FAILk, we've had this discussion. Corporations already give unlimited amounts of money to politicians, it's called "lobbying" you might want to look it up in a dictionary. Or if you want a first-hand look take a gander at and see what Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Unions, and Trial Lawyers give to your corruptocrat filthy Hypocrat dirty corrupt politicians, like Reid, Pelosi, Bawney Fwank, Obummer, Baucus, etc. etc. It's shameful.

    So FAILk, you mental midget, what is the difference between if a corporation can give unlimited amounts in lobbying money (aka bribes) to the incumbent versus if they can pay for ads, upfront and with their name splashed all over the ad, against an incumbent?!? I'll tell you what the difference is: If I see a corporation advertise against or for someone and I don't like it, I can vote with my wallet to not buy, or TO buy, their product. I don't have that kind of advantage with lobbyists.

    Your problem is that now corporations and we individuals can run ads that clearly state who is running the ad, and now non-incumbents may have a more level playing field, since they can now compete with incumbents war chests? I know you like to have all your lobbying done in secret just like a good little Hypocrat. But please, let's not claim that MORE freedom is LESS freedom. That's exactly like your other idiotic claim (well, MoveOn and the DailyKos, but you parrot their claims) that the Scott Brown victory in the bluest of blue states, to sit in Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy's old seat, was actually an advocation for Obummer's ultra-radical leftist socialist agenda. LOL ... if that's the case, then what would a Coakley win have been, a referendum against Obummer's agenda?!?

    Meanwhile, the banks that were FORCED to take loans AGAINST their wishes have paid almost all of it back. But now Obummer doesn't want to give up control (like a good little socialist) and he wants to tax the hell out of anyone who makes a profit?!?! AND he wants to penalize banks that DIDN'T EVEN TAKE A LOAN. Wow, that's a real man of the people. BWAAAAAHAAHAHAHA. Everybody except you brainwashed liberal Al Qaeda can see exactly what our Dear Reader is doing. Keep drinking that delicious kool-aid Bruce. But soon Obummer will be taxing even that!! LOL

  13. By the way Brian, Bruce said that this Supreme Court decision was the worst since the Dred Scott decision. That means worse than Plessy vs. Ferguson, or even Bush vs. Gore. FAILk's words, not mine. He's quite a scholar of the Supreme Court. I guess Bush vs. Gore wasn't that big of a deal. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Or were you just copying your hero Alan Grayson FAILk?!?! LOL

    FAILk, are you that astroturfer Ellie Light, the one who is sending the same editorial supporting Obummer to all those newspapers across the country and claiming to live in all those towns? I think they are up to something like 65 letters they have found submitted by the same "Ellie Light". I do believe her letter was generated by a DNC letter generator that Axelrod devised. What a bunch of FAKES! ROFLMAO!!!

    You Hypocrats have NO shame! LOL

  14. Ah bruce, you see it isn't the amount of readers of any one blog that we are interested in, it's the fact that our ideas are resonating throughout this nation. People are waking up to you and your ilk's illogical drivel and where it will ultimately lead, if not stopped.

    But if it's numbers you crave then let's look at...
    MSNBC v. Fox
    Conservative v. liberal
    Brown v. Coakley
    or here's a good one...
    Rush, Hannity, Levin, Prager and Medved
    v. Air America... oh yeah, just like liberal phiosophy Air america is bankrupt!

  15. Mr Blazenburg & Brain Pannabacker you two are simply a set of racist. Do any of you have any conciensce whatsoever. You want all mentallly ill people to be out of sight and out of mind, and go to the country or the "boondocks" and live. You both are very lucky that I dont' live in your constituent, because this would be a majoe election issue in 2010. I have a mentally ill sister, who was my best employee in me restuarant business. She can teach some of the lazy ass tea party people what true work ethic is. She is extremely self disciplined and with medication does very, very well. She is from Jamaica and has never been a burden to this country. Unlike so lazy asses who live here, and does nothing to contribute to a lovely country like. I will be writing a book and will include you comment in it. Then people will see exactly what kind of human being you are, insensitive to people with disabilities.

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