Saturday, December 11, 2010

SSgt Sal Giunta awarded the Medal of Honor

Can we survive another 2 years of Obama's arrogance ?

When Barrack Hussein Obama was running for the highest office in the land, with virtually no experience or record to run on, many of us conservatives shouted the warning "This man is not a true American.
His "spiritual leader" Reverend Jeremiah Wright, ranted against this great country "NOT 'GOD BLESS AMERICA' ... GOD DAMN AMERICA"
Obama was frequently photographed standing without his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, or in some other pose of disrespect to our flag.
He travels the globe apoligizing for America's history, and his wife said during his campaign "for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country."
Now we see that those warnings from patriotic Americans like you and I were correct. This man was born to an alcoholic Kenyan father who abandoned his mother, raised by an Indonesian Muslim, and spent his teens living with his Hawiian grandparents, is not fit to lead this great country. He does not believe in American exceptionalism and does not love this country and honor those who have died protecting it, as we do !
As Americans continue to wake up and see how Obama is destroying America, he will surely be replaced in 2 years.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our work as American's is not done ...

Now that the election of 2010 is behind us, We need to turn our full energy to the defeat of Barack Hussein Obama and his declared Socialist agenda. 2012 is really right around the corner, we don't have time to waste. We need to continue to alert the sleeping masses who are not paying attention to the things some of us are aware of. Don't think for one minute that our job is "over" , or that America is back on the right track ... There is much work left to be done !

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Michigan needs a Governor like Chris !

Now here is a Governor "with the courage of his convictions". Chris Christie is my favorite politician in America, bar none. This guy has guts, and tells it like it is !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Enemy in the White House

While the liberals busy were complaining about Bush's response to 9-11 and worrying about Arab Americans being "profiled" at our airports and border crossings, naive voters voted for the "hope and change" that they thought Barack Hussein Obama represented.

Well, you've all heard the old saying "Be careful what you wish for ... You just might get it." That's where we are at today. Thankfully, the first Tuesday in November (Nov. 2) we will be able to correct our mistake by firing those that have supported Obama's radical agenda. Good-bye Senator Reid ...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brandenburg represents Tea Party principles !

Jack Brandenburg is talking to voters every day across the 11th Senate District, listening to their concerns, and preparing to take the fight to Lansing January 1st 2011. He has been at numerous Tea Party meetings and rallies because he shares their philosophy of "less government spending, lower taxes on businesses and families, and smaller government". He knows you cannot reduce taxes until you reduce the cost of government. And much of the cost of government is hidden in the medical and retirement benefits of government workers.

Government needs to be "reformed", not "expanded", and that's what Obama's health care plan did. It gave 30 million people health care coverage while doing nothing to reduce the costs. That's socialism, not reform. We need to send real reformers like Jack Brandenburg to Lansing and Washington, and return Socialists like Granholm and Obama to the countries they came from, if we can ever find out where that is !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brandenburg is a Strong Conservative !

48 days 'till the August 3 primary. We have about 6 1/2 weeks until we choose our nominees for the November election. This is undoubtedly one of the most important elections in recent memory. The last 2 election cycles were disastrous for the state and the country. We have watched as liberal groups like ACORN committed voter fraud on a massive scale, allowing the most liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate to move into the Oval Office. We can not stand by and "watch" this election, we need to become involved !

After suffering through 8 miserable years under the weak liberal "leadership" of Jennifer Granholm, it is time to come out in force and take back our state, and return the statehouse to the conservatives. Here in North Macomb County we can do our part by sending strong conservative Jack Brandenburg to Lansing to start cleaning up the mess that "Jenny from the block" and her liberal friends have made.

Let's face it, our state is in bad financial shape. We need to send some conservatives to Lansing that are not afraid to fight to cut government spending. Jack Brandenburg will do that as the next State Senator from Northern Macomb County ! Over the next 6 weeks, try to talk to 10 residents in Northern Macomb, and encourage them to "actively" support Brandenburg for state Senate. Let's leverage our influence, and campaign hard down the stretch by talking to as many Republican voters as possible and letting them know that Jack is out there working hard, and we need to send him to Lansing so he can go to work for us !

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flag Day Rally in Romeo !

Flag Day is June 14th (every year !) It is a chance to celebrate our pride and gratefulness in living in the greatest country on earth. You can show your pride by flying an American Flag everyday at you home. The 2.5 x 4.0 home mounted flags are under $20.00 at Home Depot.

This year you can also attend a Flag Day Rally sponsored by the Romeo Area Tea Party at 3:00 in downtown Romeo. It will be a flag waving celebration at the "4 corners" intersection of Main St. and St. Clair (AKA 32 mile and Van Dyke). As a veteran of the U.S. Army and a proud conservative, I ask you to please try to be there to show your love of country and support for the Tea Party movement to take back our government.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Liberals wanted "change" ... we got it !

Naive American voters thought Barack Hussein Obama was an "agent of change", someone who would unite us and bring positive change. They were wrong ... terribly wrong ! Obama is a socialist who has divided us and is destroying the America our parents and grandparents fought and died to protect. He agreed with Mexican President Calderon when he stood on American soil and called Arizona's new law to enforce it's border "discrimination".

As a veteran, it sickens me to hear the President, our "commander-in-chief", apoligize for America's history. To see him bow to a Saudi King who is responsible for the spread of madrassa's that teach a violent, radical form of Islam is unforgivable.

But it is also unacceptable for people to continue to vote for politicians who support Obama's radical agenda. Each and every one of us needs to do our utmost to elect conservatives this fall to stop the destruction of our country. Please share this blog with as many people as you can. Thank You.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Socialist Obama is destroying our country !

As we enter the summer of 2010, we will be entering a historic "summer of choice". I believe we are living in times that are no less critical to our nations future than the late 1700's when our founding fathers declared their independence from British rule, or the mid-1800's when our country fought a civil war over the institution of slavery.

We must now make a stand against the "liberal-socialists" who are attempting to hijack the greatest country on earth. Their "Svengali-like" leader, President Barack Hussein Obama, is leading the entranced American public down the path to becoming a doomed social-welfare state, like the failed democracies of Europe. Great Britain, Greece, France and Germany, and most of the West-European nations are drowning under a wave of debt and immigration. Obama welcomes both saying "We are no longer a Chistian nation", and telling us that the way to solve our economic problems is through borrowing and spending.

This insanity must stop, and we are the ones who have to stop it. There is no one who will come to save us, we must save ourselves. Just as our founding fathers acted to declare their independence from British rule, and the Republicans in the North fought and died to stop the spread of slavery, we must fight and stop the spread of socialism that threatens to destroy this country. The time is now, this is the place, and we are the people who must do it !

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Standing up for principle -vs- being "politically correct".

Mike Cox attended the recent Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in St. Clair Shores, sponsored by the MEDEFCO Tea Party group, and hosted by WJR's Frank Beckman. I took the opportunity to highlite Cox's principled support for Prop. 2 in 2006, and contrast it with the "politically-correct" position taken by then U.S. Senate candidate Michael Bouchard. Bouchard and 2006 Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos both publicly refused to support Prop.2, fearing that it would hurt them at the polls.

Well, they were on the wrong side of the issue; Prop. 2 was passed statewide 58%-42%, and 68%-32% in Macomb County ! Both Bouchard and DeVos were soundly defeated and arguably could have benefitted from standing up for banning racial preferences like Mike Cox did. Mike Cox was the top vote-getter in Macomb County in the 2006 election.
I don't think it was any coincidence that Mike was a strong supporter of MCRI/Prop. 2.

The following video shows me confronting Bouchard on the issue, and pointing out that Mike Cox is the only one of the 2010 candidates for Governor who supported Prop. 2/MCRI. Mike was a supporter of Prop. 2, not because it was politically popular to do so, or because it was "polling well" (it wasn't winning in most published polls right up to the day of the election ...) Attorney General Mike Cox stood up for banning Affirmative Action for the same reason I did, "It was the right thing to do..."
Kids should not be judged differently based on their race, they should be judged on their ability, accomplishments, and achievements, period.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

...And the liberal media call the Tea Party "violent and out of the mainstream" ?

Well, good thing we've got the unbiased, objective media to tell us that we Tea Party members are dangerous and deranged eh ? They didn't notice anything wrong with the liberals exercising their 1st Amendment rights when George W. Bush was President though... probably because the media agrees with the Left Wing !

Come to think of it, the Mainstream Media are the LEADERS of the Left Wing. Let's take a look at the venom that was spewed at President Bush week after week, month after month, and then after you come to the Tea Party Express rally this Sunday Morning, tell me how the 2 groups compare. Fair enough ?

The mainstream media will not tell you that the Tea Party members are patriotic and love their country (which is true ...), but ignore the hatred and lies spewed by the left. See you Sunday my friends ...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tea Party Express III coming to Macomb County !

We are very fortunate to have the Tea Party Express III coming to Macomb County ! After starting out in Searchlight Nevada to say "Adios" to the Tax & Spend Speaker Harry Reid, the Tea Party Express makes its way to Michigan for Five (Yes 5 !) rallies in sellout Bart Stupak's District in Northern Michigan District, then down the West side of the state and through Lansing before coming to Clinton Township in the home of the Reagan Democrats right here in Macomb County !

The local Tea Party group in St. Clair Shores, MEDEFCO, is hosting the event and we need to turn out as many people as possible ! This event will be covered by the national media, as well as local media including the Macomb Daily. Let's show Michigan and the rest the country that Macomb County is motivated ! See you at 10:00 Sunday morning at the Clinton Township Municipal Center @ Romeo Plank and Canal, about 1 1/2 miles South of M-59 (Hall Rd.)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Even liberal lapdog Katie Couric knows something is wrong !

Watch CBS News Videos Online
Bottom line; Obama does not care that Americans reject his Socialist agenda. He is a "Svengali-like" Socialist who has hypnotized the voters into thinking he is concerned about them and is trying to help them. He is not. Obama's Socialist agenda is just that. He is intent on implementing his agenda, just like Stalin did in Russia and Fidel Castro did in Cuba. He claims to be "for the people", for the "common man", but we all know (well, most of us know ...) Socialism is a failure !

Thankfully, as the latest polls show, Americans are waking up from the "trance" that Obama has had them in. They are realizing that he is taking us down a road to Socializm, from which there is no return. The Tea Parties are on the "front-lines" warning the citizens of America to WAKE-UP ! We will see this movement grow and the resistance to Obama and his Socialist henchmen in the Congress will build until we storm to the polls in November to retake our government. Then we will turn our eyes on him, their "Dear Leader" and he will be unceremoniously removed from office after one disastrous term in 2012 !

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We have too many "Hank Johnson's" in Washington ... Time to fire them !

Here's another fine example of why we need to clean house in Washington ! Can you believe voters in Georgia actually sent this knucklehead to Washington to represent them as their Congressman ? I can't ... I really can't.

And here in Detroit there are several Congressmen and women that are about as clueless, but will unfortunately probably be returned to Washington in November to represent the citizens of Detroit, unless the voters there finally wake up ! Voters need to fire the corrupt and clueless, and Congresswoman Kilpatrick and Congressman Conyers would be a good place to start. Why would you continue to elect fools and thieves ? It's sad !

Well, there is an old saying that goes " In a democracy, you get the government you deserve " I guess all we can do is try to educate and motivate voters to research the candidates and actually think about who they want to represent them in our nation's capitol. Thank god for the Tea Party !

Obama is in Denial !

This guy is out of touch with reality ! You can bet he will intensify his efforts to censor Talk Radio hosts like Sean Hannity. The irony here is that in response to being told people think he is a "Socialist" and a "Nazi", he is sure to behave even more like the Socialist he is ! Ever heard of "The Fairness Doctrine" ... ? You will.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Government Takeover of Health Care !

President Obama's lying, manipulating, deal making and arm-twisting will continue right up until the "non-vote",(AKA "deem and pass") that his San Francisco liberal accomplice Nancy Pelosi is forcing through this weekend.

The obsession that Obama has with a government takeover of our healthcare system has blinded him and most Democrats. They lust for more government power and control. With Obama it is the obvious and now open desire for Socialized medicine in this country. He is willing to sacrifice Democrat lawmakers on the alter of socialized medicine and will stop at nothing to achieve it. He is within a couple of votes as he cuts deals and promises savings that most of us know very well, will not happen.

There is no way that the government can mandate health care insurance, expand it to 30 million people who do not currently have it, and reduce the cost at the same time.
Has anyone taken the time to look at how the government is doing managing Social Security ? It is projected to be broke in a few years. How about Medicare ? Going Broke. Medicaid ? Same story. And now Democrats want you to let them take over the entire health care system, 1/6th of our entire economy. Are we all crazy ? We need to send a strong message to these liars and thieves in November; Anyone who votes for this government takeover of healthcare MUST be voted out of office !

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Muslim leaders need to speak out against violence !

Religious freedom is something we celebrate in America, and there is no reason to fear the practice of any religion here. What is cause for alarm though is the hijacking of any religion by extremists and fanatics who use "religion" to attempt to justify violence and hatred.

I do think there is reason to be concerned that Islamic Extremists will try to use the growing Muslim presence in Europe and America to infiltrate and undermine the Christian principles that our countries and cultures are founded on. Christian culture and tradition must be preserved and protected in Western countries.

I think it is incumbent upon good, peace loving Muslims to denounce the extremist acts of violence that are being perpetrated against innocent people of all faiths around the world by Muslim extremists who falsely claim to represent Islam.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Tea Party is made up of decent, honest, hard working Patriots !

Dylan Ratigan, of MSNBC, the station that tries to label Fox News as a "biased ,right wing news outlet, is a prime example of several things. First of all, the hypocrisy of NBC, which uses it's news wing to attack conservatives and support liberals like Obama but calls Fox "biased". Second, the obvious effort to discredit the grassroots movement that has become known as the "Tea Party".

I attended a Tea Party meeting last Monday in Romeo (Washington Township) that had to be moved once to accomodate the huge interest. The organizers expected 130-150 people, but over 300 showed up. The group was largely made up of Seniors who are upset and afraid that our government is destroying the country they grew up in and love !

They were polite, well behaved and very peaceful. There were no bigots, racists or haters of anything except TYRANNY !The Tea Party activists are Patriots who want to save our country ! I am proud to be a patriot working to return our country to it's rightful owners, the taxpayers.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama has been exposed as a hypocrite and a liar !

Barack Hussein Obama's poll numbers continue to drop, as Americans are finally realizing that he is not the "post-partisan" uniter he claimed to be. He is not the new kind of leader the liberal media proclaimed him to be, and he is certainly not the "saviour" that many naive voters hoped for. Americans are disappointed and disillusioned as they see one example after another of Obama's hypocrisy and double talk. They are beginning to see through the protective liberal media's shield that surrounded Obama during the "fairy-tale like" campaign, and even some mainstream media are beginning to question his methods as well as his motives. Barack Obama is a fraud. He is a hypocrite of the highest order. One example of this hypocrisy is his willingness to use the majority the Democrat party temporarily holds in Congress to force through a liberal agenda that the American voters do not want.He thought by letting tone deaf Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and San Francisco Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi do his dirty work for him, the American people wouldn't realize he was forcing his agenda on us. Well, we have caught on to Mr. Obama's tricks. It turns out HE IS a typical politician, he is just a very smooth talking and persuasive one ! Along with the liberal media to help him, he talked his way right past us and into the White House. The good news is that in 8 months we will be able to remove his accomplices in Congress to take away most of his power.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Time is NOW ! It's time to Take Back Our Country !

The Tea Party movement is gaining momentum,and channeling its energy into productive efforts to retake our government. There was just a national convention held by Tea Party Nation to try to coordinate the many local groups into a united movement. The convention was aimed at bringing the Tea Party Movement leaders together from around the nation for the purpose of networking and supporting the movement's multiple organizations' principal goals.
Locally, there are several Tea Party groups that have formed that conservatives can join to help take back our government.I have become active in the Romeo Area Tea Party, a Macomb County group. I will be leading a group of it's members in a "letter writing campaign", that will include members from several groups. Jack Brandenburg came to the 1st meeting I attended . Brandenburg is presently running for Michigan State Senate in the 11th District. (All of Macomb County North of M-59)

The time has come for the American People to stand up and say, "Enough ! We are done watching the government waste the money the take from us, we are done with politics as usual, we are done being lied to by both political parties !

The Tea Party movement is energized and it is growing. It is not limited by the traditional two-party mentality. We are bi-partisan, and we represent ALL working, taxpaying Americans ! Become active and be a positive force in our country this year !s ! Please join this movement today ! Go to and find the closest Tea Party organization to you and join it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama smooth-talked his way past voters, and into the White House.

Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, asks "How did we get to this point ?"
Well Senator, I'll tell you how. By trying to "go along to get along". The so called "moderates" like you turned a blind eye to the radical extreme views of Barrack Hussein Obama, and fell for the smooth rhetoric spewing out of his mouth. We let a smooth talking con man talk his way into the White House. SHAME ON US !

Now we have to do everything in our power to correct the mistake the voters made in 2008, we need to remove as many Obama allies as possible from Congress in the 2010 elections ! We can take his liberal majority away. Conservatives need to win at least 41 seats in the house to take the gavel away from San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi. And we need to take 10 seats back in the Senate.

The Senate will be tough, I think a 6 seat gain by Conservatives is probable, 8 seats is possible, but we do have a "chance" at taking 9 or 10 seats if we really work hard. The House is much more "in play". I think we take the 41 seats we need, no problem. But if we continue to gain momentum and work hard, and smart, we can equal or pass the 54 seats we took in 1994. But this time we need to listen to the people when we regain power and not allow another "Obama" to talk his way into power.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jack Brandenburg's Senate campaign is in full swing entering 2010

State Senate Candidate Jack Brandenburg was the featured speaker at the January MEDEFCO meeting in St. Clair Shores. Jack spoke for about 45 minutes on the state of Michigan, its economy, and what needs to be done to encourage more small business creation and jobs in our beautiful state.

The 230 Tea-Partiers gave Brandenburg a warm welcome !

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's our turn Michigan !

It is time to get involved in the 2010 campaign for Governor ! Attorney General Mike Cox is a winner who knows how to run a successful statewide campaign and he is kicking off the year with an event that will be informative and fun. It is going to be the start of a great year in Michigan politics. Join us on Saturday, Feb. 6th ( Ronald Reagan's birthday ! )@ Buell Management Building, Lawrence Tech University 21000 West Ten Mile Road Southfield.
Please contact me if you think you would like to come, and please pass this information along ! Let's build on the momentum of the Governors races in Virginia and New Jersey ! See you on the 6th !

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's be part of history; Support Scott Brown for U.S. Senate !

If we act during the next week, by supporting Massachusetts state Senator Scott Brown, we can be part of this historic event; Massachusetts voters replacing the "Liberal Lion of the U.S. Senate" with a Republican !

The latest poll has Sen. Brown pulling ahead of his ultra-liberal opponent Martha Coakley,
and the momentum appears to all be with Senator Brown.
Of course this is Massachusetts, often called the "blue-est of blue states", but let's not forget a couple of things.
First, Massachusetts has elected several Republicans to statewide office in the not-too-distant past, including Presidential hopeful and Michigan native, Mitt Romney.

Also, the mood of the country is strongly turning against the liberal tax-and-spend Democrats, so Scott Brown is running with a strong "tail-wind".

Lastly, Brown is making this election a referrendum on government healthcare. Massachusetts has it's own version of socialized medicine that was passed when Romney was Governor. It has turned out to be a costly mistake that is not well liked by the voters and taxpayers of Massachusetts ! Although Brown did vote for the legislation in his state, he is strongly against the Obamacare plan of Reid and Pelosi, and says he will be the 41st vote in the U.S. Senate that can stop Obama's Socialized medicine takeover

Scott Brown needs everyone's help to continue the tidal wave of momentum heading into next November's Congressional elections !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Virginia and New Jersey, next Massachusetts, then Nevada and Washington D.C. !

This November ... We're coming for you. America is waking up ! The Democrat incumbents have got to go ... ALL OF THEM !

We're mad as hell Obama, Prince Harry and Princess Pelosi. You Lied ! The Democrats have got to go !