Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There is hope, but much work to be done !

Luckily, Detroit is changing. I honestly believe that the "new leadership" that is emerging, led by Mayor Dave Bing and DPS emergency financial manager Robert Bobb,and City Councilmember Gary Brown have an opportunity to change the direction of the once great city. But first this new leadership must challenge some of the established powerbrokers in the city like the entrenched Democrat party and the powerful unions, primarily the UAW, the MEA and AFSCME.

Unfortunately, the only way for leaders to make the changes necessary is to make some very tough choices. This will require sacrifice by the remaining taxpayers living in Detroit. One way that I've heard suggested to reduce the spending to match the reduced revenue, is to dramatically "shrink" the area that requires city services.This could be done by demolishing abandoned buildings and clearing vacant property within the city to create a "green-belt" running through the city with a bike path and connected urban parks.I heard several intriguing ideas like this recently when I participated in a forum hosted by an organization called "The Center for Michigan" and co-sponsored locally by the Macomb Daily and Macomb Community College. The objective was to brainstorm and come up with a new vision for the state and a "new public agenda".

One theme that also came up repeatedly was to reduce the influence and control that the unions have in the state, so that Michigan's businesses are able to compete nationally and globally. Everyone agrees that in order for our economy to recover, we need to attract businesses and jobs to the state. But with the unions supporting Democrats, and Democrats supporting unions, we are caught in a "death spiral".

We need to completely change our attitudes about how we attract businesses and bring those much needed jobs and the tax revenue they will provide, to Michigan. Taxpayers have made a start in Detroit by running the criminal former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick out of town, but they need to follow the lead of reformers like Robert Bobb to finish the job of eliminating the rampant waste, abuse and corruption that has ruined Detroit and that is threatening all of S.E. Michigan.


  1. Brian where will Detroit get the money to tear down those thousands of homes and build a bike path? That is a pipe dream as far as I'm conserned. When there isn't any toilet paper in the schools when the schools bought the toilet paper you have a bigger problem then abandoned homes. There is a culture in Detroit that is corrupt to the very fabric of that city. That cultural "cup" needs to be empty before the city can make a comeback that is long term. And befor some of you idiot libs start with you racism BS I am not talking about the color of anyones skin. The blacks are moving outm faster then the whites moved out decades earlier. The only people that live in Detroit are the ones that have too. No one wants to move to Detroit. And that includes business'. Brian you are doing some great things in our community Notice I said DOING?

  2. Chris, I understand your skepticism, but I honestly think there is alot of merit to the suggestion that we need to "shrink" Detroit.

    Think about it, there are about 900,000 people still living in the same area that once housed 2.5 million. Alot of the homes and businesses that were there then are still standing but vacant and abandoned.

    Imagine moving all of the remaining residents in some of the more "vacant", desolate neighborhoods (through the power of eminent domain), and relocating them into a much smaller, more viable area. That would potentially save alot of money and resources in reduced city services, and you could implement a "master-plan" for a "Central Park" type of "green-belt" around the city that could be modeled on New York's Central Park.

    If it was contiguous, it could include a long bike path, maybe even a public transportation "loop". I know it sounds far fetched, but try to imagine the possibilities !

    Chris, we have to start over with some big ambitious ideas if we hope to save S.E. Michigan from being sucked down a black-hole into oblivian ... We've got to "think outside the box" as President Clinton used to like to say.

  3. Detroit needs to shrink but who will pay for it? Detroit doesn't have the money to do anything let alone pay the $6K to $10,000 to take down all the abandon houses. And no business will move there because of the cost of operating in the city. Unless they are given "special" tax insentives. We can think outside the box but who will pay for it? And if we live in a free country why on earth would you want the governemnt that made Detroit the city it is now in charge of taking peoples homes,giving them the "fair market value" and get business' to take over? And parks aren't cheep either. Parks don't pay taxes and they need to be watch better then any neiborhood. I have a video post on my blog. Take a look at it and tell me what you think. Detroit is like that dieing crackwhore on the street. How much more can she take before enough is enough? Either way she will get off the drugs that kill her. Detroit will want the suburbs to pay,business to pay and they wont take one bit of advice when it comes to how to use the money we give. If Bing gives Detroit what they diserve and need Detroit will act out like a crackwhore when you take away the drugs. Detroiters want what they want and that is the liberal intitlements they get. And as you know I am an avide gardener and have done much in the community for beutification. I have spent much time in the Detroit community and I know there are some great groups putting in urban gardens and farms. These are grass roots type organizations but that is the only way as of know that I can see Detroit getting greener. And as you know the liberals are not the best givers so a green movement in Detroiit without heavy governemnt hands in the mix it ain't happening on a large scale. If you want to see Detroit more green on a grassroots level then give me a call. I'll be more then happy to help get it going. But if you want to let the govt clean up the mess the government made then good luck with that one. As I bet I will be hunting deer and rabbit in Detroit in less then 40 years as everyone will have abandoned the city like in that movie I Am Legend with Will Smith in it.

  4. I just watch your video and it is the same one I have. Great mind think alike thanks to Big Chris,the great mind I was talking about.