Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is Detroit finally headed in the "right" direction ?

Since the race riots of 1967 and the narrow election of Coleman Young as Mayor in 1973, Detroit has been on a steady downward spiral. The city has had few bright spots, losing most of it's white residents who fled the crime and declining schools, and being recognized as "the murder capitol of America" for much of the last 3 decades.
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick took the city to new lows in the six-plus years he was the city's self proclaimed "Hip-Hop Mayor". He used his 17 "personal security" detail members to shuttle him around to hip-hop clubs and his girlfriend's condos on the taxpayers dime, and then he fired Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown when Brown initiated an investigation of Kilpatrick's misuse of the police Dept. and taxpayers dollars.

But although Kilpatrick was able to fool the majority of the voters of Detroit and get re-elected to a second term, he wasn't able to fool tough as nails Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. Worthy brought Kilpatrick up on charges for some of the many felonies he had committed while in office, and after assaulting a police officer who was trying to serve a subpoena on his friend and partner in crime Bobby Ferguson, Kilpatrick's reign of criminal and immoral behaviour ended in disgrace as he resigned and served 120 days in jail.

There now seems to be some hope for the city of Detroit. Former City Council President Kenneth Cockrel Jr. served as "interim-mayor" until an election could be held, and then he returned to his position as City Council President after being defeated by Dave Bing, who served the remainder of Kilpatrick's second term. Bing was then elected to a full term in the regularly scheduled election. He, along with Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb, who was appointed by Gov. Granholm, and new City Council members, including Gary Brown, finally have a real chance to institute some meaningful reforms in Detroit and begin to turn the city around after over 3 decades of racial division, corruption and decline.

Thanks to the fearless, hard work of Wayne County Prosecutor Worthy, D.P.S. Emergency Financial Manager Bobb, Detroit Police Internal Affairs Chief Brown, Mayor Bing and others, Detroit may at long last be poised to make a "comeback."


  1. So Brian do you think Detroit has found bottom? It will take a lot to make people move back to Detroit. And with the tax structure in Detroit and Mich. I don't see any new business comeing to town unless they are chosen to bo in the development zones.There needs to be a fundamental change from the liberal governs to the traditional conservative governs when Detroit was one of the richest cities in the world.No one wants to live in Detroit or work there. They only do it because they have to.What a shame. And the school system is the worst in the country. If they brought in the voucher system it would fix many of the problems in Detroit. If I have to pick a good political party for Detroit it would be the Libertarian party. The Democrats are just too corrupt and a Republican would have a hard time getting in. I think the Libertarian party would do well against the Democrats in Detroit.

  2. You and Bruce gonna sing Kumbya around the campfire now Brian?

  3. Brian, I agree. I does look like things are finally poised to turn around in Detroit and under a Democrat. Hmmmm.

    There are still lots of problems from years of neglect of our cities by Republican adminitrations in Washington D.C. Now that it looks like GM at least is on the road to recovery, hopefully unemployment has almost bottomed out and will start turning around and creating jobs in the new year and Detroit should benefit from a GM upswing.

    I almost thought you'd given up you blot, it had been so long since your last post.

  4. Bruce Democrats have owned everything in Detroit for over 40 years. Hmmmmmm. So why are you acting like the Democrats did something good with Detroit leadership? Think about all the entitlements in Detroit right now. Now think about the state of Detroit and when was the last time Detroit was a good city to live in. You are right, it was when conservative Republicans ran things.

  5. Chris,
    I think the idea of "shrinking" Detroit is starting to get some traction. I hope you will begin to hear about a movement to return large tracks of Detroit to "green-space", either urban farming, parks, bike paths etc.

    The first step is demolishing vacant and abandoned buildings and using the power of eminent-domain to consolidate residents and businesses into viable neighborhoods to reduce the cost of government services and utilities.

  6. Conservative Republicans hate government and they show it by the way they disrespect it and are always trying to de-fund it.

  7. Bruce, it is "big government" Conservatives despise as that is not the way the country was founded i.e.; LIMITED GOVERNMENT.As to republicans,I am not so sure,most seem to agree with you.

    And you are correct on one point, to the very best of my ability I will forever seek to defund any and all "programs" that are not Constitutionally based.

  8. p.s., It is not for any American to respect government,but rather the exact opposite.

  9. Failk would have kept throwing good money after bad, for instance in DPS. How did that work for you idiots Bruce? It wasn't lack of funds, it was lack of honesty. Brought to you by the Hypocrat Party. Highest paid teachers in the nation except for California, and what do Detroit children have to show for it? Yeah, that was Bush's fault I guess.

    Then you have the State of Michigan withholding funds from Detroit because they couldn't get their audits in on time. Not only were they late, but they were late by YEARS. Must have been the Republicans that were holding up the process.

    Then there is the Detroit Police. Remember them Bruce, the fantastic force that you want to model our health care system after? Who get pay out of their A$$ES but only manage to solve about 10% of the crimes in the city?

    Thank God the residents of Detroit believed that Bing was a Hypocrat just because he said he was. Or maybe (probably) they just voted for him because of his name.

    Failk, I know you make your comments just to try to stir us up, but you should use more sense when you make them. You know they are searchable by name, and you should realize that when other Hypocrats or lieberals come across your stupid statements even they take note of how idiotic you are. I still laugh when I think of some of your comments, and another Hypocrat coming across that nonsense. Refusing to answer questions or provide links, or suggesting that Detroit looking like the aftermath of an atomic bomb is somehow the fault of the Republicans. ROFLMAO.

  10. Well here ya go, straight from Detroit South, Washington D.C. ... I guess this is all the fault of the Republicans, right? Just look at all the "D's" after the names. D for DIRTY, DUMB, DESTRUCTIVE, DUMB, DISHONEST, DUMB ... did I mention DUMB?

    D.C. hands out $15M in bonuses despite recession, budget gaps

  11. Brian who will pay for the green space movement? That is the only problem I see with your theory that Detroits housing blight will turn into parks. There isn't enough money in Detroit to buy toilet paper for City Hall let alone have the money for revitalizing the land.