Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ford: An American Icon

Ford stock rose above $10.00 per share today for the first time in over 4 years ! This is indicative of several positive things that are taking place; First of all, Ford Motor Company is building world class products. Ford has been steadily improving the quality of their vehicles for several years running and the consumers, as well as investors, are taking notice.

Secondly, the credit crunch that was created by the banking/mortgage crisis is easing, allowing more consumers to buy or lease a vehicle. The pent-up demand is bringing consumers back to the showrooms, and many car buyers are opting for the only American car company that did not borrow from the government (read "taxpayers") to survive the economic downturn, Ford Motor Company.

Ford is an American icon, one of the last remaining symbols of the true American entrepeneurial spirit. Undoubtedly some consumers are making a political statement when they pull into a Ford dealership. Not only are they looking for a quality vehicle, they want to send a message to Ford's competitors; I support free market capitalism, not government controlled socialism, and that's what they see at G.M. ("Government Motors")and foreign controlled Chrysler.


  1. My problem was not with Chrysler and GM filing for bankruptcy, my concern was with the strings attached to the government loans.

    Ford lined up a $23.5 BILLION credit-line in 2006, prior to the banking crisis. They came very close to bankruptcy as well, but luckily they were safe from the type of government control that GM and Chrysler were virtually forced to succumb to .

  2. I'm glad that we didn't have to go into bancruptcy too.

    what do you make of the salary bonus's being returned so quickly after we rejected a concession laden re-opening of our contract. Seems to me we were right to reject the contract, that Mulally and Ford were taking our union to the woodshed. Thankfully we didn't listen to Bob King and even you, brian and voted against it.

  3. Forced to succumb? They asked for government money,what did anyone expect?

    Had the "southern senators" you speak of won the day,GM and Chrysler would have filed bankruptcy BEFORE any bailouts without federal money flushed down the toilet and control impemented.

    Those southerners you wish to now vilify in return were and remain absolutely correct.