Saturday, December 26, 2009

Detroit bound flight targeted with explosive device

While Christians were celebrating the birth of Christ and praying for Peace on Earth, a terrorist from Nigeria eerily reminiscent of Richard Reid (the "Shoe Bomber"),and identified by a U.S. government official as 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was attempting to blow another American airliner filled with innocent passengers out of the sky.
The suspect, identified as a Nigerian national, claimed to have extremist ties and said the explosive device "was acquired in Yemen along with instructions as to when it should be used," said a federal security bulletin.

This is not the first terrorist attack on U.S. soil since Barack Hussein Obama took office.
President Barack Hussein Obama, whose father was Kenyan, has encouraged "dialogue" with countries that have vowed to destroy us. It will be interesting to see his reaction to this attempted terrorist attack here in Detroit, home of the largest Muslim population in the United States.


  1. That is the religion of Islam for you. We need to do this kind of thing more often. This is America. That video gets my blood boiling. And when it comes down to it Obama acts like a Muslim more then a Christian that is for sure. He never renounced his Muslim faith and in Islam he is still a Muslim. Obama does not have a Christian name but a Muslim name. Barack Hussein Obama is 100% Muslim name. Brian you should read America Alone. It is a great book.

  2. My god, Brian and Chris, are you really trying to still say President Obama is a Muslim?

    You guys need to just drop all this crap already. What about all the Christian terrorists that were killing people in Northern Ireland in the name of Christianity?

    We have enough real problems without trying to bring all this crap up again.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to bring this up. I know you're no, but you should be.

  3. Bruce,

    Will you please get your head out of the sand! ]

    I normally avoid you as you are in need of medication.

    (By the way,no need for National healthcare bill,it already exisists and it is called medicaid - try it.)

    Are you really that disfunctional that you deny the obvious?

  4. Brian,

    You and I have had a discussion/disagreement as of late and I appreciate the back-and-forth as it leads to understanding and hopefully the advancement of conservatism.

    But now enter "the house liberal - Bruce" and the term I continue to return to arises - 'obvious'. One who see's clearly cannot,will not or ever miss the obvious. This word is very important and easy to see to all that is occuring.

  5. Christopher, so you think it's obvious President Obama is a Muslim and a Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Marxist? It's amazing how your little minds work.

    Just because you've lost a couple elections and you're likely to lose a few more, and you don't agree with the other party's politics, you start going all crazy.

    It's all you teabaggers/conservatives, whatever you call yourselves, that need to get on some medications and get some serious help.

  6. Bruce,

    How can you see or use your keyboard with all that sand?

    What does any election have to do with ones faith?
    (p.s. I have not lost an election for I have not ran for any)

    You speak of little minds ? Please expound on your little theory tieing elections to religion,this should prove interesting.

  7. Wow Bruce you found one war that is Christian and that is what you base your opinion? And we are the idiots? Why do you on the left want to act like Islam hasn't made Jihad with the West and Non Islamic nations? They are the ones saying they are at JIHAD with us. We aren't talking all mulims feel this way but in mass they have had whole Islamic nations vowed to do whatever it takes to push Islam throughout the world. To them that means treating all non muslims like cattle. Their words not mine. Bruce why do you bend over backwords to make it seem like they don't want to distroy us? Does it realy change things if we are at war with a religion? That religion is at war with us,Jihad. Or does that go against your liberal uncommon sense? How dumb can you be? If I was to say that you are my enemy and I will distroy you with malice would it be wise to denigh it ever happened and do nothing? That would be dumb. And if Islam is calling for a "Jihad" I would be dumb to not believe them. And your dumb theory that not all Muslims are terrorist thus it isn't Islam's war is outright retarded. America is at war with Afghaninstan but not all of our citizens are fighting the war. Are the terrorist saying they aren't at war with America? That would be dumb wouldn't it? I think you need to get some common sense or not say anything at all to show your ignorance of reality.

  8. Bruce you don't know anything about Islam. Why wont Barack Hussein Obama(muslim name)renounce his belief in Islam? Did you know that it is OK for a Muslim to "sin" and act like a Christian as long as it is to help Islam? No you wouldn't know that because you just spout out what you think without facts to back them up. Christopher is right about you. You are in need of some stong meds little buddy.

  9. Another day, another African Muslim incident on a Detroit bound flight. Barack Hussein Obama doesn't seem too concerned ...
    3 yrs 'till "change we can REALLY believe in !" &
    10 months 'till the 2010 congressional elections.

  10. Crappy Nappy Crows That System Worked
    Posted by Van Helsing at December 27, 2009

    Once again, our liberal rulers failed completely to protect us, as a Muslim who has been on a terrorist watch list for two years was prevented from killing everyone aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 only by a private citizen, Jasper Schuringa. Now the joke Obama is passing off as the Director of Homeland Security is taking this opportunity to brag on behalf of the useless cancer that arrogantly calls itself our government:

    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday that the thwarting of the attempt to blow up an Amsterdam-Detroit airline flight Christmas Day demonstrated that "the system worked."

    Asked by CNN's Candy Crowley on "State of the Union" how that could be possible when the young Nigerian who has been charged with trying to set off the bomb was able to smuggle explosive liquid onto the jet, Napolitano responded: "We're asking the same questions."

    The question I'm asking is: How can even moonbats justify putting our security in the hands of a moron who refers to terror attacks as "man-caused disasters" and considers the greatest threat to come from patriotic Americans?

  11. It didn't take long before the terrorist realized they have a friend in the Obama Admin. What has Obama done that is so great? As one of my deqar black friends said,"he ain't done shit".

  12. Wow, all you idiots forget that 9/11 happened on George W. Bush's watch. But that wasn't an epic failure in your minds, why again?

    And you think that airport security from Amsterdam is specifically in the hands of President Obama, how again?

    I'll never understand teabaggers.

  13. Bruce you are as dumb as a chimp. After we got hit on 9/11 you jerks couldn't wait to blame Bush and you "Truthers" couldn't wait to make up lies about it. But Bush only let it happen once. That act changed us forever. Or till Obama got a hold of this country and put us pre 9/11. Every attack that would have happened on Bush's watch would have been blamed him for it 100%. Guess what Stoopy? Every terror attack will be rightfully blamed on Obama and his admin. It was one of homeland securities first acts under Obama to put the light on the "right wing" and off of Muslims. Bruce do you still pick your nose and eat it? Because you are sounding like a sausage.

  14. Bruce the terrorist were rightfully afraid of Bush and what he would do to them if they hit us again. The fear is gone and now the terrorist think they have a friend that will give them every oportunity to get away with murder.

  15. Are you kidding me, Chris? "But Bush only let it happen once." Because it only happened once and more than 3000 people died, even though he was almost given a voicemail about what was going to happen and when, you're willing to say no harm, no foul because he went after the wrong people in Iraq?

    Bush didn't even go after the right people, did he. None of the terrorists were from Iraq, were they? Afghanistan was just a distraction for Bush.

    Worldwide terrorism actually went up under Bush by over 700%, but do you care? No. You still say the terrorists were "afraid" of Bush?

    Bush and Cheney wanted the oil in Iraq. That's the truth of the matter and over 4000 of our brave men and women in uniform have died so that a few greedy of Bush and Cheney's oil buddies could get even more wealthy and Cheney profited by the price of his Halliburton stock skyrocketing as a result of no-bid contracts.

    Terrorists were afraid of Bush? Really? All Bush did is multiply the number of al Qaeda by occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. We have occupied, tortured and destroyed two countries and the righties are now calling for pre-emptive war on Yemen.

    Pull your heads out of your asses and maybe you'd realize our tactics during the Bush years just made more terrorists that hate America.

  16. Bush and our friends took the terrorist back to the stone ages. As much as you idiots on the left wanted another terrorist attack Bush kept us safe. Bush went after the right people you fool. Bruce you said there was only 100 Al Queda left in Afghanistan. Are you that numb that you can't tell the difference in your lies? And Iraq is a free country. I know how you like to inslave women and all but they are free in one more country thanks to our soldiers you used to abuse when Bush was President. If there were more terrorist then why didn't they attack more? See how dumb you sound? If there were more terrorist then there wouild be more terrorist attacks. You have no proof that there are more terrorist and that doesn't stopp you from lieing. Americans and us on these blogs don't believe what you liberals say anymore. We have called you out for lieing a bunch of times a month and yet you still do it. I guess all those years of recording liars for a living you learned their traits of deceit.

  17. Bruce,Bruce,Bruce???????

    Will you please explain your philandering president Clinton?

    Why did he NOT take Bin Laden when Sudan offered him up?

    Had this been done instead of getting head from an intern, maybe, just maybe, we would not have to commerate 9-11 as such,,,oops we don't now under B.Hussein,,forget people dieing,,it is now about "service'?

    My God man take your meds.

  18. Bruce, For that matter please explain your president Jimmy Carter for setting-up the Theocracy in Iran. This situation obviously haunts us today and directly led to the Soviet Ubion invading Afghanistan,thereby creating a resistence which drafted Bin Laden.

    Had Carter backed the Shah of Iran we would not be seeing the world as it is today.

  19. History is a funny thing,,it is recorded.

  20. Hmmm,Seems B. Hussein is following Jimmy but not on the same level as yet in Honduras by backing Socialist Zelya who was removed CONSTITUTIONALLY and who is a good friend of another Socialist,Venezualas Hugo Chavez.

    Have you heard of the recent move by commrade Chavez Bruce regarding the auto industry?

  21. Christopher, maybe you ought to check out the rumors you spread before posting them here.

    Clinton actually did go after bin Laden. Here's a chronology for you after a listing of the false rumors conservatives like to spread.

  22. Book Bombshell: Iraq Attack Scrubbed for Clinton Golf Game

    Ex-President Bill Clinton kept a squadron of F-117 stealth fighter-bombers and B-52s waiting to launch a critical 1996 airstrike on Iraq while he finished watching a golf tournament - dithering so long that U.S. pilots lost the cover of darkness and the mission had to be

    That's the explosive charge leveled in a brand new book by Lt. Col. Robert Patterson, a key Clinton military aide from 1996 through 1998
    whose primary mission was to carry the president's copy of America's nuclear launch codes.

    "We dispatched eight F-117 stealth fighter-bombers capable of carrying 2,000-pound bombs into the region and sent B-52s to Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, in preparation for action," reveals Lt. Col. Patterson in his bombshell security scandal tell-all, "Dereliction
    of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America's National Security."

    The Sept. 13, 1996, air strike was planned as the U.S.'s response to an Aug. 31 tank attack launched by Saddam Hussein on the northern
    Kurdish city of Irbil, a blatant violation of the 1991 Gulf War surrender accords that had an estimated 300,000 Kurdish refugees fleeing
    for their lives.

    At the same time, Saddam's Republican Guard had executed an estimated 100 Iraqi dissidents and arrested 1,500 more - extinguishing whatever opposition the Iraqi dictator might have faced from within.

    Two days before he attended the President's Cup golf tournament, Clinton had warned the world that "action is imminent" and that "the
    determination of the United States in dealing with the problem of Iraq should not be underestimated," reports the national security

    With the F-117s and B-52s ready to take off and the cover of darkness in Iraq slipping away, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger placed a series of desperate phone calls to the Manassas, Va., golf course seeking clearance from Clinton. But the president refused to come to the phone.

    "Sir, Mr. Berger is on the line and needs a decision about the proposed attack on Iraq," Lt. Col. Patterson remembers telling the president.

    Clinton's response? "Tell him I'll get back with him later."

    As mission-critical minutes evaporated, an anxious Berger called again.

    "This time he was animated, obviously upset," remembers Patterson. "Pilots were in the cockpits waiting to launch, targets were identified, everything was in place, all he needed was the go-ahead."

    The presidential military aide promised the national security adviser that he would do everything he could to get Clinton to pay
    attention to the mission at hand.

    "This time, the president was engaged in conversations with several people and was less approachable," Patterson reports. "I maneuvered
    through the crowd and caught his eye. When President Clinton saw me, he seemed disturbed at being interrupted again with something unimportant. He frowned as I neared him."

  23. Part 2/2:

    Still Patterson persisted. "'Mr. President, Mr. Berger has called again and needs a decision soon.' I explained in a low tone, 'We have
    our pilots in cockpits, ready to launch, and we're running out of the protective cover of nighttime over there.'"

    But Clinton seemed unmoved. "I'll call Berger when I get the chance," he told the aide.

    Less than 15 minutes later Berger called back. "This time he was irate," Patterson recalls. "Where is the president? What is he doing? Can I
    talk to him?"

    The presidential military aide was forced to explain: Sir, he is watching the golf tournament with several friends. I've approached him twice
    with your request. I've communicated your concerns about the window of opportunity and about the pilots being prepared and ready to go.

    "I'm an Air Force pilot myself, sir." Patterson told Berger. "I understand the ramifications. I'll try again."

    For the third time in an hour, the military aide desperately tried to get Clinton to focus on the mission - hoping he would appreciate that further delay could jeopardize the lives of U.S. pilots now waiting for his order.

    But Clinton remained oblivious. "Tell Berger that I'll give him a call on my way back to the White House," he said, in what Patterson
    describes as an "indifferent" tone of voice. "That's all," Clinton added, in words the military man understood to mean the president didn't want to hear any more about the problem.

    "I called Mr. Berger and explained that the president would contact him from the limo," Patterson recalled. "We both knew what that meant. We'd missed our opportunity."

    The trusted soldier says he remains haunted by the episode. "Human lives were at stake - the lives of American service members and the
    lives of our allies who opposed Saddam at our behest and were now under attack.

    "At a time when America's honor and grander principles were being challenged and the world was watching our every move ... the president
    was watching golf."

  24. Speaking of spreading RUMORS Bruce, where is your prooooooooof?!?!

    You say: "even though he was almost given a voicemail about what was going to happen and when"

    Where is your prooof BRUCIE?!?! Sounds to ME like YOU are spreading the RUMORS.

    Plus all of your other lies. I was going to list them all here, but that would merely consist of copying and pasting your entire comment. Where is your proof for any of these claims you make BRUCE?

    And in the above item, sounds to me like Clinton was thinking about bombing Iraq. So ... was HE going after the wrong ones?!?

    And in your Snopes link, it says he was prepared to pull the trigger several times ... but DIDN'T, DID HE?!?! I guess you could say that you Bruce could be a brain surgeon, except for the fact that you are a complete MORON.

    And then there's ONE time that he is able to find OBL!?! Sounds to me like he dropped the ball. He couldn't find that guy, it took Bush to corner him in Afghanistan?!

    And even an idiot like me knows that Iraq was about weapons of mass destruction, and Iraq playing games with our inspectors, not about Al Qaeda. So ... who were the RIGHT guys to go after Bruce?!?! As I understand it, it was IRAQ that was playing games with the inspectors, not Al Qaeda.

    You ain't playing with a full deck BRUCE FAILk.

  25. Even the French President Prefers Bush to Obama
    Posted by: Mike's America

    Didn’t Obama promise that electing him would make the U.S. more respected in the world?

    Sarkozy cool on relationship with Obama
    By Ben Hall in Paris
    Financial Times
    December 27 2009

    Nicolas Sarkozy, the most pro-American president of France for half a century, has gone cold on Barack Obama, the most popular American leader in France in generations.

    A year ago Mr Sarkozy was engaged in a tussle among European leaders anxious to be the first to secure a meeting with the freshly elected Mr Obama. Mr Sarkozy described Mr Obama as “my friend” after meeting him just once as a senator.

    “He has now shifted from a pro-Bush position to an anti-Obama position,” said Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, international affairs spokesman for the opposition Socialists.

    The main acts of France’s rapprochement with Washington – a tougher line on Iran and a promise to rejoin Nato’s military command structure – came before Mr Obama.

    Like his predecessor, Mr Sarkozy plays up differences with the US for domestic purposes. But there is a crucial difference. Whereas Mr Chirac’s stance towards the US was determined by suspicion of US power, current French frustration is aimed at Washington’s hesitancy or even weakness.

    Who would have thought we would live in an era when even the French think the U.S. President is weak and ineffective? What this article underscores is that our friends around the world depend on strong U.S. leadership and Obama isn’t providing it. They might complain about U.S. actions when a strong president sits in the White House, but they miss it when it is gone.

  26. Funny, Bush didn't let Iran go nuclear. They just had to bide their time until Obummer gave them the go-ahead I guess. What a guy.

    Israel: Iran will have nuclear weapons by 2011

  27. John, you might remember the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing, bin Laden determined to attack United States, it also said he was planning to use aircraft.

    Did Bush do anything to beef up security at airports? NO!!!!!

    Bush did nothing. When the U.S. Army had bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora and the request was sent for 800 more troops, did Bush send them? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have to ask yourself if Bush's close relationship with the bin Laden family affected his decision.

  28. Bruce,
    Face it, John just slammed you with facts and information. Bottom line; the Islamic terrorists know that we have let our guard down, just like when Clinton was President and all of the planning and orchestrating of the 9-11 attacks was done.
    Before Clinton it was Jimmy Carter we had to thank for allowing the Islamic extremists to plan and organize.

    I just hope we are able to make it through the next 3 yrs. 'till we can get Obama out of office so he can go back to corrupt Chicago, where he belongs.

  29. Brian, John doesn't know shit. 9/11 happened on Bush's watch and he was warned and could have prevented it had he paid attention.

    Richard Clarke, who was in charge of advising on terrorism, warned Bush al Qaeda was up to something but Bush ignored all the warnings and 9/11 happened and was planned on Bush's watch. You can't try to blame 9/11 on Clinton or any Democrat, for that matter.

    You're as big an idiot as John, Brian.

  30. You Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Baggers have such short memories.

    This post over at Daily Kos lays it out extremely well relating to Bush and vacations and terrorism
    That Republicans would try to politicize the failed Christmas terror attack was about as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Even less surprising is the utter falsehood and sheer hypocrisy of their ham-handed charges.,-Short-Memories-on-Terror-Plots-and-Bush-Vacations-

  31. Bruce, You're going to be hating life next November when liberal Gary Peters is sent packing by Major(P) Rocky Raczkowski, former Majority Leader of the Michigan House.
    Matter of fact, I think I'll write a blog with Rocky as the topic !

  32. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA ... so BRUCE, if it happens on Bush's watch, when he has warnings, it's BUSH'S fault, but if the same thing under Obama, and Clinton, then ... what, it's STILL BUSH'S fault?!!? WTF?!? Are you saying, like you lieberal HYPOCRATS always do, that TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT?!?! That "The buck stops ... way over there"?!?!? You LIEberals make me sick, and especially you idiot BRUCE FAILk. Your Obummer is off in Hawaii while his chosen Napolitano says THE SYSTEM IS WORKING. Yeah right. You are the biggest bunch of FOOLS ever. Who feel safe traveling in the air or train under THIS administration that keeps displaying their love for radical fundamentalism and jihad.

    Bruce, you can stick your BS DailyKos links where the sun doesn't shine. Doesn't surprise me in the least that that is the only link you are able to find to back up any of your conclusions. I didn't even bother to read it, because I know it is another useless link by you you idiot. Stop your lies Bruce, it is getting old calling out every damn lie you tell you idiot.

  33. A full 1/3 of terrorist plots detected since 9/11 occurred this year. The year of Obummer. Go on over to the link and listen to the audio BRUCE. Get a good idea of how Obummer plans to defeat terrorism. Here's a hint, his sister is 1/2 Indonesian. Brilliant. Idiotic MORONS.

    Terror-week flashback: America will be safer because I’m a good listener, says Obama

    The opening caption is unfair (but funny) as The One never says Islamic terror will disappear if we elect him, but given his dogmatic misconceptions about the nature of the threat, it’s worth listening to this as a gloss on the year in terrorism. According to the Rand Corporation, of the 30 homegrown plots detected since 9/11, fully one-third of them surfaced in 2009. Doesn’t mean McCain would have done better, but if the pace of attacks is actually picking up, maybe it’s time to revisit the Hopenchange premise that jihadis care particularly who the president is. In fact, this clip serves as a neat synthesis of his foreign policy, such as it is: By dint of his pure personal awesomeness and sweet Bambi-esque empathy, we’re going to turn all sorts of would-be enemies to our side. Hasn’t worked yet with the Taliban, of course — or Iran, or China, or Russia, or even Hugo Chavez — but it’ll work, er, eventually. No wonder the Democrats aren’t rushing to his aid this week.

    Exit question: Which crazed Cheney-like hawk uttered this ode to preemptive action yesterday? “I’d rather, in the interest of protecting people, overreact rather than underreact.” Answer:

    The quote of the day, from Democrat Diane Feinstein:

    "I'd rather, in the interest of protecting people, overreact rather than underreact."

    An amused veteran of the Bush administration emails:

    Interesting--sounds like a pithy summary of the Bush approach to the War on Terror. I don't recall hearing that very much from Dems from about 2003-2008. Or from the Obama Administration, ever.

    Posted by Michael Goldfarb on December 29, 2009

  34. Putin to Obama: Thanks for those missile-defense concessions but we’re going ahead with new weapons

    And so a question asked three months ago — what are we getting from Russia in return for selling out Poland on long-range missile defense? — finally has an answer. We’re getting more aggression. Of course.

    He hit the reset button on the reset button.

    In a notable toughening of rhetoric, Mr Putin insisted his country would develop new “offensive” weapons systems before it considered cutting nuclear warheads. He said the new weapons were necessary to prevent America’s leaders from thinking they can “do whatever they want”…

    Two months later, [Obama] dismayed US allies in Europe by ditching Bush-era plans to set up a missile defence shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, which were previously behind the Iron Curtain.

    Moscow had been bitterly opposed to those plans and at first welcomed Washington’s decision.

    But the olive branch has yielded little if anything in return. Instead, Moscow has used Mr Obama’s intention to instead build a “smarter, stronger and swifter” system involving both sea-based and land-based mobile interceptors as a justification for continued tensions.

    They were using it as a justification practically from the day the olive branch was waved. Back in September, while Putin was busy gladhanding Obama over how “correct and brave” he was to pull long-range interceptors out of Poland and the Czech Republic, Russia’s NATO envoy was already warning that that simply wouldn’t do at all. Now they’re trying to lean on The One again ahead of new negotiations with the U.S. on the now-lapsed Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty to see if we’ll agree to add a clause about limiting the size of our worldwide missile-defense shield. Which, of course, is no threat to Russia for the long foreseeable future: See the quote near the end of Closing Velocity’s post about how meager our shield is right now compared to Russia’s immense nuclear arsenal. It’s a pure power play by Putin to see if Obama will cave again, especially with the Iran standoff coming to a head and Russia’s vote for sanctions needed at the UN.

    Given the heat The One took from hawks after he traded the long-range shield in Poland for a short-range one, there’s no way he can give in again, so our relations with Russia are about to take the same frosty turn as our relations with Iran. Oh well. Exit quotation from Danger Room: “During the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy helped defuse the situation by secretly offering to dismantle Jupiter missiles stationed in Turkey. He was giving away a chip that was worth nothing: The missiles were already considered obsolete. In this case, the administration gave something away before the bargaining really started.”