Monday, November 16, 2009

Voters are mad as hell ...

Voters are sick and tired of politicians, and it looks like incumbents are going to "pay the price" next November. All signs point to a major turnover in Congress next year, and with Democrats holding a large majority, they will suffer the most from voters anger. I'm expecting the Senate Majority leader, Herry Reid, to be thrown out, as well as a few Democrat Committee Chairmen, like Connecticut's Chris Dodd.

Voters want to elect candidates with real solutions, not partisan candidates whose only difference is their party affiliation. I think if Ross Perot's party, "United We Stand", were still active, its candidates would have a field day next November. Voters are angry in a way that I have not seen in a long time, maybe in my entire adult lifetime of following politics. The "Republican Revolution" of 1994 saw the Republicans gain 54 seats in the House of Representatives and 8 seats in the Senate, not counting the switch of Alabama Senator Shelby. The election of 2010 could bring change on a similar scale.

The Republicans need 41 seats to regain the majority in the House, and they should get somewhere in that neighborhood. The Senate is probably "out of reach", but they should be able to significantly close the gap. I expect the Senate Democrats to hold on to a slim majority after the election, but if they lose the majority in the House, their ability to move legislation that President Obama supports will be severely limited. We can only hope.

It is now up to the people of the country to decide; do we want a socialist state controlled by government, funded by the working taxpayers, with government providing for everyone else. Or do we want to return to the principles envisioned by our founding fathers of liberty, freedom and personal responsibility. We'll find out on November 2nd, 2010.


  1. Brian, I don't think people are as angry as they are scared. Their economic security has been shaken to its core. If they haven't lost their job, they know someone who has.

    I like Representative Sandy Levin's idea of a tax credit for hiring new people. You may have seen the article in today's Oakland Press.

    I think it's only the far right fringe like you and your merry band that are all amped about socialism, which is just a made up boogey man of the right.

    If Republicans would get on board for solving problems instead of just being obstructionists, we might be able to get more done to help those that are struggling faster. But Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders just want to bow down to their corporate masters and stall solutions as long as they can, even if it means their fellow Americans have to die as a result.

    By the way, did you see Keith Olbermann helped raise $1.7 million dollars to hold free clinics? Over 1000 people were treated in New Orleans over the weekend. 92% of the people has jobs. 90% had at least 2 diagnoses and 82% of those had life threatening conditions and 4 people were so sick they had to be taken out on stretchers to hospitals.

    Yep, best health care system in the world, right, Brian?

  2. Brian, can you imagine what a bunch of blaming bitches the Democrats will be when the Republicans take back some of the power. They had both houses of congress andd the white house and they still blame everything on the Republicans. If you thought the G-20 Liberal Al Quida riots were bad wait till the Republicans start taking away all the power. And then I predict that conservatives will take over both parties. Unlike the liberals that are miserable no matter who is in power. We will be dancing in the streets like we all did during the Reagan era. When the Conservative take over remember everything the liberals did to distroy conservatives in politics. As the old saying goes, paybacks are a Just think how nice it will be not having any liberal tyrany in our country. To have the Constitution being upheld again. To putting our country first again and to serve we the people instead of the gov't serving itself and giving special interest the scrapes.

  3. Hey Bruce the left couldn't get things done when they had it all. I'm glade that the Republicans started to vote down every liberal policy Obama and Congress try to pass. But even doing that wouldn't stop any bills from getting passed. It was conservatives withing the Democratic Party that stopped these stupid self serving bills from going through. It is the shift from liberalism to conservativism in both parties that is stopping Liberal Taliban bills and ruling.

  4. So Bruice people were so sick that they didn't get treatment? They didn't want to pay for something that would save their l;ives. They worked but didn't think health care was worth it? It shows how dumb people are and how dumb you are. That's like saying you forgot to eat or you didn't feel you should pay for your own food. Or that is as dumb as the govt telling everyone to leave a fishbowl during a large hurican and doing nothing instead. Yeh Bruce you and Mike Moore keep filling your face with junk and get way over wieght and then blame it on healthcare when you have a heart attack. No personal responsability for those on the left.

  5. I've been reading alot of non-partisan election discussions and they seem to think factors like Money and name regonition are bigger factors than you do Brian.

    CQ politics has Nevada still leaning to Harry even though local polls show him in a tight race. I think eventually money will be the factor there as Harry's got a war chest.

    Chris, wow your on the Kool aid again huh? Liberal backs are a bitch, liberal Al Quidda (isn't that an old britsih money, the quid). Cut the demagoguery out and act like more than a first grade name caller.

  6. See what I mean chris? It is ALWAYS the whacked out liberals who are making disparageing comments about spelling and grammer and accuseing others of name calling and then proceed to call others names!

    And poor poor harry, as speaker of the senate you would think he would be trouncing his opponent but here he is in fear of his political career and probably will be thrown out of office.

    Several polls including one from the lefts favorite the daily kos have him trailing his potential challengers by as much as 10%.

  7. Doug,

    I think dingy Harry used the word 'vanquish' about his opponents. Seems his 'magic' is running out.

  8. I seem to remember Governor Granholm being as much as 20 points behind Dick DeVos this far away from the election and she ended up trouncing DeVos by 14 points.

    I wouldn't put too much stock in polls this far out. They are notoriously inaccurate.

  9. Hey, Brian, you may have to quit your job at Ford. You probably didn't see this report. Imagine that, Brian Pannebecker working for George Soros. Your head might explode, Brian.

    Soros' holdings increase, takes stake in Ford
    November 16, 2009 9:50 PM ET

    Thomson Reuters

    BOSTON (Reuters) - Billionaire investor George Soros' hedge fund reported holdings of $6.2 billion during the third quarter, an increase of $2 billion, after taking a stake in automaker Ford and boosting his holdings in communications services stocks.

    According to a regulatory filing on Monday Soros Fund Management took a 7.3 million stake in Ford Motor Co during the third quarter that is valued at $53 million.

  10. yes, Doug us wacked out liberals doing things like creating URL's named and defaming people like bruce by naming their blog "Liberals and Democrats Like Bruce Fealk Favor Rape"

    ohhh shit we didn't do that. Classy. Taking the high road there ain't ya guys?

  11. Awwww... here comes Bruce Fealk's savior Joey to the rescue! Joey, is it okay if I address you, after all, you are addressing Doug and I don't want you getting your panties in a bunch the way you did when you were addressing Brian and I spoke to the Great Joey.

    Did Failk ask you for help, or are you just his knight in shining armor little Joey? Or maybe you are Failk himself, after all Failk did do that classy little "George" maneuver, remember that one Joey, where Failk pretended to be another guy so he could try to accuse everyone of being racists?!?! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

    I absolutely created that blog and title Joey; they are both true, so what is your point? Bruce Fealk DOES blow, and you guys do favor rape. Your hero Failk started that little classic right on the Oakland Press, so what's good for the goose is good for the gander, wouldn't you say little Joey? Or are you saying that Failk, tragedy of tragedies, defamed Republicans when he said that they favored rape? Maybe you should get after Bruce first on that one little Joey, the stink of hypocrisy is pouring off of you in buckets.

    Also Joey, again you are straying "off topic", just to keep score here big guy. I know you are always so concerned about it.

    If you want, I can post some comments that were made to Bruce Failk on Democratic Underground. Those people, liberals themselves, were worried about Failk being a nutjob; they posted all kinds of comments telling him that. So I would call THAT whacked out. Not to mention how angry you get.... you must be a short little guy, because you seem to have small man syndrome.

    As for the high road Joey, does that include you attacking homosexuals, and accusing me of being a homosexual? I mean really, Joey, when you point a finger there are three more pointing back at yourself. Please don't set yourself up as the paragon of dignity. Nobody is buying that one Joey.

  12. Bruce -

    TRYING to get back on topic, to your first comment.

    I do think people are scared, because they see their freedoms being attacked at every turn. I'm curious what you think about the government trying to assume the power to force every citizen to buy something? Sincerely, do you think that is a good thing for any government to be able to do?

    As for being obstructionists, that is what parties do Bruce, both Dems and Repubs. And if you think that Democrats aren't in the pockets of health insurance and trial lawyers... well, you had better wake up and smell the coffee. I can direct you to, and you can check it out yourself. Are you suggesting that the Democrats are some lily-white band of angels?! As Brian said, if Perot's old party were still up and running, it would do great because people are sick of BOTH parties. Do you understand that?

    I also still don't understand what your problem is with the Republicans as a party or conservatives in general. You guys won! Dems can pass whatever they want! WHY do you need bi-partisanship?!?! It's pretty funny watching Democrats blaming their failures on lack of bipartisanship, really it is.

    I'm going to check out the Sandy Levin thing. Thanks for the tip.

    Good for Olbermann on helping to raise money. I don't know if you realize it, but he demonstrated what you liberals can do if you get off your asses and try to help, rather than be part of the problem. Olbermann who is hardly a household name (is he even getting over 100,000 people watching him?) helped to raise $1.7 million (according to you; I'll have to find a story to verify)! So Americans are more than willing to open their pockets to help out their fellow man. I'm sure there were Democrats (a few), Republicans (a ton) and Independents who donated their hard-earned money. Americans are the most generous people on the face of the earth Bruce. When the twin towers fell, look at the donations that were made! All somehow without government forceful coercion. Doctors used to donate their time to helping the poor, but get government involved and that is out the door.

    When is your next fund-raiser for free clinics Bruce? With your contacts and your organizing skills, why don't you contribute something to society? But you don't want to ask for help, you would rather give the government the power to force people to give their money, under threat of jail and fines. Yeah, the threat of socialism is simply a boogieman.

  13. I'll update my blog title for you Joey, I know you were concerned about being left out.

  14. This is interesting, did you hear about this:

    N.Y. Congressional Candidate Retracts Concession

    November 17, 2009
    Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman has withdrawn his concession in the close 23rd District Congressional race as New York election officials begin counting paper ballots.

    Hoffman spokesman Rob Ryan says that the campaign is looking at the remaining military and other absentee and paper ballots that will be counted starting Tuesday. Hoffman made the announcement that he's "un-conceding" on Glenn Beck's national radio show.

    Democrat Bill Owens was sworn into Congress after he was declared the winner of the Nov. 3 election. The latest results show him ahead by 3,026 votes. Counting the more than 10,000 paper ballots could take days.

    The race drew national attention as Hoffman forced Republican nominee Dierdre Scozzafava (skoh-zuh-FAH'-vuh) to suspend her campaign when he drew more support.

  15. JoeC why didn't you say something to Bruce when he was trying to pin the name "American Taliban" on us???? Who is drinking the Kool-aid Joe???

  16. It is hard for us to believe there is more then one person that think like Bruce. The liberals like Bruce and JoeC are few and far between now a days. I still can't believe they make up 20% of the population. 20% is a fringe group. While 80% are moderate to conservative. And I would venture to say that that 20% is shrinking by the day. Once Chrysler goes under for good and all those UAW members are on the street that number will crash even more. My liberal friends remember the good old days as you just went through them. You liberals have all the power in the world right now and you don't have a clue how to use it. I bet when you fools watch a football game you act like you could do better then them at calling plays. Now you liberals and Democrats are on the recieving side of things and you can't handle it. Boo Hoo.

  17. Bruce Fealk said...
    Hey, Brian, you may have to quit your job at Ford. You probably didn't see this report. Imagine that, Brian Pannebecker working for George Soros. Your head might explode, Brian.

    Bruce, more power to anyone smart enough to buy some Ford stock while it's low. (anything under $10.00 is a bargain) Once they get their debt paid off their stock will surely rise to over $20.00/share, probably in the next year or so ...

    People like Ford because they are making great products and doing it the "old fashioned way", without taxpayers money ! It's called capitalism Bruce. You should ask your wife if she'll let you invest some of your weekly allowance in Ford stock ...

  18. I can see your head exploding now. LOL

  19. Joey - Would you like to see those comments about Bruce from the other liberals? Let me know champ, I'd be happy to post them. Then we can all take a look at what crazy really is (although your comments give a pretty good example in and of themselves).

  20. Bruce - Just think what Soros could do with that $$ that he is using to buy up Ford stock. Gosh, you would think that guy was a capitalist or something, trying to make a buck. Think of all the free clinics he could put on. Oh well, I guess he will just have to go on bribing the Democrats and running the Whitehouse. That's cool.

  21. John, I have not problem with Soros buying Ford stock. It just made me laugh that the company ultra-conservative, Brian Pannebecker work for has George Soros as a major stockholder.

  22. Yep, I got it Bruce. I know you have a sense of humor, and we all do too. The only one who doesn't is Joey. Maybe you can get him some psych treatments from your guy Bruce. (Just kidding!)

    Hey, did you guys happen to hear something that I just heard about on NPR this morning; I'd like to get some thoughts from both sides on this.

    Seems the film studios are planning to offer movies streamed directly to your house, bypassing the DVD market. The thing that I found disconcerting is that the studios queried the FCC about shutting off the outputs from your TV, obviously so that the videos could not be pirated. The segment on NPR was ostensibly regarding the videos by-passing the DVD market, and I just caught a little bit about it so I might have some bits incorrect. But I do know that it said something about them talking with the FCC about shutting off the outputs of the consumer's TV, and that was startling to say the least. To think that the FCC could have control over something you buy, seems quite Big Brother to me.

  23. John, I didn't hear about this, but from what you've said, which I would NEVER rely on, I would rather there be some kind of control that allows you to pay to download the streamed video to someother device.

    They still have the right to try to protect their intellectual property, however, clever hackers usually find a way around it.

  24. I find it instructive that Bruce Fealk actually seems to think it will bother me that George Soros bought 0.2% of Ford's Common stock. That's right, 0.2% Bruce. What are you all excited about ? I don't care if Barack Obama is buying it ...

    I've got close to $100,000 of MY MONEY in Ford stock in my 401k, so anybody who is helping drive that price back up is welcome to do it ! If Mr. Soros can get the share price back up around $20.00/share I'll be very happy !

  25. Wow only 0.2%? Bruce is grasping for straws now. The things that bother the libs is just petty. And they blow of anything the Demoicrats do like it is no big deal.

  26. Bruce - I don't understand why you take "a shot" at me. I always provide links when possible, and you have YET to prove me wrong about anything. For someone like you, who is essentially the complete opposite of that, to say you would never rely on the information I provide, is just sad. Especially when it was such a trivial matter.

    Nonetheless, I looked up the article, which appears here:

    And here is the pertinent passage:

    MASTERS: Well, you know, almost every day theres an announcement of some kind as the studios grapple with what they should do in the digital era. So in the past few weeks, weve seen Sony move up the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. You can watch it, if you have an Internet-enabled TV, less than three months after its in theaters. Thats much shorter than the usual waiting period for a DVD release. But they will stream it to your TV even before its available on DVD.

    Weve seen Paramount rush out the release of G.I. Joe, which I know is very exciting for you, Steve, probably.

    INSKEEP: Oh, definitely. Yeah, Im right there (unintelligible).

    MASTERS: And weve seen the studios go to the government. Theyve gone to the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission, and asked for permission to disable certain outputs on your TV because they want to be able to gear up to stream those movies directly to you, as you mentioned in the beginning, without even necessarily you having to go to the theater. And they want to minimize their risk of piracy by making it harder for you to copy those movies. And all of this augers change in the way that we are going to watch movies.

    I have a lot of concern with the FCC, and therefore the government, being able to control my television. Especially at the behest of movie studios! Does anyone else see a problem with this?!

    I agree with you Bruce, if they want to control the movies then they should provide some sort of box/instrument.

  27. I watched this piece last night and it struck a cord. I'd be interested in getting the perspective from you righties.

  28. Bruce your tactics are so obvious it's laughable ... pitiful actually. You obviously are a very hateful person, that must be why people feel the way they do about you ...
    Baiting and taunting is no way to "debate and discuss.
    I liked it better when you were just "lurking" as you yourself described it. You might need counseling.

  29. Brian, you really think that video was satire? Frank Schafer's father was one of the originators of the religious right wing fundamentalists and Frank, the son, was also involved until he had an epiphany and changed sides.

    I guess I'm not surprised by your response, Brian. You are as sick as the people Schaefer is talking about in the video. You probably have that bumper sticker on your car.

    I'm not baiting with the video, Brian. I really wanted your opinion about the video in a serious vein.

  30. Why is it that Maddow and Olbermann make a living attacking Fox News? What a bunch of loosers. Why don't they do some real news for a change instead of being an arm of the Democrats? I don't see Fox attacking those other networks. It would be like Chrysler spending most of its time telling us how bad Ford is instead of just being a great auto company. No wonder why their ratings are the lowest of all the networks. They keep advertising for Fox. How dumb is that? That is my opinion on that youtube thing you posted Bruce. I'm like all those people that don't watch those networks, I don't care what they think. I do laugh when I watch those two unhinged fringe loosers Maddow and Olbermann. No wonder their viewers keep leaving.

  31. Chris, several lies in your comment. First, Rachel and Keith don't attack Fox News. They merely point inaccuracies in Fox's "reporting" and commentary. Secondly, MSNBC is not the lowest rated cable news network, CNN is.
    Keith and Rachel actually do break real news, not made up news like on Fox and MSNBC doesn't use footage from one event to represent another event, like Sean Hannity did recently when reporting about the Michelle Bachman rally in D.C.

    Fox has not credibility when it comes to reporting news. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican party.

    Rachel and Keith regularily criticize the Obama administration when appropriate.

  32. i saw that for a second time in the past few weeks, Fox News misrepresented footage. Wow, i didn't see that coming.

  33. Bruce the whole premise of their shows are putting down Fox and the Republican party. And so what if you and CNN are fighting for the bottom of the ratings go for it. Does Maddow go one show without talking about Fox News and its commenters? Yeh like that is breaking news. Is that why their ratings keep going down and everyone on Fox is doing great and their ratings have never been better? Remember on my blog where I showed and proved that Fox is the only fair and ballance news network? Or are you still in denial over that? Yopu really are a mushhead. When was the last time Rachel and Keith criticized the Obama admin? And what did they criticize him about?

  34. Bruce this is a post from my blog, remember now? Stop lieing Bruce. All you do is lie,lie,lie. And now you have been caught lieing yet again.Fox News Channel,as a percentage of viewers, include more selfdescribed liberals and idependents then than CNN and MSNBC includes self-descibed conservatives and independents. Pew Research Center recently studied the cable channels' viewers' politics. CNN was 51% liberal,23% independent and 18% conservative. MSNBC was 45% liberal,27% independent and 18% conservative. Fox's audience was the most ballanced with 39% conservative,33% liberal and 22% independent. Pew found out that during the last 6 weeks or the campaign, 61% off CNN's stories on McCain were negative,compaired with only 39% on Obama. On MSNBC 73% of McCain stories were negative while only 14% of Obamas stories were negative. This is the kicker, 40% of Fox News stories were negative on both McCain and Obama. Fair and Balanced. Maybe that is why Barack Hussein Obama will sit down and talk to radical dictators and not Fox News. Now we know why a terrorist isn't a terrorist and the "jobs saved" thing never gets questioned. If G.W.Bushhad supported an $800 billion stimulus package the mainstream media would have,rightfully so, asked "Why,that comes to us paying $250,000 per job". But when Fox News asked those questions it's just "Faux Noise" stiring up lies on the President. Those on the left hate the truth because they can't handle the truth. And the truth is Obama/Biden was the biggest mistake the liberals/Democrats have ever made. Who out there doesn't think Biden is one of the biggest buffoons we have ever had as a VP? It sucks to be Bruce the liar right now.

  35. Good job Chris, yet another Bruce Fealk whopper of a lie exposed. Bruce, I don't believe you could tell the truth if you tried. You lie like a rug Bruce. And while you are telling your lies and getting caught in your whoppers you just expose how far the liberals will go to push their faulty ideology.

  36. I put Biden behind Dan Quayle. Dan was the biggest buffoon. Although we came real close to having a bigger buffoon in Sarah Palin. Her book just come out and its the conservatives mentioning the large amount of lies and releasing emails showing her lying and making things up. Poor Bobby and Tim, they are the future of the party and they have to deal with the bimbo getting all the press.

    I do have to say, please God get Sarah nominated. I'd rather not face serious able body polticians.

  37. Chris, those statistics don't matter one whit. Fox News has consistently been shown to make up stories where none exist, therefore fabricating the "news."

    This does not serve the public welfare by making up the news. There have been two recent examples of this type of fabricating the news.

  38. All,
    Just an FYI, The hard drive went out on my computer last week, (and I was out of town over the weekend at my son's hockey tournament ...)
    I should be back up and running tonight/tomorrow. BP

  39. I just got off the phone with a girlfriend of my wife's in New Jersey, and she informed me that the people in the New York area are LIVID over the Obama administration's plan to bring the 9-11 terrorists to New York to stand trial. I'll start doing some research and write a blog on it in the next week or two ...

  40. I can't wait to see that blog. Obama is messing up a lot.

  41. Brian, I was just in New York City and no one seems upset to me about it.