Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tuesday is a turning point ...

The backlash begins Tuesday November 3rd, 2009 ! That is the day that average, hard working, tax-paying Americans begin to take their country back ! Virginia and New Jersey appear ready to replace Democrat Governors with Republican fiscal conservatives. In the special election in New York's 23rd congressional district to replace Rep. John McHugh, who was named secretary of the Army, it now appears to be moving to the Conservative party candidate in the race, Doug Hoffman. If these races go the way the latest polls indicate they are trending, it will be a "watershed" election, the "beginning of the end" of the Democrat's brief time as the majority party in Congress.

I have been predicting for at least 6 months that the Republican's have a good shot at picking up the 40 seats needed in the 2010 congressional-elections to regain control of the House of Representatives. A sweep on Tuesday in the bellwether "off-year" elections would be a good start towards regaining the majority in the House next year.

It's a classic case of the party that was out of power regaining the majority and over-reaching once back in power. Obama tried to change too much the first 6-8 months of his administration, and it appears to have backfired. His smooth campaign rhetoric had reassured voters, but his radical socialist agenda once in office has snapped them back to their senses. Voters are now paying closer attention to Obama's "actions" instead of his words. And they are scared. Scared for our country, it's traditions and our values.

Tuesday they will begin the process of trying to undo the significant damage that socialist Barrack Hussein Obama has done in less than a year in office. It's amazing how much damage the Democrat's have been able to do in such a short amount of time, thanks to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid. But Tuesday is just the beginning. Republicans must produce good candidates next year in the congressional elections and then govern responsibly to regain the public's trust.


  1. I knew we could count on you Fealk ... Always able to see the bright side aren't you !

  2. Dede Scuzz needs to get that "R" removed from after her name. I hear she is now endorsing the democrat

  3. As usual, Bruce weighs in, but is clueless.
    I have been watching this race and Doug Hoffman has been gaining momentum for weeks. He has been recieving contributions from Republicans and conservatives around the country. He has the backing of popular former N.Y. Governor Pataki and former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani.If conservative voters are smart, Scozzafava's endorsement of Owens will help Hoffman, not hurt him. Scozzafava has exposed herself as a phony.
    She was fading fast and dropped out to avoid being embarassed. She wore the "R" label only because the 23rd District is conservative. She was a "RINO" in the true sense of the word. She tried to use the Republican brand to sneak into the House, but got stopped by Doug Hoffman. Real Republican's do NOT support abortion or increased government spending and tax increases.

    The Dem's are headed for a major defeat tomorrow.

  4. Hey Bruce, We'll see who's "wrong" tomorrow won't we. I've been predicting wins for the Conservatives for months, back before most people were.

    Tomorrow is just the pre-curser for next year's congressional elections. The Obama backlash has begun !

  5. Not a major defeat for the democrats but a major victory for conservatives in taking back the party. Doug Hoffman is a republican running on the third party ticket because the liberal republican leadership made a bad decision.
    Far right? He is as far right as the founding fathers of this country, that will only seem far right because of the position one may be standing in, and that would be a position far removed from any where this country was founded on.

  6. Newt mis-calculated on this race. I think he underestimated the fury in the country towards the liberals spend spree. Newt doesn't make many mistakes when endorsing candidates though ... Remember 1994 ?He led the "Republican Revolution" that gained 54 seats in the House of Representatives and re-took both houses of Congress for the first time in 40 yrs.

    I think we are on the verge of something similar. I've been saying that Republicans have a VERY good chance of gaining the 40 seats they need to re-take the majority. The fury over Obama, Pelosi and Reid is building and will sweep the Democrats out of office, including Majority Leader "Prince Harry" Reid !

    Tomorrow is just the beginning, next year will be historic !

  7. Bruce you're in denial my friend.
    Hey, how's the traffic over at your blog ? Do you still have one after being dumped by The Oakland Press ? Too bad, your blog was kinda like the "Air America" talk radio experiment, it went nowhere but down.
    All you can do is try to take others down with you. You are a force for destruction Bruce, face it. That's all you have ever done is try to bring other people down. You're pitiful.

  8. Hey Fealk, you know what I like best about having my blog "independent" of the newspaper ? I can tell you what a low-life loser you are and you can't go running to the editor to protect you.
    Too bad your constant whining to the editors got us both taken down. The liberal online editors tried to protect you but Glenn finally said "enough is enough !" So now you're stuck trying to annoy people on their blogs without the editors to protect you ! Hey, what a shame ... you clown.

    November 1, 2009

    Of course "Republican" Dede Scozzafava endorsed the Democrat in the New York-23 congressional race! When I first got word of her dropping out three days before Tuesday's special election, I knew it was only a matter of time.

    Ten days earlier, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was a guest on my radio show. He was booked to discuss his new historical novel, but I sensed history was unfolding in upstate New York and wanted to hear his justification for endorsing the liberal Scozzafava over her Conservative Party challenger, Doug Hoffman. The Republican National Committee, in typical tin-ear fashion, also supported Scozzafava. During a rather spirited back and forth, Gingrich's main contention was that the people of NY-23 had rejected Hoffman in the primary, and thus his "conservative friends" should support that decision. Yet the "primary" Scozzafava won was determined not by "the people," but by a gaggle of party pooh-bahs who obviously have their heads up their posteriors. Had these people not seen, felt, and heard the spirit of this summer's townhall events? Where were Republican primary voters rallying for a politician like Scozzafava, who is pro-union, pro-abortion, and -- as we've since learned -- pro-Democratic Party? The Republican Party needs warriors ready to fight for conservative principles; and yet Scozzafava couldn't even muster the courage to discuss taxes with a reporter from the Weekly Standard.

    Listeners' reaction to Gingrich was overwhelming. No less than 95 percent of callers and emailers were outraged. For them, the country is already way beyond party affiliation; why fight for the RNC if it no longer represents core conservative values -- like fiscal restraint, individual liberty, and a pro-growth agenda? "If he doesn't want to be part of the solution, he needs to get out of the way," wrote one listener in Kansas . And from a mom of five in Syracuse: "He may be a brilliant thinker and writer, but he's soooo '90s." Ouch.

    President Obama has done something no GOP pol has managed since Ronald Reagan -- he's spurring a reinvigorated conservative movement that transcends party, geography, and its own internal factions. It's now obvious the country didn't move left alongside Obama's ascendancy. The pundits and intellectuals who delivered election night eulogies to conservatism owe the public, and their own credibility, one big mea culpa. Conservatism is the most influential political philosophy of the past 100 years because it's built upon essential truths. Here's to more triumphs of orthodoxy over oscillation.

  10. I almost fell off my chair laughing at the latest Fealk post.

    "I proved to him that it was you..."

    "I consulted with Glenn..."

    "I have the e-mails to back up what I'm saying." This one sounds like the "computer glitch" explanation regarding using his brother's name. Bet the headers will be missing.

    A more appropriate use of "I" for Fealk would be "I picked up the turd by the clean end."

    What a pompous, shameless joke he is.

  11. Craven, Fealk is so oblivious he doesn't even realize his radical, controversial blogs are what got us both thrown off of The Oakland Press blog site, not one comment made by me in response to one of his radical blog topics.

    We were assigned a topic for the week, that week it was the Michigan budget crisis, and I had written 3 blogs on the subject, but Bruce was off writing about some woman who was trying to sue the contractor she worked for in Iraq. Apparently during a night of drinking with her all-male co-workers she had sex with several of them and wanted to claim she was raped.

    I made the mistake of leaving a comment on Bruce's blog (I fell for the bait ... shame on me, I should have known better !)I was trying to point out how ridiculous it was. Why was Fealk even blogging about that when we were supposed to be covering the state budget crisis ? ( He couldn't resist being contoversial I guess ) I said "There probably had not been a 'rape' and this woman was probably just whoring around and now wanted to file a frivolous lawsuit to cash in on the suituation" Well, that's all Fealk needed to go running to the editor to try to get me taken off the blog. But Bruce screwed up and got himself fired also.

    It was almost worth losing that forum to see Fealk lose his blog too ! Now he has nothing better to do than pester other people on their blogs since no one bothers to pay any attention to his (if he even has one ... )

  12. Yeah Bruce, important topics like "college Republicans drinking on Mackinaw Island ..." and blaming Republicans for blocking the "Franken Amendment" which would have allowed the employees of contractors for the government to file lawsuits rather than use an arbitrator, or how about accusing Glen Beck of murder ...

    That's the kind of controversial blogging that got Bruce canned from The Oakland Press. Which reminds me Bruce, would you mind addressing the issue here, not just commenting about yourself constantly ... You seem to be obsessed with yourself Bruce, have you considered seeking counseling ?

  13. Bruce - Brian doesn't have to "recruit" like you do. Remember Bruce, when you had to resort to begging for readers on the Democratic Underground?!!? It was quite a while ago, but I still laugh uncontrollably at that one!! Remember your "HUGE" rally of 35 people? Remember, the Oakland Press, that liberal rag, counted 35 people Bruce! But you said there was, what, 70? ROFLMAO.... Bruce! In your dreams Bruce! Come on man! You are living in la la land dude!

    Anyway, my point is that Brian never recruited me, or as far as I know anyone else. Please don't keep living in your fantasy world where you think you are some great blogger. Anybody can just plagiarize somebody else's blog (Glenn Beck murdered and raped the girl, the one about the Republicans and the "rape" amendment, etc.). Glenn Gilbert even admitted that you plagiarized your stuff all the time. That's got to be a big reason that you go kicked off. I mean, seriously, Glenn Gilbert could just run out and copy a blog and paste it for you, why did they even need you around? For your "Open Letter to President Obama"?! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... what a joke, like PBO is going to be adding you to his blogroll because he gives a crap what Bruce "Epic" Failk has to say! LOL... you are DELUSIONAL.

    Remember that time you thought Holly was a "high-ranking" member of the RNC?!!? ROFLMAO... you are the biggest idiot!! LOL

    Bruce, it's time you tried living in reality. You are just an idiot from Rochester Hills who ran around like an idiot with a paper mache head on. You happened to do it when many people were upset with the direction of the government. You had nothing to do with getting Knollenberg voted out. Knollenberg voting "YES" for the stimulus bill was the nail in his coffin.

    If you think you and your blog, which might be read by two other people (Donald "Never Met a Bong I Didn't Toke" Bortz and Mike "I Like it When Bruce Teabags Me" Smith) at the most, warrant anything more than a fart in your general direction from the RNC, or anyone for that matter, you are beyond delusional. Like Brian suggested, seek some counseling.

  14. Oh, Craven, there was another Bruce classic that I don't think you were here for. You'll have to read some of Brian's older topics, but Bruce followed (stalked) Brian to his new blog location, and then made up a name (George) trying to stir things up, calling Brian a racist, blah blah blah. It was HILARIOUS, because Bruce was sooooo stupid. You have to read it to believe it!! George! LOL.... Bruce, what ever happened to George?! Bring that guy back!

    It was doubly hilarious when I read through some of the old comments on my blog that blasts Bruce, and there was ole George telling me that it was great what I was saying about Bruce. Who does stuff like that?!!? Only the crazy-a$$ed liberals.

    And Brian is right Bruce. You're playing in big-boy town now, Brian doesn't have to pull any punches because you will go whining to Andrew DUPE-ont and Steve "Mommy" Frye and Glenn "Daddy" Gilbert. Mommy and daddy are gone Bruce; they kicked your a$$ to the curb and left you allll alone to play with the big boys! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

  15. John, of course I have mixed emotions about Fealk getting us removed from The Oakland Press blog site, but it IS nice not being tied to Bruce Fealk anymore, and not having a liberal editor like Andy (poor Andy ...)DuPont looking over my shoulder trying to stick up for his soulmate Bruce.
    I just wish Glenn could have seen that Fealk attracted the controversy and created the problems we had. He actually invited it, then ran to the editor when people criticized him. I wonder if Bruce would like to explain why he published the comment he complained to Glenn about, if he was so offended by it ? He had the choice, actually the "responsibility" to reject the comment if he thought it "crossed the line". Could it be that he published it just so he could ask the Editor (again ...) to take me off the blog ? Who was Bruce hoping Glenn would replace me with, a "good" Republican like DeDe Scozzafava ?

  16. BWAAAAAHAHAHA.... hey Joey, did you follow Brucie to his blog? I'll have to increase the count from two to three! ROFLMAO, you guys are pathetic! Always have to come to Brian's blog where the action is, don't you? Nobody is forcing you to blog here Joey! Cheers, dipshit!! LOL

  17. Brian - Kudos on making a blog that even the liberals can't stay away from! Bruce, vomamike, Joey, they love your blog. It's a real testament to the hard work and dedication you put into it.

    I don't know anyone that actively seeks out Bruce Fealk's blog, but Joey, vomamike, and Bruce had to follow you and search and search to find your blog to see what is up! I think that is splendid!

  18. And once again, Joe has no facts to dispute what Brian has written, so he has to resort to calling people names. The liberals will never grow up. Joe - burn another joint, eat a couple of Ding Dongs, and write after you have had a little nappy. The sleep, not the diaper. Cheers! Hmmm.... cheers.... gosh Joey, you aren't quite as friendly, what with the name-calling and such, as you were on Brian's blog on the O.P. What happened Joey, do you need your nappy changed?!

  19. Joey - Did you answer a call for help from Bruce in the Democratic Underground? Or maybe on Craigslist or something? You can tell us Joey, we won't tell anyone else.

    Bruce - Do you have to resort to hiring people to write comments? Feeling a little over-matched Bruce? I don't think you are paying enough if the best you can afford is Joey. Are you paying him a living wage? He doesn't deserve it, but you had better be at least giving him minimum wage!!!


  20. Yeah Joe C, let's hear what all the radical liberal union members have to say about a conservative, that would be something new!

    Joe, did you hear what Bruce's own brother thinks about him? I don't have time to write out all the great things Bruce's own brother says about him. I'll post that later tonight. It's freakin' hilarious!!

  21. Bruce - You were awfully proud of Grayson for calling the private citizen a whore. Vomamike even backed you up on that one.

    As Brian said, if you had a problem with it, why did you post it Bruce? What was your point in posting it, and then complaining to Glenn?

  22. Oh, Bruce, you never did answer my question as to how much money you donated to JLJ? How much did you send in, I would be interested to know!

  23. Rape is obviously wrong Bruce. It was terrible. I hope she gets exactly what is coming to her in terms of reparation.

    How much did you donate Bruce? Oh, I forgot, you are a liberal. You only donate other people's money.

    Got an answer to any of my questions Brucie?! ROFLMAO, of COURSE you don't! Talk about changing the subject! Did I change the subject on you Bruce? It seems to me that you are the little subject changer! After all, this blog topic started off about how How "Tuesday is a Turning Point", and yet here we are talking about RAPE!?! Talk about a subject changer!

    Remember Brucie, I asked you questions and you say they are "irrelevant". Well you should know, you are as irrelevant as they come. And as they say, it takes one to know one!

    So Bruce, if you want to talk rape, why don't you put it on your blog and you can talk about it? You always have to lower it to the lowest level Bruce. How much did you donate Bruce, and Mike, and Joey, you liberals that are so worried about her fund. You were so worried Bruce you posted it twice on your blog, and even once in the Letters to the Editor section (but that was because you realized that nobody reads your blog, but everybody was reading my letter to the editor, right?)

    Pathetic, sad little Brucie!

  24. Bruce - Maybe you should have "George" come in on the blog and change the subject for you, so you don't look like such a hypocrite when you complain about somebody else doing it! HYPOCRITE, thy name is BRUCE!! LOL

  25. Bruce - I have never seen someone so infatuated with rape as you clearly are. As Brian and many others have said, you need to seek out a professional therapist. You are sick in the head, the way you keep bringing this one rape case up. I think you are getting off on reading and thinking about it. Plus you refused to send her any money, sounds to me like you approve of whatever treatment she gets from the rapists and the contractor. You sick-o.

  26. Bruce - Don't think we all fail to notice how you use a lowercase "g" when spelling God's name. And I gave you the benefit of the doubt the first couple of times I saw you do it, but I see now you do it intentionally. You capitalize socialism and communism, and your god Obama, but you don't capitalize God's name? You atheists make me sick. No wonder you love rape so much.

  27. Funny, I don't see where they said that they were going to pull both the blogs because of Brian. Hmmmm...

    Bruce, again, you were under no pressure to post what Brian had written. Neither were you forced to go to Glenn after you had posted it and complain. If you posted Brian's comment, you must have thought it was fine, isn't that right Bruce? There were lots of other people's comments that you didn't post. There were lots of other comments that you went running to Glenn about to make sure it was okay to post.

    Bruce, you are a huge, fat, morbidly obese man, but also hypocrite.

    Glenn got sick and tired of your fat face whining to him all the time Bruce. And once again Bruce, you proved that you aren't worth what you think you are. That goes for your personage as well as your time.

    Remember Bruce, when Brian wrote the article about the rally and the health care town hall, and you bitched and moaned to Glenn Gilbert about it, until they had to let you do something? You are JUST like a little spoiled baby Bruce. Everybody sees it. You are deceiving yourself if you don't.

  28. Curious, isn't it Craven, that the O.P. would want to drop Brian at the drop of the hat, when his blog was pulling in a TON more viewers than Bruce's? How many hits did you have the last month Brucie, 10 or 15?

    Bruce, you and your antics, your plagiarizing, and your inflammatory topics, were not worth the aggravation that you and your hate blog and bloggers gave to Glenn Gilbert. You were a huge black eye, and embarrassment, to the paper. I don't know why they kept you around as long as they did.

    When the O.P. suggested the bloggers stay on their respective sides, you still had to follow Brian over to his and stir things up. Just like you stalked Brian over to his own blog to keep it going even now. You are an ugly little man (mentally, I mean; physically you are morbidly obese and a high risk for heart disease and adult-onset diabetes).

    How is your pathetic little blog going Brucie? I would go to the trouble of finding it, but it's not worth it just to read something that is stolen from snark or fark or whatever crap it is that you steal from.

  29. Bruce, I have yet to see you answer the bottom line question of that post/comment;
    "How do you think the Taliban would have handled her complaint Brucie ?"
    What say you?

  30. Readers/Commenters, I'm afraid I'm going to have to start rejecting most Bruce Fealk comments. The guy is like a cancer, and I'm going to do some "chemo" on Mr. Fealk. Bruce, I tried to let you post here, but you turned it into a food fight, just like you did at the Oakland Press. So any comment from Bruce that is not DIRECTLY related to a blog topic that I have written about, will be rejected, period.

    I'm not going to waste my time and everyone elses with Bruce Fealk's psychotic nonsense. This blog will welcome differing points of view, including liberal comments, but not the kind of taunting and baiting that Bruce Fealk specializes in. People don't read my blog to listen to a psychotic like Bruce Fealk attack conservatives, so Bruce, the party is over.

    Andrew (poor Andrew ...) DuPont can't protect you here Bruce. I will no longer publish any off-topic Bruce Fealk comments "by Bruce" OR "about Bruce", so let's get back to discussing the issues.

  31. Brian - I can't wait for tomorrow when your predictions start coming true! New Jersey is going to be the tough one. Did you see that the Democrats are robo-calling for the 3rd party candidate, to try to swing votes away from the Republican? Those Democrats are the dirtiest bunch of losers I have ever seen. We'll get 'em though! It's funny how HARD the Democrats have to work at it. Here I thought, according to idiots like the Fealkster, that 80% of the world was Democrats? So what would they have to worry about?!?! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... it's scary to think that idiots like the Democrats have their hands on the wheel right now. Where is MADD when you need them?!?

  32. Brian - Will George still be allowed to post comments? BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... GEORGE!! LOL

    GOD that Bruce is STUPID!! Brian, you should write a book about all the stupid things Bruce and the other liberals have written on your blogs. Oh man, that would be hilarious! Although I don't know if it could be believed... for the longest time I thought Chris had made up Bruce to be some crazy caricature of an ultra-radical liberal. I just thought it was impossible for someone to be THAT stupid. But it isn't, Bruce is a REAL guy, that has gotten this far in life by thinking the way he does! I think he should be hooked up to a machine to try to keep his oxygen-starved brain going, but he's apparently out there making it on his own! Good for him I say!!


  33. John, I think you're right, New Jersey (my wife's home-state!) is going to be tough with a 3rd party conservative in the race, and accusationns of absentee voter fraud already being made
    New Jersey has a history of political corruption that is almost as bad as Obama's hometown of Chicago. The thought that Barack Obama's Justice Dept. will be the ones keeping an eye on the ACORN affiliated groups "signing up 'new' voters" in the Garden State does not actually instill confidence in the process ...

  34. Bruce Fealk said..."Republicans lose big in 2010."
    Well, here's the way I see it. Starting tomorrow,where McDonnell wins big in Virginia, Hoffman , the only conservative in a 3-way race, wins in NY-23, and Christie probably pulls out the win in corrupt New Jersey, even with ACORN and it's associated groups flooding the state with "volunteers" to "help" with Corzine's race ...
    Gee, it's a good thing we have Obama's Justice Dept. to keep an eye on voter fraud in Jersey, eh ?
    Then the race starts for 2010, where I'm predicting the Republicans pick up right around the 40 seats they need to retake the majority in the House, and they pick up 5-6 Senate seats, including the seat of Senate Majority Leader Harry (Prince Harry) Reid from Nevada.
    That wouldn't exactly be "losing big in 2010" would it ...? I guess we'll see next year, huh ?

  35. Here's the way I would characterize what happened in NY-23. The Republicans, REAL Republicans that is, feel that they are being inclusive by including "conservatives". Conservatives had felt that they were being marginalized, and it would appear they were right if you just look at the race.

    Doug Hoffman, a conservative, had to run as ... a candidate of The Conservative Party. The Republican Party had backed a candidate who supported abortion, pro-union card check, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Stimulus Pkg., and a host of liberal positions that conservatives DO NOT, AND SHOULD NOT, support ! DeDe Scozzafava proved she was actually a liberal Democrat after dropping out by endorsing Bill Owens, the Democrat !

    So the liberal media is mis-characterizing the battle in NY-23 when they try to tell voters that "the right-wing" has taken over the Republican Party". Hell, they are just trying to expand the party so they are included !

  36. Bruce how much pot did you smoke in your youth? It seems to me that the only people that think like you are the pot heads of yesteryear.

  37. Brian, sorry if I pushed it a bit far yesterday. I get a kick out of taking Bruce's own posts and pointing out his deception. Kind of like catching your kid in a lie, and he makes up another one to cover. Ultimately he will forget details of his original story.

  38. Craven, Your comments are usually excellent, I just want to return the blog to talking about the issues. Bruce Fealk ruined the blogs when they were in The Oakland Press, and I won't let that happen again. So keep the comments coming, we'll just focus on the issues, not Bruce !

  39. It looks like Rob McDonnell is going to win in a landslide in Virginia !
    If Chris Christie wins in Jersey and Doug Hoffman wins as expected in N.Y.-23, the Democrat party will have a preview of what is coming their way next year in the 2010 congressional elections ! I'm calling it the "Obama backlash" ...

    The House Republicans look poised to throw Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker's office. It may be time to turn over the gavel Nancy.

  40. Hey, Brian, a little premature about throwing Pelosi out of the speaker's office. A Democrat in the NY-23 for the first time since the civil war. Epic fail for Republicans.

    I don't know if you paid attention, a far left liberal won in the seat vacated by Ellen Tauscher in California.

    I guess you tea partiers, Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Dick Armey, aren't as powerful as you though.

  41. Actually Bruce, it is all over the news about what an "epic fail" (nice, now you are stealing my phrases Bruce? I never heard you use that before. I guess I made it cool) it is for Obama and the Dems to lose the two governorships.

    I could barely find anything about the NY23 race. The main thing is that the RNC is listening to the people. They will think twice before they run another RINO. The Republicans were turning into a branch of the Democrats. It's funny, because you always say how "out of touch" the Republican Party is/was. When the Republicans fight with the party to get less liberal (aka, out-of touch) candidates, they had better pay attention.

    By the way Bruce, what do you think of Blue Dog Democrats? Those guys seem to me to be the Democrats' version of RINO's. I don't suppose the Blue Dogs have ever upset you. A D after the name means you have to vote for them, after all you have to go along with whatever your party tells you to do. Suckers.

    Oh, as for the California race, was that one even in dispute?! It's California, home of Pelosi, no shit the elected a far left liberal. I don't get your point there. Just because Obama was elected and is epically failing doesn't mean that idiots like you aren't blindly following him and believing that everything he is doing is great. Idiots.

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. John, I don't believe everything Obama is doing is great. In fact, he's lost a lot of enthusiasm of his base by trying to get Republicans on board.

    Personally, I wish he'd stop trying to get any Republican votes on legislation. All the Republicans do is say no to everything. The health care bill that Boner introduced was a joke.

    But your Conservative candidate lost, John, in a district that has been Republican since the Civil War.

    You are right, the California seat has been a Democratic seat for a long time. What is different this time is that there was a primary and the far left candidate, the one that is in favor of single-payer health care, won the nomination and the election.

    Losing the governorship is hard, especially in New Jersey, but it wasn't about Obama or his policies. Corzine was behind by 20 points before President Obama came in to help out. Creigh Deeds ran to the center as a Democrat, instead of being a real Democrat and representing real Democratic values and he didn't ask for or get President Obama's help.

    Anyway, an interesting night, for sure.

    Gee, John, I got through a whole post without calling you a name. I wonder if you can do the same when responding to me. I doubt it.

  44. John, as for Blue Dogs and people like Joe Lieberman, they upset me a lot and I hope that most of them get primary challengers.

    I want real Democrats representing real Democratic principles, I guess as much as you want Tea Party Conservatives representing your values, even though your values are only held by less than 20% of America.

    I would vote for a Blue Dog over a Republican, but I'd do it holding my nose.

  45. John, I removed your post about gay marriage ... please stick to the issue. You make great points, just do it without the excessive name calling. I'm removing ALL posts that taunt or bait from now on. I'm trying to increase readership, and people have to be able to take this blog seriously.

  46. Bruce - I heard on NPR this morning that the losses of governorship was a rebuke of President Obama. I guess I don't listen to the ultra-liberal places where you get your information. Or MAYBE you are just making it up, or misconstruing some information, just like that 20% figure that you like to throw around (as George)? If only 20% identify as Republicans, what is the % that identify as Democrats Brucie? That's a figure you conveniently always leave out... hmmm... and feel free to leave a link to your "research" so we can all check out where you are getting your numbers. It's all part of that "transparency" that Obama promised but will not deliver, now or ever.

    Why is that health bill by Boehner (pronounce BAY-ner, Bruce) a joke? What is wrong with it? And let me save you the trouble, you will complain about the "pre-existing conditions" part. But even NPR said last night that if that is in there, you have to have a mandate, and that is unconstitutional.

    As for your dislike of Obama, please don't blame it on him trying to work with Republicans. Let me know when he has ever done it. Many Republican Senators have tried his "open door" policy, only to be met with a closed door. Obama is a typical Chicago politician, saying one thing and doing the opposite. The Democrats rammed, and are continuing to ram, their health care bill through without any input from Republicans. Otherwise, wouldn't the two proposals, Dem and Republican, at least look a little similar?! Bruce, you're starting to believe your own B.S.; talk about delusional.

  47. John, the Boner health care bill is just a rehash of some old ideas that play to the Republican base, such as tort reform and being able to buy insurance across state lines. And you're right, it doesn't address excluding people for pre-existing conditions.

    It doesn't address the real problems in covering every American.

    President Obama has made a lot of efforts to reach across the aisle and what has it gotten him? A few votes on the stimulus bill and those Republicans that voted with the Democrats on that have paid a heavy price with their base.

    I contend that the losses in NJ and VA have very little to do with President Obama's policies. There were exit polls yesterday that showed that about 60% of the voters in each state said that President Obama did NOT influence their vote at all and it was about evenly split among the people that said it did affect their vote among the remaining voters between those that said their vote was a vote in support of or against President Obama's policies.

    The Republicans have no ideas, except to say no, unless you count the pathetic Boner health care bill.

  48. I forgot a link for you, John.

  49. Yeah, Bruce, that poll that is referenced in the article states, and I QUOTE: "Only 20 percent of adults identify themselves as Republicans... 33 percent call themselves Democrats."

    So, as I have said many many many times to you and your alias George, That is only 53% (20% Republicans, 33% Democrats). I am now completely justified to call you either A) A Liar/obfuscationist, or B) and idiot.

    I pick C) All of the above. Idiot liar.

  50. Yes, Bruce, the Republican's plan is a amalgam of ideas, many of which made it out of the Chamber, but were rejected by the DEMOCRATIC Senate. Don't believe me? It was on NPR this morning. Even NPR is calling out the Democrats, what is this world coming to!?! Gosh, who would think, the Democrats blocking legislation that doesn't make government bigger, but instead makes health insurance more affordable. Yes indeed Bruce, they are the party of no: No new/higher taxes, no big government, no government intrusion, no infringing on the Constitution...

    Name one program that the Democrats have made less expensive or more efficient Bruce. If you think the Pelosi/Reid debacle will be any different... well you do, so you are and always will be, an idiot.

  51. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 28% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -13. That’s just one point above the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for this President.

    Republicans continue to hold a modest advantage on the Generic Congressional Ballot.

    Overall, 48% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove.

    The number who blame Obama’s policies for the nation’s economic woes has grown to 45%, the highest level yet. Confidence in the War on Terror has fallen to the lowest level in three years. Just 34% now believe the U.S. and its allies are winning, down from 62% earlier in the year.

    Following release of the House health care plan by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 42% of voters now support the Congressional effort while 54% are opposed.

    Fifteen percent (15%) say that (THE DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED) Congress is doing a good or an excellent job while 53% rate Congressional performance as poor.

    Keep up the good work Democrats!! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  52. Oops, forgot this one: In October, 37.8% of American adults considered themselves to be Democrats while 31.9% are Republicans.

  53. John, here's the problem with your "logic." When you ask the question about Congress, you are really asking about Democrats and Republicans and whether the Congress as a whole is getting anything done.

    When you just ask about Democrats, the rating doubles.

    Third, a lot of Democrats are frustrated that Congress isn't moving faster, so there are a lot of Democrats that don't approve of the Democrats in Congress because they're not moving fast enough, but do support their agenda.

  54. Bruce - YOUR logic is flawed. I checked your link; approval of Dems in Congress 38%, disapproval 59%. Approval of Repub. 33%, disapprove 66%. How is this doubling the ratings?!?

    ALL of Congress is doing a lousy job, but they should NOT be moving fast, unless it is moving fast to get their fingers out of everybody's pie.

    Also, please note that the Republicans are leading in Generic Congressional Ballot, and have been for quite a while.

    Thanks for the link anyway! You're learning, or at least finally making an effort to present evidence and facts.

  55. Bruce, Democrat Michael R. McNulty represented NY-23 from 1989-1993.
    But it sounds better when you say the first time since the Civil War, doesn't it? Do you know when the Civil War ended Bruce? Does, the place where you get all your talking points from, know?

    Why must you embarrass yourself day after day? It almost seems like you get off on being exposed as a fool.

  56. John, I don't put any weight at all in the generic Congressional Ballot.

    Name one thing Republicans have done in this Congress. Name one positive idea for America.

    I'm looking forward to the coming blood bath between "conservatives" and Republicans.

    If NY 23 is any barometer, it's going to be fun to watch Republicans eat their own.

  57. Bruce the Republicans will stand up and notice us conservatives or we will find another party. Just look at what is happening to the Blue Dog Democrats and the libs. Talk about a political war or spliting of a party. Conservatives are demanding a voice and we will get it. We are the 40% of Americans while you are the 20% that are liberal. The moderates are center right also and they make up 39%. You libs are getting taken over by the real people in power. Enjoy the ride Bruce as we sure as hell will.

  58. Bleeding heart liberals like Bruce Fealk are "whistling past the graveyard" when they tell themselves stuff like Bruce said ..."If NY 23 is any barometer, it's going to be fun to watch Republicans eat their own."

    I can't wait to see voters flock to the polls next November to throw the liberal Democrats out. Hand over the gavel Nancy, your spending spree is OVER !

  59. Chris, your lack of political acuity is astounding.

  60. Oh, Brian, I forgot to tell you, I'm on George Soros' super secret liberal mailing list. His purchase of Ford stock. He intends to become the largest single holder of Ford stock and he wants to eventually sell Ford to the government so that President Obama can indeed own his own car company.

    First, though, he's going to purge all the conservatives at the company and send them to Guantanamo for reprogramming.

    I do hope you're the first to be reprogrammed.