Sunday, November 8, 2009

Republicans must continue to stand for "personal responsibility"

I remember when I was young, asking my parents what the difference was between Republicans and Democrats. I was given a simplistic, and I would realize later, inaccurate answer that Republicans "were for the wealthy" and Democrats "were for the working man". It was very obvious to me, even as a kid, that we were not wealthy, so I just assumed "we must be Democrats ...". But I also remember my Dad and Grandfather talking about various politicians and saying that they "voted for the man, not the party". My Grandfather (on my dad's side) was a conservative, and he told me he had voted for many Democrats that were conservative.

But I didn't pay much attention to politics during or immediately after High School, and I was pretty much unaware of what my "political views" were, until I enlisted in the Army when I was 22. At that point I began paying much more attention to things that were important to being successful, setting my priorities, and being more responsible. The experience of serving in the military really made me grow up and take responsibility for my behaviour, which up until then I had not been doing.

While in the Army, I voted for the first time in the Presidential election of 1984, when Ronald Reagan was running for re-election. Reagan was largely responsible for helping rebuild our armed forces and restoring our country's pride in our military. I was proud to have served in the military with Reagan as my Commander-in-Chief, and that experience shaped and influenced my future political beliefs. I now also consider my conservative belief that every person must take personal responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences of their choices, to be a primary reason why I usually vote Republican.

When someone asks me "Are you a Republican ?", I usually answer "No, I'm a conservative, but I usually vote Republican". I don't want the Republican Party to think they can take my vote for granted. They have to continue to earn my support. I am a believer in a strong national defense and I am a fiscal conservative. I also believe that there should be a "moral element" to political leadership. The conservative belief in personal responsibility is probably the biggest difference between Republicans and the liberals in the Democrat party, and one of the most important.


  1. Brian?

    I can totally believe "personal responsibility",but to place Bushs pic at the top? Bad editorialim to be sure,he caved after his 1st term -no responsibility there.

    Gingrich at all? He endorsed Dimwit (rino) Skuzzforever in NY-23 -no responsibility there.

    Reagan you place in the middle???? Again,bad editorialism! Like I was reminded of not too long ago,a picture is worth a 1,000 word's but so to is it's placement due to the title.

  2. Oh, boy, I can just sit back and watch you guys fight, just like in NY-23. Have fun, boys.

  3. Christopher, I'm starting to worry about you ... Do you even understand what the term "personal responsibility" means, and why the Republicans stand for it and the Democrats don't ?
    I'll give you a hint. Look at the Republican Health care reform bill compared to the Democrat's ... The Republican's emphasize "personal responsibility", the Democrat's plan is socialism built on wealth redistribution.

    This country was founded on the principles of self-sufficiency; Liberty, freedom, entrepeneurialism etc. The Democrats believe in Socialist principles; Statism, Collectivism and reliance on the government.

  4. Brian, Of course I do. I question why YOU included G.W.,he campaigned as a conservative yet basically governed as a RINO - that is not a good example of 'personal responsibility'.

    Again Gingrich,claims conservatism yet backed Scozzafava (sp?)in NY-23 - that too is hardly a good example of 'personal responsibility'.

    Along with being personaly responsible,one must remain consistent or they run the risk of wearing the label the liberals wear-hypocrite.

  5. Brian,
    A couple more thoughts,if as you say you are "starting to worry about you" just take a moment to see my blog,it will put those worries to rest.

    And the person who said this is a "fight",WRONG,you liberals love fights. This is referred to as healthy DEBATE.Get a clue already.

  6. Brian, the Republican "health care plan" doesn't help anyone.

    Republicans are learning an unpleasant lesson this morning: The only thing worse than having no health-care reform plan is releasing a bad one, getting thrashed by CBO and making the House Democrats look good in comparison.

    Late last night, the Congressional Budget Office released its initial analysis of the health-care reform plan that Republican Minority Leader John Boehner offered as a substitute to the Democratic legislation. CBO begins with the baseline estimate that 17 percent of legal, non-elderly residents won't have health-care insurance in 2010. In 2019, after 10 years of the Republican plan, CBO estimates that ...17 percent of legal, non-elderly residents won't have health-care insurance. The Republican alternative will have helped 3 million people secure coverage, which is barely keeping up with population growth. Compare that to the Democratic bill, which covers 36 million more people and cuts the uninsured population to 4 percent.

    But maybe, you say, the Republican bill does a really good job cutting costs. According to CBO, the GOP's alternative will shave $68 billion off the deficit in the next 10 years. The Democrats, CBO says, will slice $104 billion off the deficit.

  7. You say tomatoes, I say tomahtos. Fight, debate, sounds like the same thing to me. It's whatever happened in NY-23, good health debate that will keep Republicans out of government, where they belong.

  8. Failk might want to take a look at Chris' blog, where is attacking Obama on Afghanistan and House Dems on voting against government takeover of health care. Good healthy debate, eh Bruce?!?! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA.... let those idiot organizations cannibalize each other and the conservatives will just step into the seats! LOL, and what is Failk going to do now that MoveOn's marching orders and talking points are different from Obamanations?!? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

  9. Failk - Do you still believe in Santa Claus and/or the Easter Bunny? Name ONE government program that has cost LESS than originally estimated. Until you name that, you can't comment any more about how the government takeover of health care will save ANYONE one thin dime.

    As for the CBO, they are talking about the government deficit. They don't take into account how much Americans will be hit with taxes, such as being FORCED to buy health insurance (including healthy young adults that do NOT need it), or how government involvement will actually RAISE the cost of health care.

    The Republican's plan offers solutions that cost NOTHING to the taxpayers, and simply reduce the market distortions, caused by government, that are making health care cost more.

    Americans will as a whole pay LESS for their insurance, and costs will go down, making it more affordable for more people. Those who do not want it do not have to buy it. There is also a pool for those with pre-existing conditions, so Bruce you can get your brain-damage checked out.

    Democrats want to spend over 2 trillion dollars to cover about 15 million people.

    Bruce, how about those cuts to Medicare that are in the House and Senate bills? That sounds like a great idea to me! Too bad they were supposed to make cuts the last few years, but they never do. And they won't this time either. Plus, that snake Stabenow passed separate legislation that the CBO did NOT take into account which eliminates the cuts in the House plan that were supposed to save all that money. Democrats are liars, and their legislation proves it. Their plan is a huge boondoggle. If you believe that plan will save money or cut costs, you probably still believe in Santa Claus.

    It cracked me up to no end when Pelosi compared the government take over of health care plan to Social Security and Medicare. Two other EPIC FAILURE Democrat legislations that are destroying our economy, and are doomed to default, unless (you guessed it!) huge tax increases are implemented. What a huge JOKE! Does Pelosi even know WTF she is saying any more?!?

  10. Brian I just picket up my new FORD Focus today. I feels so good knowing I'm helping our local economy by buying a true American car. Keep building great cars Brian. I told my friends at the dealer about you and your blog as well as the magnets for the cars. Bruce are you bullshiting over here too? Bruce what would you do without telling you what to say and think? You are the strawman of the blogs.

  11. John, ask the people that are on Social Security and Medicare if they are failures. Then get back to me. Okay?

    Do you only judge a government program on whether it comes in on budget? I dont. However, it only makes sense since Social Security and Medicare's costs go up over time because as Americans age more people are on SS and Medicare.

    There is a funding issue, but I judge if the programs work based on the intent of the legislation. On that basis, both programs are extraordinary successes, and how you know, John, is that no politician, Democrat or Republican, would dare take away either program.

    George W. Bush did try to privatize SS, but can you imagine that what would have happened if he'd succeeded, millions of seniors private accounts wiped out and millions of seniors on the streets, homeless. Since you're big on personal responsibility, I'm sure your attitude would, tough. They were bad with their investments.

  12. Chris, that's why this is a great country, we have FREEDOM to choose whatever vehicle we want. Ford makes some good cars, no doubt and the workers deserve a good contract.

    There aren't any Ford executives on the line.

    I don't know what your obsession is with MoveOn. I suspect it's like your ACORN fetish, but I have great respect for MoveOn as an organization with its 5 million members.

    Do you get your talking points from Americans for Prosperity and Freedomworks? It sure sounds like it.

  13. Bruce - Thank you for your insistence on proving how truly dumb you are.

    First of all, you admit that the government has never gotten their budgeting any where near correct. So the government takeover of health care will be no different.

    Seniors wiped out and homeless?! Are you out of your mind? Oh, wait, I know the answer to that too. Well Bruce, I suppose you are, or are planning on, living off of whatever stipend you get from the SS ponzi scheme? You didn't invest in the market because that is capitalism and Michael Moore has told you that capitalism is BAD (even though he owns shares in Haliburton, etc).

    So investing in the stock market is fine for you and Michael Moore, but not for others who wish to do as they please with their money? Where I'm from that is called "hypocrisy".

    I suppose before SS and Medicare people were DYING IN THE STREETS and senior citizens were being WIPED OUT?! You are out of your mind.

    As I said before, Medicare and SS are ponzi schemes. Everyone knows it. There was supposed to be a "fund" that people paid into for SS. There is no fund, idiot Bruce. There is only fraud and abuse and a system that will collapse very very soon. That is what the government does. Fails. And you LOVE it, you can't get ENOUGH of it.

    Just think what would you could have done with the $$ taken from your paycheck for Medicare (the biggest rejector of claims, by the way, even bigger than your beloved CIGNA) and SS, if invested. By the way, my 401K took a dip, but it is right back up there. How about yours?


    What a hypocrite and liar you are Bruce!

    As a final note, there used to be a lot more societal safety nets, but the government doesn't like churches providing help, the government wants a monopoly on giving assistance because "they know best". So the gov is doing their best to destroy all safety nets so they are the only game in town, and people have to depend on them. How does it feel, Bruce, to be a ward of the state? You LOOK like a sucker, do you FEEL like a sucker?

  14. Bruce, I am interested, since you are a proven habitual liar (some would even say you are addicted to lying), where do you get your 5 million number?

  15. Brian, this is from A Conservative Teacher (

    I know Bruce is all for Goldman Sachs getting H1N1 vaccinations before senior citizens and children, but I find something very wrong with it. A Conservative Teacher discusses it in the broader sense:

    Good Intentions Will Lead Us to Tyranny

    In Tyranny: Healthcare Reform Threat to Life, Liberty, and Property I wrote:

    Freedom and liberty are precious in this world, and are now under attack, not by evil people who seek your harm, but by people who through good intentions and intellectual reasoning would lead us into tyranny.

    This point often goes unremarked on, but it is an important one. The people who are pushing for healthcare reform are decent people. They really feel that by the government controlling larger and larger parts of society, the world will be a better place. My Congressman, who likely will vote for Obamacare, is a good guy- a veteran, well-educated, and a decent person. Democrats and liberals are not bad people- they are just wrong.

    Our founding fathers understood that the best way to insure the protection of our life, our liberty, and our property was to create a limited government. If government became unlimited, and could do whatever it felt like it wanted to do, then pressure would now exist for it to act in a tyrannical manner. Not because of evil people- it's not like we have evil dictators here- but because that is the nature of an unlimited government.

    For example, a story broken by Business Week reports that earlier this week, a number of politically connected companies such as Citigroup and Goldman Sachs received quantities of the H1N1 vaccine to provide to their employees who belong to high-risk groups. The author of the blog Bible, Math, Politics and More! saw this story and realized something- that when the government is in charge of distributing healthcare, pressure will exist to do so in a corrupt and tyrannical manner, not because of evil intent, but because this is what happens when government is in charge of distributing goods and services.

    There will be times when the demand for a healthcare supply or service will exceed the demand. Some will obtain the supply or service; others, for whatever reason, will not. Those who are "in the know" or have connections will be more likely to receive it; others will not. Furthermore, it is likely that some will not only be "in the know" but will be able to circumvent whatever bureaucratic-nightmare procurement process will be in place.

    You may not be near the front of the line. You may not even be told where the line is. You may see others obtain healthcare while you or your loved ones do not. You may not be able to do anything about it.

    And you will start to wonder how similar this is to the Soviet Union of the 1970's and 1980's.
    This is why you should oppose the Democrat's plans for healthcare, and for that matter, their plans for energy, transportation, taxes, and whatever else they want to do. Do not oppose Democrats and fight against them in elections because they are bad people- do it because they are wrong, and their policies are wrong, and their beliefs and intentions will lead our nation to a tyranny that resembles Soviet Russia more than United States of America.

  16. John, I don't know why you insist in putting words in my mouth.

    No, I'm not for Goldman, Sach employees getting vaccinated before other people. That's just plain wrong, so I guess we agree, huh, John.

    As far as the rest of the post, The Conservative Teacher is full of shit.

  17. Mm mm mm, that's some harsh language Bruce. Why do you say A.C.T. is full of it? Please point out the problems with it Bruce, as I so ably do to your B.S.

    Or has not given you your talking points yet?

  18. What about my other comments Brucie? No response? It must be embarrassing to come from an ideology that makes no sense. Bruce, everyone can see who is full of it, and it isn't A.C.T.

    Democrats - EPIC FAIL. Liberals - EPIC FAIL. Bruce "Epic" Failk - EPIC FAIL.

  19. John, the 5 million comes from's website.

    "Join more than 5,000,000 members online, get instant action updates and make a difference."

  20. Yeah, Bruce, I know it does. It comes from this article, where the title claims 5 million, and then directly below it claims 4.2 million. You are all a bunch of liars. You lie so much, you can't even go one sentence without distorting or flat out lying, even when you write the article!!!


    Bruce, what did you ask Santa to give you for Christmas? I hope it was a brain Scarecrow. Lord you are stupid.

    MoveOn: 10 years old, 5 million strong

    It's been an amazing 10 years, and we're stronger than ever--4.2 million members as of today. We've prepared an interactive photo timeline that captures so many of the memories we've shared together. Thanks for all you do.

  21. Brian has 8 full-time followers of his blog, but according to we can round that up to a million. CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN! Wow, one million viewers!!! That's AWESOME!!

    Bruce, however, still only has two.

  22. John, Thanks for providing some "radiation treatment" to the cancer trying to infect this blog (AKA Bruce Fealk ...)

  23. John, it could simply be one part of the web site got updated and another didn't.

    Talk about a cancer, the Tea Party is a cancer on the Republican party. I think it's going to kill the Republican party all together. No great loss.

  24. Chris, thanks for buying a Ford. This liberal Ford worker is glad that you bought a car that our transmission goes into. Brian doesn't make a part that goes into that car so no need to suggest he makes great cars.

    whats up with both John and christohper doing the BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA thing??? Some strange homoerotic right wing thing or might they just write exceedingly alike? Very alike.

    But back to the blog. i can understand the Reagan fetish that Brian and other right leaners have, but Newt and W? first off, if your aware of W's history he showed no sense of personal responsibilty in his life. Bailed out of failing investments by rich family friends. A bad military record (the real parts) and even his joining the Texas rangers wasn't his own.

    And for Newt, a three time adulterer who served his wife with divorce papers while she underwent chemotherapy for cancer. Is this the type of people you espouse as your idols Brian?

    Comeon your showing your real colors as a demagogue in your blog. By the way hows that re-vote petition going?

  25. Typical of Joey, and every liberal idiot since ever. Can't dispute the facts that are presented, so he has to attack personally.

    Joey, maybe you shouldn't be so sensitive to homosexuality if you want to continue to call yourself a liberal. You liberals are supposed to be so accepting, but it sounds to me like you are quite afraid of, or at least belittling, the homosexuals. Perhaps it is projection?

    I hope Obama's hate crime legislation targets bigots like you Joey. We don't need hateful hate-mongers like you attacking homosexuals. They are humans too Joey.

  26. Wow, that was pretty stupid what you said about which parts you made. Are you saying that Brian's plant doesn't make quality parts, but yours does? You lost me in your comment of hate Joey. That was a really dumb thing to say. But quite narcissistic, which doesn't surprise me in the least. Nobody can make a quality part like Joey. If only every worker was as great as Joey, the world sure would be a real heaven on earth.

    Hey Joey, not everybody can live up to John Edward's high level of standards (since you are on the topic of adulterous people whose wives have/had cancer). Those in glass houses and all that Joey.

  27. John,
    Your ignorance is atsounding. I didn't say he doesn't make good parts did i? I said his plant doesn't make parts to that car, which Chris said he bought. Brian doesn't make parts for the focus. the sterling plant and the very machine he works on makes Rearends. I know i worked on the same machines 10 year ago. Thus no need to thank him for a car he had no part in. Next time i won't be literal, so you can assume all you want and be wrong again.

    As for John Edwards, he's a douchebag, but we are not talking about my writings, we're talking about Brians and his use of Newt on the blog. If i choose to espouse something like he did and used John Edwards then i would be wrong too.

    Finally my name isn't Joey, as your isn't johnny, jacky or whatever...its joe. Why the need to stoop to that level? Do you feel that inferior that you have to try to use a diminutive on me to make yourself seem older, more mature and thus right? Grow up.

  28. Stoop to that level? You mean like writing "Some strange homoerotic right wing thing"? Joey, you already stooped to that level. You are the biggest stoop around JOEY. But if it makes YOU feel all big and grown-up to insinuate someone is homosexual (and thereby demonstrate your hatred of homosexuals) well go for it big Joe.

    You might want to chill out too, before you blow a blood vessel. You bring to mind the staff sergeant on "Sripes"; "lighten up FRANCIS."

    You said yourself Joey "no need to suggest he makes great cars." Why are you even commenting on this Joey? It sure sounds to me like you are taking a shot at Brian. How else is anyone supposed to interpret your genius prose?

    What did Brian espouse that prohibits his use of Gingrich's photo Joey? You liberals always make everything so personal. Are you saying that what Gingrich decided to do personally has a bearing on the military? You liberals hold up the biggest bunch of hypocrites as your heroes: Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Obama himself. All a bunch of lying hypocrites.

    Joey, again, you make everything so personal with your personal attacks. Why can't you ever address the actual issues that are brought up? Or the questions that people ask? You and Bruce are like pea-brains in a pod. Drop in with your lies and your personal attacks and then cry and whine when you get your little mitt slapped.

  29. Joey - By the way, if you want a bunch of sycophants to echo your hate and lies, I hear there is plenty of room to comment over on Bruce's blog. You might get too worked up over here on Brian's blog, where people might actually challenge what you write, rather than buy it hook, line and sinker like you liberals do.

  30. Bruce said: "John, it could simply be one part of the web site got updated and another didn't."

    Bruce, it could also "simply be that you are a bunch of liars". In fact, I find that more credible than your trying to blame it on the webmaster.

    Bruce, the article title and accompanying description is right on the front page of You would think that 5 million, or 4.2 million, or even twenty people, would have caught it. But you are too busy believing the hype. You will regurgitate whatever MoveOn tells you. You are a big fat bunch of liars.

  31. John,
    JoeC is part of a group of guys at my plant that think it was a good idea to tell Ford to send the new work they were going to give us, to a non-union shop in North Carolina Thanks Joe, you're a real genius.
    The company wants to get our skilled trades to work in "teams", which would allow them to combine some job classifications and save a significant amount of money. Guys like JoeC don't want that to happen, which is why he has a chip on his shoulder.
    It took us years to realize that we needed to find a way to get our labor costs down to compete with the "transplants", and I want to see Ford stay cost-competitive with GM and Chrysler / Fiat, but if JoeC gets his way we won't. He would rather see the work go out of state, or out of the country.

  32. John, for your information, I saw the discrepancy you were talking about and have brought it to the attention of MoveOn's web people. Hopefully the discrepancy will be dealt with soon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  33. Brian -

    I thought it was humorous when Bruce said "Chris, that's why this is a great country, we have FREEDOM to choose whatever vehicle we want."

    Soon Ford will be the only company that truly gives us the freedom to choose whatever vehicle we want, because they were able to resist a government takeover. But the brain-trust that voted down that contract modification even wants to sink Ford. The government will sneak their way in one way or the other. My hat is off to you in trying to fight the stupidity that is the entitlement ideology.

    SUV's, pickups, etc are great sellers for many reasons, but if the government has their way the only cars that GM and Chrysler will build will be tiny electric cars, etc. There are many reasons that nobody buys those cars (unless you are a radical-liberal holier-than-thou idiot). But the "Gov" is going to make sure that is the only car you can buy. Some freedom of choice. Bruce once again assumes that a government mandate is free choice.

    Joey, don't worry, you will still be able to sit on your fat a$$ even as a member of a skilled trades team. I remember when I was a S.T. supervisor at Ford; you had to pull teeth to get people like Joey to do anything. But people like him would be first in line when the paychecks were handed out. Even then, they didn't realize that their best interest laid in getting steel out the door. They were more concerned about 1/10th of an hour and sticking it to someone who they perceived had wronged them. Petty and childish. It shines through in his comments too.

    My dad was a skilled tradesman (pipefitter) and a damned good one. By the time he retired he was sick to death of the union and their shenanigans.... I could write a book about the things he told me about the corrupt union. He would be doubly disappointed in the things they do now.

  34. LOL, you're welcome Brucie! Whatever I can do to help you liberals tell the truth for ONCE. Still, it's strangely reminiscent of when Obama said there were 30 million uninsured and Gary Peters, on the same day in writing said there were more than 45 million Americans uninsured. Maybe you can let me know which one of those distinguished gentlemen were lying too Bruce?

    Feel free to point out if I am ever wrong; I know you are itching at the chance, but I'm afraid you are going to be left disappointed.

  35. Oh, come on, John. The two pieces of information were probably just an oversight. Does everything have to be like this with you.

    I gave you the reason why the numbers were different between 30 and 45 million, but you chose to ignore the information. Neither one was lying, John.

    You are wrong so often, John, I don't have the time or the inclination to point out every time you are wrong or lie.

  36. JoeC why does it always go to being gay with you? Even when you were on the MD you would get all into the gay talk.

  37. Oversight my A$$ Bruce. Weren't you the one that was playing up the discrepancy on the Tea Party protest count in Washington D.C.? Sure Bruce, when your precious MoveOn fiddles with numbers it's an "oversight". Sounds like a pretty lame organization if they can't even get that little bit right. It's their OWN STORY for God's sake!

    Bruce, you never ever gave me a reason for the discrepancy between the 30 and 45 million. Please feel free to do it now. What information that YOU gave me did I ignore Bruce?

    Either you Democrats/Liberals are the biggest bunch of liars I have ever seen, or the most incompetent. Either way, you should not be in charge of ordering food at McDonald's, let alone writing legislation that affects America or its citizens. Buncha lying morons.

    And apparently you have never had the time or the inclination to point out one single time I was wrong, or you would have done it and done it with glee. Don't kid yourself Bruce, because you certainly aren't fooling anyone else.

    Prove me wrong Bruce, just once, I dare you! You have plenty of time to write replies, you should have no problem finding the time to prove me wrong.

  38. John you're awesome. Bruce Fealk is defenseless when you pick apart his arguments ... Keep up the good work ! Readers/commenters like you make this an interesting blog to follow.

    I wish vomamike would show his face once in awhile. At least he was a respectable liberal. Bruce is so far left you can't even have a debate with him ...

  39. John, I gave you information from the White House web site explaining the difference between 30 and 45 million a long time ago. I guess you chose to ignore it.

    As far as you're being wrong, I will start keeping track. I'm not going back through every post you've made to point out your lies and mistakes.

    The discrepancy of the number of people at the 9/12 rally in D.C. was a major one though. The organizers were saying there were 1-2 million people, when reliable sources put the number at 60-70,000 people, talk about a disrepancy or lie, which ever you want to call it, that's a whopper in my book, John.

    So, if you used the 1-2 million people, I'd say that's lie number one.

  40. John, Holly used to be Bruce's nemesis, now you wear that title. It really bothers Mr. Fealk when someone actually checks out his claims and references, then disproves them one by one ... it ruins his whole charade. Bruce is the King of misrepresenting facts.

  41. Bruce - Give me the information "again". I ignore nothing. You know you refused to address the discrepancy. You had time to reply back, if you know right where to find it on your propaganda White House website you should have no trouble finding it "again". Bring it on idiot.

    I never said how many people were at the rally. But see how hypocritical you are idiot? You poo poo when overstates their numbers by almost one million people in THEIR OWN ARTICLE, when they can EASILY count how many members they have, but if news organizations who are trying to do an average group count over a large piece of land miscount, you get all bent out of shape. You are the biggest HYPOCRITE and have exposed yourself as such so many times that I MYSELF should be the one complaining about how many times I have to expose YOU. You are the biggest LIAR and HYPOCRITE I have EVER seen. That is NO lie.

    So anyway LIAR, you are still on lie #0 for me. Idiot.

  42. Bruce, since you are answering questions too, here are some for you:

    1. How much is too much? By this I mean, when is someone so wealthy that the government has to knock their earnings down by taxing them?

    2. Do you think there is any waste in the local, state, and federal government spending? Do you think there are any inefficiencies? If so, then how can you justify sending even MORE taxes to these?

    3. When does a "blastocyst", or "bundle of cells" become a baby, i.e., when did your child or grandchild change from a bunch of cells into a human being? Would it be acceptable to abort just before, or just after, that point?

    4. If an unborn baby is killed when a woman wants it (by violence, or accident, etc) then it could be prosecuted as murder. If a woman aborts an unborn baby who is the same age, it is acceptable. How do you reconcile this?

    5. How much extra tax dollars do you send in every year? If you are so concerned about the state not getting enough tax dollars, or you are concerned about the needy, then you must give all you can to the state or the federal government to distribute as they see fit. So... do you? And how much extra do you give?

    6. Name one thing, service or program in which federal government involvement has caused prices or cost to go down. I am not talking about anything which the government mandated that they would simply pay less. I am talking about cost control.

  43. John, I'm still not answering your stupid questions.

  44. Of course you aren't Bruce. Even you hate to expose what a total hypocrite you are. But not answering them does it just as well. Just like I asked you to state why A Conservative Teacher was wrong for what she wrote. I believe you said she was full of crap. Just because you say so doesn't make it true. You are the liberal with all the answers, you claim to be so intelligent, but you can't explain why your opinion is different? LAME.

  45. Bruce, John has you on every question you wont answer. We all know you can't answer them. You don't care about truth or integrity.

  46. Brian - Chris has a great prayer for our veterans over on his blog:, Check it out if you get a chance.

    I would just like to say thank you for serving our country in the Army, and for keeping us safe. I'm sure Joey will be piping up to say that you personally didn't kill Hitler or something, so we shouldn't thank you personally for keeping us safe. But I know the sacrifices that you and every serviceman and woman have, or are willing to, make. God bless you all.

  47. Chris, I can answer them but it's pointless with you people. You'll just take my answers twist them around to what they're not and attack me anew.

    I'm not going to stand for your stupid shit.

  48. Boy, it's one excuse after another from the libertards. "You'll twist what I say", "Your questions are irrelevant" (that was what Bruce said about my questions on MY blog; nary a mention of twisting what he says), etc. etc. Bruce, nobody has ever twisted an answer you give because you NEVER GIVE AN ANSWER.

    You are epically lame. We always answer any question you ask us. Because what we believe actually, you know, MAKES SENSE, and is, you know "MENTALLY STABLE".

    Your wife must crack up at what a card you are. Bruce's wife: "Honey, what do you want for dinner?"
    Bruce: "I'm not going to stand for your stupid shit."


    Bruce, nobody is preventing you from giving your opinion. Why don't you take this chance to explain how anything we write is wrong? What is your point of writing comments Bruce? If you can't point out where we are wrong and you are right, then you are obviously just writing your comments to stir the pot and be a prick. Why don't you start with an easy one Bruce; since you were so quick to dismiss as crap what A Conservative Teacher wrote, you must have found some points that were wrong quite early on in your reading. Why don't you tell us what those points were?

  49. John, thankfully I wasn't drinking anything when I read your post! I would have spit it all over in laughter.

    Actually, I have a few questions that Bruce won't answer, but I'll ask them anyway... you accuse us as doing nothing about health care, exactly what will (whatever bill you want to choose) do to specifically ameleorate that problem, when will these fixes take place,how much will it cost, how will it be paid for and do you anticipate any unintended consequences?

  50. Thanks pgp! I wish I could take credit, but when I write about a Bruce comment, the comedy writes itself!

    Those are excellent questions! If you don't mind I would like to add those to my list of questions that liberals won't answer. We miiiiight get an answer from Bruce, IF has already addressed them, but I wouldn't get my hopes up!!

    You know what else is kinda funny about your questions, is the fact that Congress has been in control of the Dems since, when, 2007? And they didn't do one thing to address this Health Care "Crisis" before now? I'd like to hear an explanation about that one. Good luck blaming it on Bush, he doesn't write the legislation.

  51. John, you must be the biggest idiot on the planet. The Democrats didn't do anything about health care because they didn't have the votes to override the veto that surely would have come from the White House, if by some miracle there were enough Republican votes to pass health care reform.

    So, John, you are WRONG. There would have been no chance at all that George W. Bush, even if it could pass Congress, would have signed a health care bill, especially of the kind that the Democrats are now shepherding through Congress with NO Republican support, except the one Republican from Louisiana.

    Bush didn't write the legislation, but he did have veto power. You are such a moron, John.

  52. Well gosh Bruce, then why would it matter if the Democrats have power over Congress?! Did the Democrats just decide to sit on their asses and not write any legislation? Because that sounds like a serious deriliction of duty! Why, how could the Democrats even campaign, if there was no way to make a difference? LOL, you must be the biggest idiot in the universe Bruce!! ROFLMAO

    You're damn right though, no president in his right mind would sign that Democratic pile of garbage!! Nice though, how worthless you Democrats are at any kind of bipartisanship. You just admitted as much with your comment. It's the Democrat, tax-raising, right-infringing way or the highway I guess.

    Also, when Pelosi took over the gavel, she said that one of her first objectives was health care reform. I guess she forgot to add that she was only going to start on it when there was a Democrat in the White House?

    You are sooooooo stupid Bruce. Really, I can't emphasize it enough.

  53. You going to answer pgp's questions Bruce? You have time to tell me I am an idiot, incorrectly. You should have time to answer pgp's questions, equally incorrectly.

  54. Ahhhh the Democrat leadership. Pride of the Fealk family. Steeped in the hypocritical tradition. Their health care plan is good enough for you, but not good enough for them. Classy.

    Democratic Leadership Would Not Allow Votes on 11 Amendments Requiring Congressmen to Enroll in Gov’t-Run Health Plan
    Tuesday, November 10, 2009
    By Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer

    Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), chairwoman of the House Committee on Rules, which threw out more than 200 amendments proposed for HR 3962, including 11 that required Congress and other government officials to sign on to the same government-run health plan they want for the American people. (AP Photo)
    ( – More than 200 amendments were rejected by the House Rules Committee ahead of Saturday's vote on the Democrats' health care bill, including 11 that would have required members of Congress and other government officials to be enrolled in the same federal insurance plan proposed for the American people.

    Critics of the health care bill said they offered the 11 amendments – including some that would require the president, vice president, and Supreme Court justices to give up their Federal Employees Health Benefit Program (FEHBP) to enroll in the ‘public option’ or Medicaid – to showcase the problems with the massive legislation.

    “If Congress forces our constituents into a public option plan over time, then members of Congress should be expected to do the same,” Rep. Howard McKeon (R-Calif.) told

    The House Rules Committee attempt was the second time McKeon had tried to amend the Democrats’ health plan to include legislators in the public option.

    “Democrats voted down a similar amendment, 21-18, in the Ways and Means Committee during the July markup of HR 3200,” McKeon said. “It became apparent then that Democrats are afraid of being put on a government-run health care program, but that fear does not extend to the welfare of their own constituents.”

    The public option in the House bill would be a government health insurance agency run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and available through the federal Health Insurance Exchange.

    “This is one of those classic hypocritical moments for the Democrats,” Matt Lavoie, spokesman for Rep. Wally Herger (R-Calif.), told “They simply don’t want to put up with the public option that they are preparing to inflict on the American public.”

  55. Now does that make sense to you or does that sound like a cop out,Bruce? If you had good answers you would give them. You have never been short of words or opinions so don't bullshit us with your lies. John and I have always answered your questions because we have answers. Bruce is the last liberal left backing Obama and the Democrats with any fervor. Remember when they had Bush to bash? Now they are lost quizing eachother on communism.

  56. Bruce are you a Marxist or a Communist? Your views are lock and step with those idealogies. I have asked you this many times and you don't have the balls to answer that simple question.

  57. Chris, I'm neither a Marxist or a Communist. I'm an American, and a proud one at that.

  58. Chris, I answered this before, but Brian didn't publish it, so I'm trying again.

    I'm not a Marxist or a Communist. I'm an American that has a different point of view that you do and the rest of the American Taliban.

    I am not an ideologue, so that part of your statement is irrelevant.

  59. pgp - Bruce had the time to try to address a point I made about abortion on Chris' blog, like he was some kind of know-it-all about the health care bill, but I see he refuses to answer your questions about the same bill. Just thought you might want to know that Bruce has nothing to back up his arguments. He's all MoveOn/Soros/Democratic Party/Obama talking points and hate.

    So... sounds to me like the Republican plan is the best there is. Democrats can't justify their staggering tax increases to pay for their boondoggle. I know, I know, I was as surprised as you to find out they couldn't figure out a way to sell higher costs that get you worse care! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA

  60. Well pgp, since Bruce won't offer any answers on your questions, I guess I'll have to take a stab with this letter that I sent to my Congressmen:

    I want Congress to scrap the healthcare bill the House just passed, and the similar bill pending in the Senate.

    It seems to me that Obama and many other Democrats lied to win election (just like the Republicans did before them). We were promised . . .

    No mandates requiring Americans to buy health insurance
    No tax increases on Americans earning less than $250,000 a year
    A tax cut for the middle class
    The House and Senate healthcare bills break these promises.

    The Baucus bill in the Senate contains the following language on page 29: "The consequence for not maintaining (health) insurance would be an excise tax."

    This is both a mandate and a tax increase -- two broken promises in one short sentence.

    Congress wants to force all Americans -- including those who earn less than $250,000 a year -- to buy government mandated insurance (a tax!), or pay a tax penalty if we don't. Either way we're going to pay higher taxes to comply with your wishes, or face a policeman's gun if we refuse.

    To make matters worse, the Congressional leadership wants to force me to include the IRS in my personal healthcare decisions. The Baucus bill requires . . .

    Individuals, health insurers, employers, and government health agencies to report detailed health insurance information on all Americans to the IRS.
    The IRS to report my personal income level to state exchanges, insurance companies, and employers, as part of a scheme to control how much insurance I can have, and how much I can spend out of my own pocket.
    Complying with these regulations will cost money. That's another tax, and another broken promise.

    It gets worse. The Baucus plan actually depends on the non-compliance tax to fund itself! A report issued by the Joint Committee on Taxation and the Congressional Budget Office projects the federal government will raise about $2.8 billion from these individual mandate penalties.

    I will also have to pay the cost of employer mandated coverage, or the tax penalty employers will pay if they don't provide coverage. This mandate/tax scheme will increase the prices I pay for goods and services. I could even lose my job if my employer can't afford to buy the mandated insurance, or has to pay the penalty for not buying it. But this part of the scheme is even worse than it sounds, because . . .

    The employer mandate/tax is rigged to hit hardest on small businesses that employ workers from low-income families. But there's more . . .

    The Senate bill expands Medicaid by $37 billion. The states fund most of Medicaid. Where will they get the money? . . . from the Martians? No. They'll get it from me by raising my state taxes at the behest of Congress.

    And, of course, these increased state taxes are likely to fall on people who earn less than $250,000!

    First the Republicans promised us fiscal restraint and no nation building. We gave them power and they broke their promises. Then the Democrats promised us middle class tax cuts, no middle class tax increases, and no expensive health insurance mandates. We gave them power and they too broke their promises. PLEASE STOP LYING TO US!

    Scrap the healthcare bills! DO IT NOW!

  61. John, do you hear all that silence?

    Another thing, he is actually proud because he was born here, something over which he has no control over, like being proud of being named Bruce.

    The fact that he's a Marxist is one thing he does control and I wouldn't be proud of that either!

    Oh yeah, great letter!

  62. Yeh right Bruce. If it walks like a duck,talks like a duck it must be a Marxist. When have you ever strayed from the liberal Al Quida idealogue Bruce? You get hamered because you fall lock step with Everyone even Sue said you don't have an original thought. You are so lost right now without Bush and the Republicans to blame.

  63. John and pgp, you guys are too much for ultra liberal Bruce. Now all we need is Constitutional scholar and "Republican National party operative" Holly to jump in and Bruce will be calling for help (again) !

    Sorry Bruce, no liberal editors here to complain to ... Remember, you got us "removed" from The Oakland Press/Macomb Daily. Nice move !