Monday, November 2, 2009

Macomb County is Brandenburg Country !

Michigan's 11th State Senate District includes most of Macomb County, everything from M-59 North, plus Harrison Twp. and Mt. Clemens. That's alot of territory for a Senate candidate to cover, but former State Representative Jack Brandenburg can cover alot of ground ! Not only has Brandenburg started his campaign for the State Senate over a year in advance of the general election, he is campaigning out of a fully outfitted RV that serves as a "mobile campaign center" and allows him to stay on the road for days at a time ! When Jack is on the Western side of the district, or in the "Northern tier" of Townships in the County, he can just "plug in" and spend the night on the road, and get right back on the campaign trail first thing in the morning !

Jack has a reputation as one of the hardest working campaigners in S.E. Michigan, and he is living up to that reputation with his campaign to succeed Alan Sanborn in the 11th Senate District. Jack's desire to return to Lansing is rooted in his belief that government spending is out of control in Michigan, and he wants to take his business experience that he has gained in 30 yrs. of running Blue Water Industrial Supply in Mt. Clemens, and put it to use for the taxpayers in Lansing.

Jack likens his campaign style to a football team that is not flashy, but gets the job done by doing the hard work neccesary to drive the ball down the field 3 or 4yards at a time. Jack played football until he was 38 yrs old,including a stint with the Pontiac Arrows. He knows what it takes to "win the game in the trenches". I've seen Jack on the campaign trail, and I know that NOBODY is going to outwork Jack Brandenburg, and I think the voters of Northern Macomb County will appreciate that kind of work ethic !


  1. "Jack has a reputation as one of the hardest working politicians in Michigan"

    Be careful with that terminology Brian, I would have used;

    "Jack has a reputation as one of the hardest working public servants in Michigan"

    As that is more palitable considering public opinion of "politicians".

  2. Christopher, I think we need to work on making public service respectable again, and that is what Jack is doing by working hard and meeting people to talk about their concerns. There is no reason for him to try to hide that fact.

    Lowlifes like Kwame Kilpatrick are the type of leeches that gave "politicians" a bad name. Guys like newly elected Councilman Gary Brown in Detroit and State Senate candidate Jack Brandenburg in Macomb County can change that !

  3. Just like you said Brian;"public service",that is what I am saying. Politicing is just lip-service not to be confused with public service.

    As of late we have seen more of the former rather than the latter hence avoiding the term "politician".

  4. Jack's campaign is gaining momentum as he rolls through Shelby Township and then prepares to head East towards his home turf of Harrison Township. It looks like he will be walking the neighborhoods of Macomb Township in the dead of winter, spending some nights on the road in his custom R.V. when the weather is too bad to drive home!

    Stay tuned to see how Jack's walk across the 11th State Senate District progresses, as the Michigan winter sets in !