Sunday, November 29, 2009

Evil will be defeated, not ignored !

The Taliban will meet justice ... Attacking the United States of America is not a good idea.


  1. We will defeat both the Taliban and the Liberal American Taliban. No wonder why Obama doesn't want to go all the way with Afghanistan. He and the Democrats like those kind of dictators. The Democrats had all these promises and nothing has turned out the way they said it should. The Democrats have given more control over to the govt then ever in our history. I don't want a govt to control that much of my life and livelihood. But liberals like Bruce Fealk want the govt to do everything for him and his ilk. They are going to be the ones doing nothing and recieving everything. Everything is a payoff for the left wing nutsacks. There are a lot of people in this country that need help. We need to help them. But what these guys want is for the 49% of workers to serve the 51% none workers/non taxed. It's like the Jews working for the Egyptians. Do you remember how that turned out?

  2. My, my, my, Chris. Are you an anti-semite in addition to being a racist?

    Tell me more about how the Jewish slaves "working" for the Egyptians turned out. That sounds really interesting.

    George W. Bush and Dick Cheney turned over the worst economic conditions to President Obama since the Great Depression and two wars that are hopeless. Even though violence in Iraq is down significantly, there is no victory in Iraq. Afghanistan is even worse. So because President Obama doesn't want an endless war and won't give McChrystal the 40,000 troops McChrystal asked for, you consider that not going all the way. Afghanistan eats empires for breakfast. Why can't you see that, Chris.

    Now it is coming out that John Kerry was exactly right, that we had Osama Bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora and we let him escape. Why? Because we couldn't justify war in Iraq and Afghanistan if Bin Laden was dead.

    Talk about incompetence. Bush was the most incompetent President maybe ever, but you won't give President Obama one bit of credit for saving the country from the brink of economic ruin caused by the incompetence of the Bush regime.

  3. Bout time someone handled Afghanistan. the Bush Admin left it to fester and our Nato allies out on the limb by themselves.

  4. Wow, WTF is Bruce talking about? Anti-semite? HUH?!

    Bruce, you are so full of BS talking points it's HILARIOUS!! I literally chuckled when I read it. WHY would it make sense to let OBL go?! Here, I'll let someone else take it from here:
    Dem congressman: Hey, maybe Bush let Osama get away on purpose to justify the Iraq war

    No no, just kidding: There’s no “maybe” here. On the contrary, he blithely asserts that “there’s no question about it,” which precipitates the first and likely last defense of George W. Bush ever mounted by David Shuster. But then, this is the same guy who once claimed that Karl Rove planted the phony memos that destroyed Dan Rather’s career, who called for nationalizing America’s oil industry, and who thought it’d be super-keen to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. Chock full o’ good ideas, he is; it was only a matter of time before he stumbled across this one.

    As for the merits of his argument, let me see if I have this straight. Bush deliberately refused to take out Bin Laden at Tora Bora when he had the chance, even though (a) it would have been an enormous boost for him politically, arguably making his goal of invading Iraq even easier to achieve; (b) Bin Laden’s lingering presence in the tribal areas gave Democrats an effective talking point against Iraq for years afterward about “taking our eye off the ball” and “fighting the real war” (which, at the moment, they no longer want to fight); (c) Bush himself repeatedly emphasized, as one of his own core talking points, that the war on terror is much bigger than one archterrorist and can only be won by democratizing and liberalizing the Middle East. Listening to Hinchey here, you’d think it was Osama, not WMD, that Dubya had claimed Saddam was hiding. But whatever. This isn’t a serious argument being made by Hinchey, merely a little reminder ahead of Obama’s speech tomorrow night that Bush is the devil and responsible for every last problem the left has to deal with, etc etc etc. Take it in the dumb, thoughtless spirit in which it’s offered.

  5. I love that the liberals are rehashing this fight to get Bush’s name bouncing around again in hopes of unifying the left behind Obama and take the focus off of his ineptness.

    Kerry putting this report out is laughable considering he supported the strategy in Afghanistan and Tora Bora before he was against it:

    (via just one minute)

    Tora Bora – No Mas

    Gen. Tommy Franks defends the plan at Tora Bora from Kerry’s second-guessing. Kerry has been confusing hindisght with insight, and second-guessing the military rather than George Bush, as I noted at length here.
    The key quotes are in the UPDATE to the old post – Kerry was for the Tora Bora plan before he was against it. Imagine my surprise.

    CALLER: Hello. Yes, I would like to ask the panel why they don’t use napalm or flamethrowers on those tunnels and caves up there in Afghanistan?

    KING: Senator Kerry?

    KERRY: Well, I think it depends on where you are tactically. They may well be doing that at some point in time. But for the moment, what we are doing, I think, is having its impact and it is the best way to protect our troops and sort of minimalize the proximity, if you will. I think we have been doing this pretty effectively and we should continue to do it that way.
    and this gem….

    (via National Review)

    Tora Bora Bull
    Don’t buy what Kedwards is selling.

    At the time, Kerry was all for it. He told an interviewer in late 2001 that the United States could avoid making Afghanistan into another Vietnam, “as long as we make smart decisions, and we don’t go in and repeat what the British or the Russians tried to do. And I don’t think we will; I think we’re on a different footing.” In mid-December 2001, right in the middle of the battle of Tora Bora, he supported the administration’s strategy: “I think we have been smart. I think the administration leadership has done it well, and we are right on track.” Kerry only cautioned against using too much force: “I am not for a prolonged bombing campaign,” he said.

    So I guess President Clinton and Senator Kerry are in on the big ol’ conspiracy also.

    Kerry and his democratic friends are beyond hilarious trying to make this an issue when they are up to their neck in support for the strategy in Afghanistan during Tora Bora and had many chances to take out Osama themselves only to shrink away like little cowards because they did not want to get their hands dirty.

  6. Mosses lead the Jews to the promise land Bruce. You know Isreal? Bruce your comment shows what a racist you are.

  7. Bruce when are you and your merry band of idiot protesting the war? You don't want to look like a total idiot for doing nothing do you?

  8. Great find Baxter. The libs don't know what to think or do now that Obama is a "warmonger" just like Bush. And we all know that they wont pull out in 18 months or they would have put that in stone. It's just words to shut up the left for 18 months. The liberals are very trusting of any Democrat and that will be their downfall. I'm having fun looking at all the left-wing blogs flownder around on this topic. Talk about comic relief.