Sunday, November 29, 2009

Evil will be defeated, not ignored !

The Taliban will meet justice ... Attacking the United States of America is not a good idea.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

President Obama hopes to bring a terrorist to a courthouse or prison near you !

My wife is from Springfield New Jersey, just outside of New York City. The first time I visited her there, she took me into "the city", as they call New York, and one of the first place's she took me to was the World Trade Center. We still have the pictures from the top floor observation deck. It was a spectacular view of New York City, looking down on the Empire State Building !

My wife's parents still live in the same house where she grew up, less than 20 miles from Manhattan, where the Twin Towers once stood. You can see the Manhattan skyline from the top of the hill behind her parents house, and my father-in-law watched the towers burn and collapse from that hill on 9-11. The terrorist attack was "personal" for the people of New York and neighboring New Jersey. They lost neighbors, friends, and some lost family.

Now Barack Obama wants to bring the terrorists responsible for masterminding the attack to the United States for a trial, and give them all of the rights and protections of our legal system. I spoke with my wife's childhood friend Lori Wuest (Smith) on the phone the other night. She still lives in Springfield, and she told me that people in the New York area are furious the President is trying to score political points by holding a "show trial" in New York, and allowing these terrorists access to our courts and the media coverage.

Personally, I believe the Bush administration position was correct; the terrorists should be treated as "enemy combatants" and tried in military courts. They should be kept at our base in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and tried by military tribunal, by military officers. But instead, President Obama has said he will close the terrorist detention camp at Guantanamo Naval Base, and bring the terrorists to America to be held and tried. They have even been considering several sites in Michigan as possible detention centers for terrorists currently held at "GITMO". Khalid Sheikh Mohammed must be laughing to himself as he anticipates the fine legal protections he will be afforded in America and the mockery he will be able to make of our justice system, not to mention the access to the liberal mainstream media he will have. It was reported that when he was first apprehended and questioned, he said " I will talk after I get to New York and get a lawyer". Now President Obama is granting his wish.

The attacks of 9-11 were very personal for the people in the New York metro area, and now President Obama is going to bring the terrorists to New York, to a courthouse just a few blocks from ground zero, and make it "personal" for them again. It will be a media circus that puts the O.J. trial to shame. Then, if his administration decides to imprison them in Michigan, it will become personal for us in Michigan as well.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Voters are mad as hell ...

Voters are sick and tired of politicians, and it looks like incumbents are going to "pay the price" next November. All signs point to a major turnover in Congress next year, and with Democrats holding a large majority, they will suffer the most from voters anger. I'm expecting the Senate Majority leader, Herry Reid, to be thrown out, as well as a few Democrat Committee Chairmen, like Connecticut's Chris Dodd.

Voters want to elect candidates with real solutions, not partisan candidates whose only difference is their party affiliation. I think if Ross Perot's party, "United We Stand", were still active, its candidates would have a field day next November. Voters are angry in a way that I have not seen in a long time, maybe in my entire adult lifetime of following politics. The "Republican Revolution" of 1994 saw the Republicans gain 54 seats in the House of Representatives and 8 seats in the Senate, not counting the switch of Alabama Senator Shelby. The election of 2010 could bring change on a similar scale.

The Republicans need 41 seats to regain the majority in the House, and they should get somewhere in that neighborhood. The Senate is probably "out of reach", but they should be able to significantly close the gap. I expect the Senate Democrats to hold on to a slim majority after the election, but if they lose the majority in the House, their ability to move legislation that President Obama supports will be severely limited. We can only hope.

It is now up to the people of the country to decide; do we want a socialist state controlled by government, funded by the working taxpayers, with government providing for everyone else. Or do we want to return to the principles envisioned by our founding fathers of liberty, freedom and personal responsibility. We'll find out on November 2nd, 2010.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Democrats say " Trust Government with your money "

Just as Democrats are trying to convince voters that it will save them money if they let the government take over the entire health care system, the Associated Press has released the following story;
"Medicare paid $47B in suspect claims
By Hope Yen The Associated Press Published: Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 3:30 a.m.

WASHINGTON | The government paid more than $47 billion in questionable Medicare claims, including medical treatment showing little relation to a patient’s condition, wasting taxpayer dollars at a rate nearly three times the previous year.

On the WebGovernment anti-fraud page:

Excerpts of a new federal report, obtained by The Associated Press, show a dramatic increase in improper payments in the $440 billion Medicare program that has been cited by government auditors as a high risk for fraud and waste for 20 years."

It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out that if we put the government in charge of the entire health care industry, there will be a huge increase in the waste and abuse of the system, costing taxpayers tens of billions, possibly more, in additional wasted tax dollars. Working people who currently have health care will lose, and only the 10% who currently do not have health care insurance will benefit. But that is how socialism works, take from the productive and give to the non-productive. President Obama likes to call it "spreading the wealth around ...".

President Obama also likes to tell people that "if you like your current health care insurance, you'll be able to keep it ..." The only problem is, that's not true. A Macomb Daily survey conducted last month showed that 23 out of 43 companies it surveyed would choose to pay the government fine rather than continue to provide employees with coverage if there is a "government option" available. The Macomb Daily wrote "... the results of a small survey of local business owners conducted by The Macomb Daily, in conjunction with the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce, found the majority of respondents would pay the penalty and dump their health insurance benefits for employees."

Hopefully people are paying attention. If you've been wondering why Obama is attempting to "change" so much so fast, that is why. He wants to get Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to pass his Socialist legislative agenda before the public wakes up and says "Stop. We didn't elect you to turn our country into a Socialist state." The Democrat's may succeed in getting alot of Obama's socialist programs passed, but there will be a huge price for them to pay next year at the polls. It's beginning to look more and more like the conservatives will re-take control of the House of Representatives, and they will make large gains at the state level as well.

Here in Michigan it's all but assured that voters will elect a Republican Governor to replace Democrat Jennifer Granholm and her "Deputy", John Cherry. The Republicans look poised to make substantial gains in the legislature as well, with an outside chance of regaining the majority. The voters are not in a good mood, and they appear ready to take it out on the "majority party" in next years elections !

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Republicans have excellent choices in 2010 primary !

Last Monday, I attended a "Meet the Candidates" dinner that featured all of the Republican candidates for Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. It was sponsored by the 10th Congressional Leadership Committee and M.C.'d by 10th District U.S. Congresswoman Candice S. Miller.I always enjoy talking to my friend, Candice's Chief of Staff, Jamie Roe. The event was held at the Palazzo Grande Banquet and Event Center ( in Shelby Twp.

It was an excellent opportunity to not only hear the candidates speak, but to see them all together on the same stage, and to get a sense of the type of person they are. It was also a chance to meet and talk to them personally. I had met several before, such as Secretary of State candidates Anne Norlander and Michelle McManus,and Gubernatorial candidate Mike Cox, but I had not had an opportunity to meet the Attorney General candidates, state Sen. Mike Bishop or Judge Bill Schuette.
I admire Senator Bishop for the excellent job he is doing in the budget negotiations to stifle Governor Granholm's attempts to force a tax increase.

In the crowded Governors race, there are several excellent Republican candidates. I think Michael Bouchard, an ex-Senate Majority Leader is a strong candidate, especially with running mate Terri Lynne Land. Congressman Pete Hoekstra is an intriguing candidate, with an excellent grasp of the issues.

But I have chosen to support Mike Cox, the current Attorney General. There are several things I like about Mike, including the fact that he has a military background. But the thing that really tips the balance as far as I'm concerned, is the fact that he is a fighter. In 2006/07, Attorney General Cox was willing to come out in support of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (Prop. 2) when almost every other elected official in the state was afraid to. I was working on Jennifer Gratz and Ward Connerly's effort, serving as the Macomb County Chairman for State Campaign Manager Doug Tietz. It wasn't the "politically-correct" thing to do at the time, but Mike Cox did what he knew was right. He stood up for the principle of "equal treatment before the law". His rulings as Attorney General kept U.of M. President Mary Sue Coleman from ignoring the will of Michigan's voters.

Attorney General Cox also did what he felt was right when he investigated the alleged party at the Manoogian Mansion and various allegations against former Mayor Kwame Kiulpatrick's office. Cox was tasked with investigating "criminal" wrong doing by the Mayor's office. I'm sure Mike Coxpersonally has no respect for Kilpatrick and is a far from Kilpatrick politically as he could be ... But he was not responsible for reporting the gross mis-management of the city by former Mayor Kilpatrick, which was the responsibility of the voters to rectify. (Unfortunately, they did the opposite and re-elected Kilpatrick to a second term.) The voters ignorance, or apathy, should not be blamed on Attorney General Cox. His report merely stated what the investigation had found, accurately I believe, that he had found no credible evidence or witnesses to substantiate the rumored party at the Manoogian Mansion. The wild rumors are just what Cox's report suggests they are; "urban legend".,1607,7-164-34739_34811-70702--,00.html Mike Cox believes in treating everyone in Michigan, even Kwame Kilpatrick, equally before the law. He proved it in 2006-'07 by standing up for the Prop. 2 ballot initiative (MCRI)to ban racial preferences in the state!

Michigan voters are fortunate to have such a selection of excellent candidates for statewide offices next year in the 2010 elections. I have decided to support Mike Cox for Governor, Mike Bishop for Attorney General, and Michelle McManus for Secretary of State, although I would feel comfortable with any of the Republican candidates if elected !

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Republicans must continue to stand for "personal responsibility"

I remember when I was young, asking my parents what the difference was between Republicans and Democrats. I was given a simplistic, and I would realize later, inaccurate answer that Republicans "were for the wealthy" and Democrats "were for the working man". It was very obvious to me, even as a kid, that we were not wealthy, so I just assumed "we must be Democrats ...". But I also remember my Dad and Grandfather talking about various politicians and saying that they "voted for the man, not the party". My Grandfather (on my dad's side) was a conservative, and he told me he had voted for many Democrats that were conservative.

But I didn't pay much attention to politics during or immediately after High School, and I was pretty much unaware of what my "political views" were, until I enlisted in the Army when I was 22. At that point I began paying much more attention to things that were important to being successful, setting my priorities, and being more responsible. The experience of serving in the military really made me grow up and take responsibility for my behaviour, which up until then I had not been doing.

While in the Army, I voted for the first time in the Presidential election of 1984, when Ronald Reagan was running for re-election. Reagan was largely responsible for helping rebuild our armed forces and restoring our country's pride in our military. I was proud to have served in the military with Reagan as my Commander-in-Chief, and that experience shaped and influenced my future political beliefs. I now also consider my conservative belief that every person must take personal responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences of their choices, to be a primary reason why I usually vote Republican.

When someone asks me "Are you a Republican ?", I usually answer "No, I'm a conservative, but I usually vote Republican". I don't want the Republican Party to think they can take my vote for granted. They have to continue to earn my support. I am a believer in a strong national defense and I am a fiscal conservative. I also believe that there should be a "moral element" to political leadership. The conservative belief in personal responsibility is probably the biggest difference between Republicans and the liberals in the Democrat party, and one of the most important.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The party's over for Democrats

Did you hear that big "thud" last Tuesday ? It was Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat party hitting the ground. I hope they enjoyed the last 2-3 Yrs., because the next few are going to be real rough for the liberals. Think of it this way; a person who likes to spend money gets the limit raised on their credit cards at about the same time as their employer reduces their hours. But they disregard the reduced income and go on a wild spending spree, and for a while they are having big fun, thinking about all of the exciting vacations they can go on and new "toys" they can buy.

Then the credit card bills start coming in, and the smaller paychecks start to dampen the party. So the person gets the limit on their credit cards raised again and takes out a second mortgage on their house, figuring they'll just pay it off "when the overtime comes back". Pretty soon this person's family starts to worry that "the spending is out of control", and that "we can't keep spending money we don't have." That is the exact position that President Obama and the Democrat party find themselves in today.

The party didn't last as long as "party" hosts Reid and Pelosi would have liked. Heck, they didn't even get to take over the health care system yet and their guests, the taxpayers, are starting to abandon the party. Those independent "guests" that have to work in the morning realize there is going to be a bad hangover from all of the irresponsible spending, and somebody is going to have to clean up the mess the liberals made.

Sure, it sounded fun when Barack was talking about all of the cool things we could do, but then when the bills started coming in and the unemployment numbers kept rising, they realized they couldn't keep spending. Their children and grandchildren are going to be left holding the bill for the Democrats spending spree. Voters said "enough" last Tuesday when they voted Democrat Governor Jon Corzine out of office in New Jersey and Virginia returned a Republican, Rob McDonnell, to the Governors office. The real "house cleaning" will take place next fall when every member of the U.S. House must stand for re-election. It promises to be a real awakening for free-spending Democrats !

Monday, November 2, 2009

Macomb County is Brandenburg Country !

Michigan's 11th State Senate District includes most of Macomb County, everything from M-59 North, plus Harrison Twp. and Mt. Clemens. That's alot of territory for a Senate candidate to cover, but former State Representative Jack Brandenburg can cover alot of ground ! Not only has Brandenburg started his campaign for the State Senate over a year in advance of the general election, he is campaigning out of a fully outfitted RV that serves as a "mobile campaign center" and allows him to stay on the road for days at a time ! When Jack is on the Western side of the district, or in the "Northern tier" of Townships in the County, he can just "plug in" and spend the night on the road, and get right back on the campaign trail first thing in the morning !

Jack has a reputation as one of the hardest working campaigners in S.E. Michigan, and he is living up to that reputation with his campaign to succeed Alan Sanborn in the 11th Senate District. Jack's desire to return to Lansing is rooted in his belief that government spending is out of control in Michigan, and he wants to take his business experience that he has gained in 30 yrs. of running Blue Water Industrial Supply in Mt. Clemens, and put it to use for the taxpayers in Lansing.

Jack likens his campaign style to a football team that is not flashy, but gets the job done by doing the hard work neccesary to drive the ball down the field 3 or 4yards at a time. Jack played football until he was 38 yrs old,including a stint with the Pontiac Arrows. He knows what it takes to "win the game in the trenches". I've seen Jack on the campaign trail, and I know that NOBODY is going to outwork Jack Brandenburg, and I think the voters of Northern Macomb County will appreciate that kind of work ethic !

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tuesday is a turning point ...

The backlash begins Tuesday November 3rd, 2009 ! That is the day that average, hard working, tax-paying Americans begin to take their country back ! Virginia and New Jersey appear ready to replace Democrat Governors with Republican fiscal conservatives. In the special election in New York's 23rd congressional district to replace Rep. John McHugh, who was named secretary of the Army, it now appears to be moving to the Conservative party candidate in the race, Doug Hoffman. If these races go the way the latest polls indicate they are trending, it will be a "watershed" election, the "beginning of the end" of the Democrat's brief time as the majority party in Congress.

I have been predicting for at least 6 months that the Republican's have a good shot at picking up the 40 seats needed in the 2010 congressional-elections to regain control of the House of Representatives. A sweep on Tuesday in the bellwether "off-year" elections would be a good start towards regaining the majority in the House next year.

It's a classic case of the party that was out of power regaining the majority and over-reaching once back in power. Obama tried to change too much the first 6-8 months of his administration, and it appears to have backfired. His smooth campaign rhetoric had reassured voters, but his radical socialist agenda once in office has snapped them back to their senses. Voters are now paying closer attention to Obama's "actions" instead of his words. And they are scared. Scared for our country, it's traditions and our values.

Tuesday they will begin the process of trying to undo the significant damage that socialist Barrack Hussein Obama has done in less than a year in office. It's amazing how much damage the Democrat's have been able to do in such a short amount of time, thanks to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid. But Tuesday is just the beginning. Republicans must produce good candidates next year in the congressional elections and then govern responsibly to regain the public's trust.