Thursday, October 22, 2009

There is finally hope for Detroit !

On November 3rd, Detroit will be able to finish putting together its new leadership team to lead the turnaround of the city. It began when Dave Bing and interim Mayor Kenneth Cockrel Jr. were running to finish the term of jailed former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. I said at the time that electing Dave Bing would be a "two-fer" for the city, it would not only install a fine man into the Mayors office, it would also return a fine public servant to City Council as the Council President, replacing the national disgrace, Monica Conyers.

Bing has since begun the difficult task of getting Detroit turned around while finishing disgraced former Mayor Kilpatrick's term, and is now running for a full term of his own. Cockrel is attempting to be re-elected to Council, hopefully as it's President. With Monica Conyers now in jail and several of other incumbent council members not finishing in the top 18 qualifiers in the primary, and some just choosing not to run for re-election, Detroiter's have a real chance to put the entire Kilpatrick/Conyers era behind them.

But, if they make some of the same mistakes that resulted in poor leadership on the council, like voting for a candidate based on "name recognition" rather than integrity and proven good judgement, then they could end up right back in the same situation. It appears that one such case is Council candidate Charles Pugh. He was the leading "vote getter" in the August Primary and has been leading most polls for Council since, slightly ahead of current Council President and former interim Mayor, Kenneth Cockrel Jr. I think that replacing veteran Councilman Cockrel as President with novice Pugh, based almost entirely on Pugh's "name-recognition" would be a huge mistake, especially in light of the revelation that Pugh has lost his home to forclosure.

Pugh has made several poor financial decisions leading up to his run for office, such as quitting both of his jobs without having prepared himself financially. He is now losing his home to forclosure due to his poor financial decisions. This is exactly the kind of irresponsible behavior that has gotten Detroit into the financial mess that it currently finds itself in and the city should not elect an irresponsible individual like Pugh to lead council and preside over it's budget ! I strongly urge the readers of this blog to support Kenneth Cockrel for Detroit City Council in any way possible in these last 10 days leading up to the election !


  1. Brian,
    I totally agree.With both Bing and Cockrel in their respective posts Detroit has a chance. And looking forward to the change required in Lansing,they will have the backing of the State as well being there will be battles in the hard but nessesary choices Bing is already making.

  2. Interesting.Keep it up Brian.

  3. It's too bad Bing couldn't run as a conservative party member and win. It's so weird seeing a Democrat/Democrat race. The people of Detroit are so concerned about getting Obama money instead of creating wealth that they'll vote the "D" everytime.

  4. Haven't you guys learned yet, Republicans are irrlevant.

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    Gosh Bruce/George, if Republicans are irrelevant then what do you care? Don't you have some policy matters to worry about? Don't you realize how idiotic you look/sound, when you call the Republicans irrelevant, and then complain about them?

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  6. John,
    Yeah, you called it on "Bruce/George" the lurker. Too funny !
    Hey, I'm going to come to the next Tea-Party rally, so if you guys get any info. make sure you post it.
    I had RSVP'd to attend Detroit City Council candidate Gary Brown's fund raiser Wednesday in Detroit, but my son's soccer team (Utica)had a district playoff game that went 2-overtimes, then into a shootout. I couldn't make it down in time. Too bad, I really wanted to meet him in person. I made a small donation to his campaign.

  7. The next rally is tomorrow at noon!

    What: Death of our Freedoms Funeral Procession
    Where: Pontiac, Michigan; Intersection of Walton and Telegraph
    When: Saturday, October 24, 2009, 12:00PM
    Organizer Phone: 248-620-3016

    This public demonstration will take the form of a "Funeral Procession." Participants are encouraged to decorate their cars with pro-freedom slogans, flags, signs, etc. The procession will travel down Telegraph to 8 Mile, East to Woodward, North on Woodward to Pontiac, and will follow Oakland Ave back to Telegraph and Walton.

    Maybe Bruce can call up Captain Wetspot and Helmetman and organize a counter-rally.

  8. Bruce, what is irrlevant? I'm not familiar with that word, and I fail to find it in the dictionary. Idiot. No wonder your blogs tank.

    Remember that time that I had to help you with the grammar on your short bio? Lord, you are dumber than a box of rocks.

  9. B.C. - Wish I could make that one, it sounded like a good time. Very creative people, and fun and peaceful.

    BWAAAAHAHAHA... ROFLMAO... I just read the last sentence.... Captain Wetspot and Helmetman, BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG, that's hilarious! Although I don't know if it has been confirmed that the creature wearing the helmet is man, woman, or Bortz. tee hee hee!

  10. B.C. - This is right up your alley. I haven't listened to the audio yet. But I bet she sounds like an idiot!

    Pelosi: Constitutionality of individual mandates not “serious” question

    First Patrick Leahy scoffed at questions over whether the federal government has the authority to order Americans to buy a particular product, even though that has never happened in our 233-year history, and now the Speaker of the House claims that the question is “not serious.” CNS News has the audio of Nancy Pelosi providing the Democratic dodge on the constitutionality question: “Madam Speaker, where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?”

    Pelosi: “Are you serious? Are you serious?” “Yes, yes I am.”

    Pelosi avoided answering the question, probably because she doesn’t have an answer. Her spokesman said that it was “not a serious question,” but if so, one would presume that Pelosi or her office could provide an easily-corroborated answer. After all, the Constitution is where Congress derives all of its authority. It’s not exactly a lengthy document. How difficult is it to cite the clause that enables Congress to impose a mandate on its citizens to spend money on anything but a tax?

    Well, as it turns out, pretty darned difficult. The interstate commerce clause doesn’t apply because Congress doesn’t allow for interstate commerce in health insurance. The “general welfare” clause has never applied to individual mandates, which is why neither Leahy or Pelosi will invoke it publicly. If they trot that out in front of the Supreme Court, they’ll essentially be arguing that the federal government has the authority to impose any kind of mandates at any time on anyone in the country, which makes the limitations of power in the Constitution meaningless — and by extension, makes the Supreme Court meaningless as well. Good luck getting them to buy into that policy.

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  12. I would be concerned about Bing's tactics with the unions if I were you Brian. I guess you find that perfectly acceptable to allow government to meddle in union contracts.

    I see that John hasn't changed his tactics of calling names and taking a debate to the lowest common denominator. Especially when someone has a valid point. John you are all talk, no action.

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    Republicans are always good for a laugh.

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  15. Drew - When I see a valid point I will rebut it. If you have some real facts and figures, obviously not the made-up ones like Bruce just presented, but real numbers, let me know.

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  17. Bruce - Even the MSM are afraid of what Obama is trying to do. What do you think about them standing up to your boy and his tactics to shut out Fox News? They need to do something, because I tell you what there is a lot more than 20% of Americans that watch Fox News than 80% who watch MSNBC.

    Your president is failing spectacularly, and you are cheering him on. I find that quite hilarious. Three more years of this is going to be quite entertaining, especially next year when he starts campaigning, and he doesn't have one good thing to run on. Oh, wait, that's what he's doing right now! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

  18. LOL, Chris, you have to send me the link to Bruce's blog, I have to see that for myself!! The No Comment Zone! ROFLMAO!!

    Bruce has been on my blog quite a few times, a few times even as George his gay alter-ego. I'm sure he has been on yours. He actually complimented me on the good job I was doing calling out his rapist tendencies. I have a tracker so I can tell when he gets on it. I'll have to send the link for the tracker to you.

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  20. Bruce - We all can't be great community organizers like you. 35 people?!! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA.... 75 if you count the extra chromosomes!! LOL

  21. Brian put some pictures up of that retard fest in Lansing. It could be like comics for the blog. I've seen the new Ford contract. How is pushing for it going? Do the workers like it or not? The way I see it the next contract will be tricky.

  22. Drew, I don't understand why you stick up for a lowlife like Bruce by calling his sick comments "satire", but fail to appreciate John's sarcasm.
    Oh wait, on second thought I do understand, it's your liberal bias coming through.

    As for the unions, they are responsible for driving up the cost of government, at the expense of the taxpayers. As Mayor Bing tries to get the budget back in balance, I am in his corner 100%, because he is on the side of fiscal responsibility !

  23. Brian, as a UAW member, then why don't you give back your union negotiated health care and agree to work for say $5 per hour less than you do now.

    You are part of the problem, by your own admission, Brian.

    How can you be against your own union, Brian? Traitor.

  24. Bruce said "How can you be against your own union, Brian? Traitor."
    I am not against the union, I am simply against a "stupid union". My union was stupid when they did not see the problems that lack of labor cost-competitiveness would cause.

    They should have agreed to pension changes 20 yrs. ago that allowed the companies to move to a 401k style plan with NO LEGACY COSTS !

  25. The union only looks for here and now. They don't care about long term. Long term for the union is a public option for health care. But as Brian will tell you as a union man that what is good for the union isn't always good for it's members. The UAW is getting better at letting it's workers work for a living now.

  26. I would think Brian would also be for good wages, good health care benefits, all things Brian enjoys as a union member.

    But he hasn't given up any of those benefits, and never will, I bet, as long as the union negotiates them for him.

    I think auto workers deserve the pensions they bargained for and worked hard to achieve.

    I don't understand why you want a race to the bottom, Brian.

  27. Being cost-competitive is not a "race to the bottom" Brucie. I don't understand why you don't want American companies to be able to compete ? Are you anti-American Bruce ?

    By the way, how's your Toyota Bruce ? You know Ford builds some real nice hybrids Bruce, if you ever decide to buy an American vehicle you might want to visit a Ford dealership ...