Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Off Year" elections indicative of voter's mood.

This year may be an "off year" in politics, but there are still some important elections in 2 weeks. Locally, Sterling Hts. will have a chance to elect a conservative newcomer, David Magliulo, to the Mayor's office, if they remove 16 yr incumbent and former union boss, Dick Notte. And in Troy voters will have a chance to elect 3 strong conservatives to the city council; incumbent Wade Fleming, and newcomers Doug Tietz and Carmen Johnson, to keep city spending under control .

Nationally, there are 2 bellwether elections for Governor. In New Jersey, conservative Chris Christie is challenging liberal-Democrat incumbent Jon Corzine . And in Virginia, where there is no incumbent due to term limits, conservative Robert McDonnell is running against liberal Democrat R. Creigh Deeds. These races may indicate the mood of voters moving into the 2010 election cycle, and early signs indicate that voters are not happy with the direction Obama and Congress are taking the country.

Polls show that several prominant Democrats may be in trouble in next year's elections, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Reid trails Nevada State Republican Chairwoman Sue Lowden, 50% - 40%, and even trails GOP hopeful Danny Tarkanian by 7 pts., 50% - 43%. Not a good sign for Democrats heading into 2010 with President Obama pushing a liberal agenda. All-in-all, it looks like a rough year to be a Democrat, in Michigan and elsewhere !


  1. Last I checked, approval of Congress was around 21%. They are going down in a big way, thanks to the "leadership" of radical-liberals like Pelosi, Reid and Dodd.

    The only concern I have is that people like Reid know that this is their swan song. They have no problem at this point with pushing through hugely unpopular boondoggles like Cap and Tax and the Government Takeover of the Health Care Industry.

    I'll try to find the article detailing Reid's actions to push this crap through. It is chilling. We have to get those radicals out of office before they can do any more damage.

    If the Republicans were even trying HALF of the crap that the Democrats are doing, you can bet the MSM would be crying foul every chance they get.

  2. By the way, welcome back Brian!!

  3. Hey Brian, Glad to see your posts again ! What happened ? I see Bruce Freak got wiped-out too on the OP.

  4. Christopher, his name is Failk, not Freak. Oh wait, we're both right. My bad. hehehe!

  5. Hey Guys,
    I am new to this site,I saw a title about Freak being a danger to society (I agree) but is it just a title? Because I cannot link to a full blog ?

  6. It's just a title.Click on my name and then you can go from there.

  7. You know, I took another look at Fealk's blog and I disagree with all of you upon further reflection. I think Fealk's comments are perfectly valid and are very well thought out.

    As far as being a danger to society, it's all of you here that seem to be the danger.

    And Brian, do you really want people to know you are a fan of David Duke?

    Only 20% of American identify as Republicans now, so it seems unlikely that there will be a big change in the Congress in 2010.

  8. Only 20%???Bwaaahahahahaha. Only 20% of Americans say they are liberal while 40% say they are conservative. Get your numbers strieght George.

  9. George - I'd be more concerned about being a fan of Failk's than David Duke. After all, Failk's choice of policies have killed more, and more blacks in particular, than all of the KKK combined.

    Got a link to where your "statistic" comes from? Bring it on.

    Or George, maybe you could ask Failk's brother about what a nutjob Bruce is. Or ask the guy that Failk harassed. Or maybe check out the time that Failk insinuated that a private citizen of the United States of America raped and murdered a girl. Or better yet, maybe you can read about the times that Failk and his cronies called everyone racists on several occasions.

    Keep backing up the nutjobs without regard to what kind of person they are George. Birds of a feather flock together.

  10. Maybe these numbers will do then.

    GOP Losses Span Nearly All Demographic Groups
    Only frequent churchgoers show no decline in support since 2001

    PRINCETON, NJ -- The decline in Republican Party affiliation among Americans in recent years is well documented, but a Gallup analysis now shows that this movement away from the GOP has occurred among nearly every major demographic subgroup. Since the first year of George W. Bush's presidency in 2001, the Republican Party has maintained its support only among frequent churchgoers, with conservatives and senior citizens showing minimal decline.


  11. By my reading of Brian's book review of David Duke's book, My Awakening, I think we can solidly put Brian in the ranks of racist Americans.

    By brian pannebecker
    this is a book that bleeding heart liberals dont want you to read, and with good reason.they want you to dismiss david duke as the narrow minded racist that the mainstream media has made him out to be.even most right wing conservatives are reluctant to discuss the sensitive issues mr. duke covers for fear of being labeled a racist !well after reading mr. dukes' honest,fair and well documented book on the important and sensitive issue of race,race relations and the role of the media and government in controlling the public perception of these issues i can honestly say that this book could be one of the most important books you will ever read!as you read you get a feel for the type of decent,honest,caring person david duke is. a person who is motivated by ,not hate as the mainstream media would lead you to believe, but by love of family and love of mankind.dont be afraid to read this book! after you do you will be able to discuss the issue of race without the fear of being labeled a racist because you will have the facts and the truth on your side! i am glad that david duke had the courage to write this important book.now you should have the courage to read it!


  12. George - Those numbers do just fine... to discredit what you wrote. According to your link, it is showing 39% lean Republican (53% Democrat), when choosing between Republican or Democrat. Also, not to nitpick, but those numbers are from May, before the S**t hit the fan regarding the government takeover of health care, and the other attempts at the government to infringe on the rights of Americans.

    I'm not really familiar with Gallup's website... I looked around but am unable to find current numbers. I hate to ask you to go to any trouble, but if you could find more current numbers that would be cool.

    Anyway, your 20% was way off. Waaaaay off. Almost like you made it up or something.

  13. Well George, did you read the book? Does the book promote racism?

    I'm sure there are people who have read Mein Kampf who are not fascist dictators, nor support fascist dictators.

    Just like if I were to read Barry Obama's books that doesn't make me a Socialist, does it?

  14. Brian, thanks for the book suggestion. They (liberals who get their talking points from Obama and Obama's Media) say that Glenn Beck is a racist as well, but I am enjoying his book "Arguing With Idiots" right now, and there is nothing racist in there.

    God forbid you even discuss racism; I guess if you discuss it that makes you a racist?

  15. George - You sound a lot like vomamike or Joey. I'm pretty sure Joey was the guy that I got in a discussion with, who threw out his "facts" and then provided links that had nothing to do with his "facts". He thought I wouldn't check his sources. Then when I did and called him on it, he said he didn't have time to get me the information and for me to do it myself. Prove his lies, that is. LOL, God love you liberals and your aversion to facts!! It's the cutest little thing I've ever seen!

  16. Here's the Washington Post poll. You might get an education reading the numbers. This if from 10/18/09

  17. LOL... Oh Joey, I DID get an education. It's the exact same education your other link gave me. Did you even bother to analyze the numbers? No, of course you didn't.

    Why don't you check out the one right below, where it asks the % that consider they are liberal (23) to conservative (36)?

    Again, the only numbers that match what you puked up on your original post is that 20% identify as Republican while 33% as Democrat. LOL, you are a class E EEEEdiot.

    By the way, I will get you for making me dredge through all those stats just to find out what the hell you were talking about.

    Why don't you check Rasmussen, they do a lot better job of compiling the data.


    JOEY! You're back baaaaybeeee, you're BACK!!

  18. But hey Jeorge, at least you had RECENT data that totally discredited your own argument! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... what a RUBE!

  19. By the way Joerge, I know you didn't expect anyone to check on your link to the book review. Especially since you cherry picked the title of the David Duke book. Here is the full title:

    My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding by David Ernest Duke

    Hmmmm... sounds to me like someone is trying to twist the truth. I don't know if this is Joey, "George" or Barry Obama himself now!

  20. You might want to check the Democrat/Republican ID numbers rather than liberal/conservative numbers, which is a better indication of voting patterns.

  21. Hmmm... I wonder what Joerge is doing trolling around in David Duke book territory anyway. Looking for some racist reading there Joerge? Maybe you should check yourself out some Malcolm X for the full racist effect. Or what's that Nation of Islam idiot? Oh, you probably already have all of their racist tomes.

    Well if you are looking for a racist book written by a white guy, you can probably find something done by Robert Byrd, the "ex"-KKK Klansman who is now a sitting Democratic Senator.

  22. Joerge - I did check them you idiot. I reproduced the numbers right on here! Why don't YOU check them, and tell me where I'm wrong? LOL

  23. Joerge - Couldn't you read when I said 20% Republicans but also only 33% Democrats?! Your numbers don't mean S**T! It's only 53% (see Joerge, 20 + 33 = 53)

  24. You might want to check out some information about David Duke before you go saying what a swell guy he is.

    Nationality: United States
    Executive summary: Former KKK Grand Wizard

    David Duke is probably America's most famous unapologetic racist and anti-Semite. "Our clear goal," he has said, "must be the advancement of the white race and separation of the white and black races. This goal must include freeing of the American media and government from subservient Jewish interests." He opposes integration, calls himself a "white nationalist", and his political perspectives are colored almost entirely by race.

  25. Since Brian had on several occasions done the whole guilt by association thing with President Obama, i guess turnabout is fair play. Are you a holocaust denier too, Brian?

    Look who Brian seems to admire.
    In 2002 Duke was convicted of mail fraud and tax evasion, and served a brief prison term. In 2003 he founded yet another white power group, the European-American Unity and Rights Organization. In 2005, he obtained a doctorate in history from the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, a privately-run anti-Semitic university in Ukraine where he now teaches. His book, The Jewish Question Through the Eyes of an American, is used as a text.

    Other books written by Duke include African Atto, a guide aimed at radical African-Americans where Duke used the pen name Mohammad X, and Finders-Keepers, a sex manual for women offering Duke's expert technique for vaginal exercises, fellatio, and anal sex, written under the pseudonym Dorothy Vanderbilt.

    In 2006, as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hosted an international gathering of Holocaust deniers, Duke was the most well-known American in attendance.

    Duke met his wife, Chloe Hardin, at a college meeting of the White Youth Alliance. They were married for ten years, and after their divorce she married Stephen Myron "Don" Black, who had replaced Duke as Grand Wizard of the KKK.

  26. Joerge - When did Brian do "guilt by association"? If you were such an avid reader of his blog, you never called him out on it before? Funny, I don't remember a "George" ever commenting... hmmmm

    Hey, do some checking into Robert Byrd's background while you are at it Joerge. Or Van Jones, the unapologetic communist. Or Munn, is it, the one that is fond of quoting Chairman Mao? Or Barry, the coke-sniffing "community organizer". I could go on like this allll day there Joerge. You've got quite an issue that just came up today even Joerge: http://michellemalkin.com/2009/10/21/another-racial-hoax-crime-with-the-new-black-panther-party-seal-of-approval/

    Get a life! You're even referencing who the guy's ex-wife remarried to! LOL, maybe they got divorced because she didn't like his new views of racial togetherness!

    Read the book first Joerge, then let me know what you think.

  27. John, I was what's referred to as a lurker on Brian's blog before. I was reading but not commenting.

    You may want to view this interview of David Duke with Phil Donohue.
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5

  28. DonAhue? Is that guy still alive?

    Listen Joerge "The Lurker" who "suddenly" found his voice... hmmmmm.... LOL... anyway, listen, I'm no DD apologist, I could care less about DD. I'm certainly not going to waste my time watching youtubes of a couple of useless people, DD and DonAhue. My point is, until you read the book, you and your arguments are total Bulls**t. It's like giving a review of a movie you have never seen, based on what you think of the director whose movies you have never seen.

    So until you have something constructive to contribute, or some FACTS to share that will TRULY enlighten us rather than bore us to death when we have to explain your idiocy to you, well why don't you shut your piehole and go back to being a "lurker"?

    As it is, everyone can see that you are just trying to be a trolling a-hole pot-stirrer just like that loser Bruce Failk.

  29. Joerge - You never did answer, who did Brian ever do your fabled "Guilt By Association" with? Please elaborate.

  30. Well, let's see, Barack Obama with Bill Ayers, Barack Obama with ACORN, are a couple examples that come to mind. Since Brian's Oakland Press blog is gone now, I can't go back and cite more examples.

  31. Would you like some quotes from the book, too? The relevant quotes come from Chapter 39, An Ayran Vision, which starts on page 637.

  32. Yeah, sure Joerge. Can you give me an idea about what he said about them? I don't remember the Ayers thing, but maybe that was before I read Brian's blog. Which didn't even start until after Obama was already in office, right? If you look at Brian's little bio, it says it started in April of 2009, so did he REALLY talk about the association between Ayers and Obama?! LOL, doubtful Joerge.

    Obama was and IS deeply involved with ACORN, that's really not news, so... give me an approximation about what Brian said about that. I'm sure it was right on the nose.

    Joerge, your arguments are terribly weak. I'm telling you as a friend, please stop embarrassing yourself. Maybe just change the subject like every other liberal does.

  33. Sure Joerge, whatever floats your boat! I see you have the book there handy, you racist! LOL

  34. John, I got the book from the library after doing some research on Brian because I couldn't believe Brian is a fan of former KKK Grand Wizard and holocaust denier, David Duke. I didn't feel comfortable bringing this up when Brian's blog was associated with The Oakland Press.

    Page 645

    What We Want

    "We Aryans want the same kind of society for our children that our forefathers envision and created for us. We want an appreciation of Western art and music; we want a populace self-disciplined and self-reliant, health in body and spirit. We want a sense of brotherhood that we know is only possible in a more racially homogeneous society."

    Since Brian wrote such a glowing review, after reading the book, I can only conclude that he ascribes to Dukes desire for "a more racially homogeneous society."

  35. Ahhh... doing research on Brian, eh? Sounds like somebody is a little obsessed. I would think that you would WANT to call attention to the Oakland Press, if they were employing someone who has that kind of philosophy, wouldn't you?

    As I said earlier, anyone can read Mein Kampf, and have, and have called it a brilliant book. Hitler was also a great speaker, like Barry Obama. Does that mean that they subscribe to fascist totalitarianism? Uh, no it doesn't.

    The worst part of that passage is the "more racially homogeneous society" part. Or do you not want the rest of what he says they want? Not that racially homogeneous is right in my views, but isn't everyone entitled to their opinion? There are black people who feel the same way. Uh, Malcom X. Jesse Jackson. etc. etc. Who cares what they want, as long as they aren't hurting anyone or interfering with other's right to live their lives as they see fit?

    In my opinion, your fixation with Brian is a little scary. Lurking around until Bruce the psycho gets their blogs removed and then you start attacking him? Nice Joerge.

  36. I would really like to know what Brian has to say about this?

  37. It's no more scary than your obsession with Bruce Fealk.

  38. Well I certainly never went to the library to study up on Failk... and I could give a care less about Failk. I used to read his blog once in a while, but it quickly became apparent what a nutjob he was, so I stopped reading it and commenting. And then he followed everybody over to Brian's blog. So it sounds to me like he was the one that was obsessed. Seems to me that anonymous kept posting conversations from Bruce's blog on Brian's blog, and the libertards on Bruce's blog were always talking about Brian's blog.

    Admit it, you people are sick in the head. Just look at what you are trying to do, tear down a good person by insinuating that he is a racist? You people are sick in the head. Only sick people like Bruce and his ilk would follow Brian to his new blog to spread their hate. You might want to take a good look in the mirror Bruce. Oops, I mean Joerge. Just like Failk's brother Steve said, Bruce is a sick, disturbed, psychotic, kitten-torturing, demented, sleazeball. And his own brother said that, nobody needed to prompt him or anything! That's one sick S.O.B.

    Even as vomamike said, he has angered family members and been mad at family members, but they would never have come out publicly on a blog carried by a newspaper and told the world what a nut their brother was. That takes a special kind of nut to drive your own brother to that!

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. Well well well, look who's here, it's vomamike! Wow, you guys can't stay away from a quality blog, can you? How do you go about tracking down somebody's new blog, anyway? I didn't realize you were on the mailing list.

    Great to have you actually vomamike. What happened, got tired of the circle-jerk over on Bruce's blog? Must get boring over there agreeing with each other about how everything is Bush's fault. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

  41. vomamike - Glad you're here, as you never did answer Chris' question. Are you a "truther"? Bruce is, so there is nothing to be ashamed of, if your illustrious leader is. I guess.

  42. Hmmmm... tactics seem the same... never comment on the blog topic, instead spout out some fake statistics/opinions, then attack Brian.

    I know I haven't gone over to Bruce's douchebag blog, has anyone else? Does anybody else care what Bruce and his band of idiots think? I wonder why they follow Brian to try to stir things up? Sounds a little off-the-rails to me...

    Even I moved on on my blog, after Bruce's meltdown and he screwed himself and his blog over with his hate and ugliness.

  43. gosh, you're all defending a guy that loves one of the world's best known racists. what does that make you?

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. Well Bruce, tell me how you enjoyed the book? I mean, being such a learned guy you must have read at least, what, 637 pages? You wouldn't have cherry picked one quote out of context, would you have?

    And that's quite an obsession. To check out a library book because a private citizen read it and wrote a review, all so that you could go on the guy's blog and talk about the guy?

    Not to mention, you still have the book from the library, so hmmmm... I mean, I'm no speed reader, but it must take a few days to read through 637 pages... so you must have had it for a few days at least. Reading through it, dreaming of when you would post it on Brian's blog... that's quite creepy.

    Thank God Brian still has the 2nd Amendment on his side, for when you come stalking around his house.

    What do you think vomamike? It's curious that you show up and say "let's see what Brian has to say". Seems to me Bruce has already proven it for you, what are you waiting for?

    You guys are scary, just like I told Glen Gilbert. Scary and sick in the head, to go to these lengths to try to defame a guy who writes a blog! Sick, sick sick.

    Bruce just wishes a black man would get his daughter pregnant so he could abort a black baby. That's a twofer in his book. Sick.

  46. Funny too that "George" goes from a "lurker" (stalker) to a full-blown blog commentator. What brought about your conversion there Georgie?! LOL... maybe it was because of your bitch move that got you booted from the Oakland Press? Well guess what, Andrew DuPont can still follow you over to your blog, so you won't be losing your one other reader. That makes a total of, what, 4 counting you?! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

  47. Sounds like brian just wants to live in a lilly white society like David Duke and his homogeneous society.

  48. I guess so, what is your point Bruce?

  49. vomamike, what do you think of Bruce's tactics? Think he's a little unhinged to follow Brian to his new blog and start harassing him? As far as I know, nobody else has bothered with Bruce's blog.

  50. Hey Bruce, did you check that DD book out from a black librarian? Oh, my bad, I forgot that Rochester Hills doesn't allow black people in their city limits. Was that a petition that you circulated Bruce?

  51. Sounds like what a racist would want, John, to live in a lilly society with only white people.

  52. Bruce, we're all racists here, you liberals have told us as much. So what is your point? Everybody knows it's you Bruce Fealk, from 1474 Oakstone Drive Rochester Hills, MI 48309. That's like 2 miles from the library, did you drive your gay-assed Prius or whatever it is out there, or did you walk your fat-ass? Uhmmm... I'm going to go with drive. Get out and walk Bruce, there aren't any black people in Rochester Hills for you to be afraid of getting mugged by!

  53. Yep, good point Bruce. We racists love it in our homogeneous society! So, see ya later loser! Glad you got that out of your system?!? BWAAAAHAHAHA!

  54. At least you finally admitted it, John.

  55. Yep, just like you admitted that you are indeed Bruce, and you don't have the balls to use your own name! What a LOSER!

  56. Bruce says "I was just a lurker"

    HOWLING with LAUGHTER!!! LOL What a RETARD! Oh sorry, that's insulting a mentally challenged person's intelligence to equate Bruce with them! ROFLMAO!!

  57. Even vomamike was fine with using his own name "GEORGE", BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA. You are such a shithead Bruce!!

    vomamike, it's tough to type with my fingers shaking from laughter, but what do you think about Bruce's pussy move of not using his real name?!! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  58. Bruce, why don't you take your messiah's message and .... moooooveon.org? LOL

  59. Boy Bruce, I hope you didn't spend too much time or effort to drop that bombshell on us, that we are all racists! You've been saying that one for months!! BWAAAAAHAAHAHAHAHA... I can just picture you sitting there stewing that you were going to get Brian back, for something that you yourself brought about. Sad, pathetic little psycho Bruce. Running... no, you are too fat to run... driving to the library in your gay little Prius, just to check out a book written by a racist.... pouring over every page until, on page 637... waaaaay in the back of the book, you FINALLY found it!!!

    Now THAT, my friend, is a psycho nutjob. If that's the kind of psychosis that you offer with your liberal views, sign me up for racism.


  60. Bruce (as George) said: "You know, I took another look at Fealk's blog and I disagree with all of you upon further reflection. I think Fealk's comments are perfectly valid and are very well thought out."

    Biased much, you dumbass?!!? BWAAAAHAHAHAHA.... don't write it and post it for posterity if you don't want it used against you, shithead!!

    Oh my GOD! This ranks right up there with the time that you admitted you were a total self-absorbed prick with your Prius and your lame bumper sticker, and the PICTURE OF THE BACK OF YOUR CAR!!!


    Your wife must be so embarrassed!!

  61. Hey Bruce, anyway, thanks for giving Brian all these hits. I know you like it when his blog does better than yours, that's why you did such a shitty job on the OakLib Press blog.

    I mean, that's the only explanation I can come up with as to why you torpedoed your own blog...

  62. Whoops, sorry Bruce. Did your wife leave you? Well, I guess that's what happens when you are so obsessed with another blogger to the point that you can't get it up any longer. Plus you're gross. And disgusting. And you might be gay. Gosh, I wish I knew how to put the line through "might be" and put "are" next to it. I find that to be quite hilarious when people do that!

    But anyway, she must have been quite impressed with you devoting all that time and energy into "sticking it" to someone you have never met, and who never gave you any problems. She must think you are QUITE the loser. Just like everybody else does.

    What's the matter Brucie, you don't have Steve Frye here to tell me to stop?! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!! Maybe you can have Andrew blog under a different name and defend your psycho-ass.

  63. Hmmm... I came back to check, and there are just crickets chirping from Bruce and vomamike. Reminiscent of Bruce's blog... does it make you feel at home boys?!

  64. Bruce you are such a psychopath. I told you guys bruce lost it. It's just a matter of time before he hurts someone. I bet he saw the web page someone made of him. Seeing that sick shit even made me a little ill. That one picture where he has donald bortz bent over is just plan wrong. Did you see how fat that djbortz is? I heard he's over 400lbs now. What a pig.

  65. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  66. Chris - You said it man! Now that dj the young and dumb grasshopper can get his medical marijuana, he's going to be munching it up on ding dongs and twinkies. Thank God for "PTSD" (yeah, right).

    Hey Chris, I do have an idea for your next blog subject. How about something on the idiot truthers, like Bruce and Bortz and vomamike?

    Yeah, that website, ALTHOUGH hilarious, probably does cross a line. But at least they aren't being stalked, like Brucie does. That definitely crosses a line.

  67. BWAAAAAHAHAHA... facial love!!! That CAN'T be love, can it?!?!

  68. Hey Chris, remember that time that Bruce was begging on Democratic Underground for some help on his blog?!!? Oh man, I still laugh my ass off about that!!

    And then there was the time that Don Bortz got his ASS handed to him in the Oakland County Commissioner's race. Like they needed HIS fat ass to "fix" what isn't even broken!! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!

    That dude begged for money for his "campaign" and then blew it on the ganja. I wonder if that's a felony or just a state or local law that he broke?

  69. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  70. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  71. John, You're pretty perceptive. I'm pretty sure you nailed it with I.D.'ing "George the Lurker". Fealk thought he had something on me because I had read David Duke's book and written a positive book revue about it. He threatened to mention it when our blogs were still in the Oakland Press, I guess he thought I'd be embarassed. I'm not, "George" (Aka Bruce) should read a book before he criticizes it.

    Bruce should be embarassed that he's followed me to my new blogsite ... I thought I had heard the last from him. He's a pitiful individual, and that's why he's not blogging in the paper anymore ...

    I've been a voracious reader since I was in the Army in my early 20's. I have no idea how many books I've read, maybe a thousand. I love to read, mostly non-fiction, but I also love to read authors like Somerset Maugham, Earnest Hemingway, etc. Carl Sagan's book "Contact" is one of the best works of fiction I've read. Check it out when you get a chance.

    Unfortunately I'm so busy now with work and my family that I'm lucky if I'm able to read a chapter a day. Right now I'm reading "Dead Certain" by Robert Draper. I'm almost finished with it and it was excellent. Draper obviously had very good access to President Bush and his inner circle. I'd definitely recommend it.

    My wife and I were fortunate to have had an opportunity to tour the White House when Bush was President. Not the "group", guided tour. We were given a "private tour" by someone who works at the White House in 2007. We were inside for probably close to 2 hours and saw rooms and areas that the general public are not allowed to see, like the private theatre and 1 lane bowling alley. Maybe I'll write a blog about it sometime, it is actually a pretty interesting story.

  72. Brian - Sorry about a couple of the comments I made. That Fealk really is a nut, I can't believe he followed you to your own private blog just to attack you. Not one person cares a flying fig what that nut Fealk does on his own blog. I couldn't find it if I even cared to, and I know that nobody else cares to. We didn't even want to read his brand of B.S. even when we KNEW where it was at!

    I read several more reviews of that DD book, and an overwhelming majority said things similar to what you wrote. That it was not a racist book, that it was well-written and interesting. That's how I knew it was Bruce writing as "George", because only somebody who was so sick in the head could come up with something so nutty. Well, okay, so I wasn't sure if it was djtyg, Bruce, Mike, Andrew or Joey. But I knew it was one of them!

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog! I know you want to make this a blog where liberals and conservatives can have a constructive, entertaining dialog. As long as you can keep the psychos like Bruce out, this will be a great blog.

  73. Oh, Brian, I forgot to add: Bruce has no shame. So, while you are right that he SHOULD be ashamed, I have no doubt that he isn't. He is quite proud that he attacks as a rabid dog does, without care and without discretion, whatever is in his reach. Eventually all that hate and rage and ugliness will consume his life, if it hasn't already. I feel sorry for his family, they look at least normal.

  74. Hopefully "George" will find another blog to go "lurk" at and we can get back to a discussion of the issues here. I welcome points of view from all perspectives, and we enjoyed debating reasonable liberals when my blog was "hosted" by The Oakland Press.
    I am going to work overtime to notify people about the new address for the blog and hopefully most of the previous regular readers will find their way here. I would appreciate it if John, Chris, (all of the Chris's ...) Michael and all of the "regular" readers from the paper would try to get the word out that "On the Right" is still alive , we've just moved ... www.bpannebecker.blogspot.com

  75. Brian - What do you think about Granholm vetoing the money for the schools? Schools like Royal Oak lose $400 per student. 10 days to go on the temporary budget, and Granholm is playing games. Meanwhile the deficit keeps growing, and no matter what they do spending will have to be slashed because when they start the new budget, they can't count on any Federal Porkulus funds, because Grannie has already burned through them.

    Democrats were at the driver's seat for 7 years, and drove Michigan into a ditch. All the Democrats should be arrested and thrown in jail for their mis-management.

  76. Bruce I put up some funny pictures on my blog.Talk about a dumb looking group of window lickers.

  77. Brian I called Michael buddy from the protest and he will give him the info. Have some cards made up so we can pass them on for you at the next protest.

  78. Where is vomamike, I was interested in what he thought about Bruce's unhinged behavior, as well as what he thought about what Brian wrote?

    It is curious, because he came on right after Bruce started posting, and said "let's hear what Brian has to say"

    So what are your thoughts vomamike? Do you think Bruce/George has behaved appropriately? Would you be proud to call him a friend, or Brian?

  79. Brian - Back to the blog topic, which was being discussed before Fealk stuck his big nose in -

    Obama is screwing over his Congress. His radical liberal agenda is simultaneously pissing off the people who are center-right, or even center-left, Americans. Meanwhile he isn't living up to his many radical-liberal promises fast enough for the real nuts like Bruce, so they are getting upset at him. I can't wait to see these two huge forces take it out on the Democrats in the upcoming elections.

    I tell you what, 2010 isn't coming fast enough for me!! Anybody but Peters in 2010!!

  80. Well this is interesting. Off topic I know, but did you realize that the Democrats also favor rape? I'm going to watch Jon Stewart tonight, just to see if he does a little comedy bit about the Democrats. And how they love rape.


  81. I don't know about you vomamike, but I think that the Democrats favoring rape is despicable. Let's take it to the streets buddy! Let's get out there and protest! How much money did you donate to that woman's fund? I would like to chip in as much as you did. You liberals are all right in my book. To think that you will take a stand against these Democrats who love rape and everything, that's really big of you!

  82. Am I hitting you with too many questions vomamike? You can take them one at a time if you are feeling overwhelmed.

    Or does the cat have your tongue?

  83. John,,lol,,"off-topic"? Bruce is wayyyyy offf topic with David Duke? I mean really? Sarah Palin no longer holds any elective office but she is at least relevant in CURRENT political discussion,,but Duke? Mis-direction,change subject,baseless accusations,,etc. as liberals always do because they cannot intellectually defend their positions.

  84. Brian,
    Noting your blog clock is off,time here of this post for instance is is 3:02 pm on this post

  85. Racist? I went to a Metro Detroit Freedom Coalition meeting last night. The best part was when a black guy told me about the time Jimmy Carter called him a racist. Boy was he surprised to hear that!

  86. Libs to Reid: Public option or else

    The netroots have served a warning to Harry Reid over health care reform. Don’t even think about dropping a public option, they say, if you like your job. CBS News reports that liberal activists have pledged to undermine Reid’s re-election effort if the final Senate version of ObamaCare does not include government-run coverage:

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is feeling the heat from his liberal colleagues to include a government-run health insurance plan, or “public option,” in the Senate health care bill.

    Now, as Reid and other negotiators move closer to unveiling their health care plan, liberal advocacy groups are ratcheting up the pressure, saying they will run Reid out of Washington if he does not bring a public option to the Senate floor. With a tough re-election bid ahead of Reid next year, the liberal “Netroots” could potentially make good on their threat. Coming from a purple state, that puts Reid between a rock and a hard place — and has some local progressive activists at least somewhat worried.

    One television ad pressuring Reid to support the public option is already out: The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is running a spot for at least five days in Las Vegas called “Is Harry Reid Strong Enough?”

    The netroots tried something similar to Joe Lieberman in 2006, too. They succeeded in getting Ned Lamont past Lieberman in the primaries, but Lieberman ran as an independent and won the general election. That took place in deep-blue Connecticut, not in reddish-purple Nevada. Lieberman was vulnerable on the war in his state, which is why Lamont was able to beat him in the primary, but lost the general election despite the Democratic endorsement.

    If they mount a challenge to Reid’s left, it might be the best thing that ever happened — to Reid. He has made a mess out of leading 60 Democrats in the Senate, as yesterday’s vote on the Doctor-Fix bill demonstrated amply. In Nevada, Reid has gotten more associated with the radical-Left politics of Nancy Pelosi, which doesn’t play will in Nevada and has cost him tremendously in polling there. Frankly, he could use a little separation from the netroots.

    However, the result of a split among Democrats in Nevada will be to make a Republican win there much more likely. Reid doesn’t have many options; if he pushes a public option, it’s likely to fail and make him look even more weak than he does now. If he doesn’t push a public option, his base fractures even further in the state, and his base is all he has left there.

  87. Big Chris - Sounds like a good time, how was it? How was the turnout?

    Was the guy talking about just this recent time that Jimmy Carter called anybody who disagreed with Obama a racist, or was it a different time?

    Jimmy Carter is one of the most racist people I know. All he knows is skin color, and he doesn't like the "dark meat". Doesn't surprise me in the least, him being from the south and especially since he is a Democrat. Was Jimmy Carter in the KKK? I think his brother's beer was an attempt to poison black people and wipe them out.

  88. The MEDEFCO meeting had a good turnout, around 100 I'd say. The thing to look out for is that group is comprised of people that like the *idea* of freedom, but don't really know what freedom is. Some there are willing to be led around like sheep, and there are a few shepherds in the group, so watch out. It's not their fault, they just don't know any better. I can go into details, but not in this forum.

    He was referring to when Jimmy C. called dissenters racists, yes. It was funny to hear from a black guy. Glad they're shucking the stupid people calling them race-traitors and joining the freedom movement.

  89. These libs are so out of control. I know a lot of blacks that feel screwed by Obama.

  90. I know a lot of white people that feel the same way! LOL

    It cracks me up how Obama is pushing everybody to Fox News. Their ratings have never been better, and they keep GETTING better!

    Soon it's just going to be Bruce, vomamike and Donald Bortz the pothead sitting around with Obama and Rahm Emanuel watching Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, LOL.

    Hey Chris, I got that info on djpyg too. Have those guys set up the chat and I will get it to you.

  91. I'm confused. vomamike was really interested in what Brian had to say, and yet now he has oddly disappeared. Along with George. Where are that silly George and his friend vomamike?

  92. The latest terrifying Blob: Michigan's public payroll

    "There are now 637,000 public employees in Michigan compared to fewer than 500,000 workers left in manufacturing. Government is the largest employer in the state, but the number of taxpayers to support these government workers is shrinking."
    -- Wall Street Journal, talking about Michigan's ongoing budget debacle.

    In 2007, Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the legislature ordered up tax and fee hikes to balance the state budget.

    That is, despite high unemployment (higher now), lawmakers opted to squeeze more money out of family budgets and certain businesses.

    Government thinks is has better ways to spend your money than, say, allowing you to sock it away for a rainy day. Or for a college fund.

    This year, lawmakers toy with a 3 percent surcharge on doctors, a move bound to drive up medical bills.

    An example of how the Michigan budget thinking works: The governor and others laud the huge subsidies to Hollywood moviemakers -- tax credits of up to 42 percent of the companies' spending in Michigan. Those California types last year hauled $48 million in benefits, which could balloon to $200 million or so in the future.

    Yet the governor just issued a budget veto taking away $54 million from Michigan school districts -- including 26 in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

    Translated: There's plenty of money to pass around to Hollywood millionaires while, at the same time, plucking money out of Michigan classrooms. Swell.

    Michigan public education, of course, is over-funded, given the mediocre results it delivers. And the film subsidy is small compared to the overall state budget. But still, it's the principle of the thing.

    The argument for the Hollywood subsidies is that they create jobs. Absolutely, lower business taxes leave comapanies with more money to create jobs. So how about reducing taxes -- not just for Hollywood -- but for longtime Michigan businesses, too. That'll put the latter on a par with Hollywood to create more jobs.

    The sad part of recent budget deals: The Legislature, mostly Democrats, have had nothing but contempt for longtime Michigan businesses, while happily dispensing favors to out-of-staters.

  93. John said...
    "I'm confused. vomamike was really interested in what Brian had to say, and yet now he has oddly disappeared. Along with George. Where are that silly George and his friend vomamike?"
    The liberals don't like commenting as much because they don't have a liberal editor to protect their leader Bruce "Moveon.org" Fealk. The Oakland Press finally had enough of Bruce calling and emailing the editors. Even though most of the editors agreed with Bruce, they couldn't take the constant controversy he created, so Hasta la Vista Bruce !

    Hey Bruce, you might want to start working on a paper mache head of Rocky Raczkowski. I think Major Raczkowski may be ready to kick Peters out of Knollenberg's seat ! Too bad, all of your hard work for nothing, and you didn't even get paid by Moveon.org, what a waste !