Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Dangerous Radical in the White House

Conservatives have been warning the country about Barack Hussein Obama since he began his campaign for the Oval Office. And there were plenty of "Red Flags"; Not only was Obama rated the most "Liberal" of all 100 U.S. Senators by an independent organization,( ), there were serious questions that needed to be asked about who influenced him and those he associated with.

It was not "just" his controversial, racist preacher of more than 20 yrs., the now infamous Reverend Jeremiah Wright. There was also the early influence of famed Chicago "Community Organizer" Saul Alinsky, who is credited with influencing such liberal icons as Cesar Chavez and more recently Jesse Jackson. There were the radical friends like Bill Ayers formerly of the Weather Underground, labeled a "Domestic-Terrorist group" by the FBI who had bombed buildings including the U.S. Capitol and Pentagon in the 1960's. Ayers and his wife, fellow Weather Underground terrorist Bernadine Dohrn held a "meet-and-greet at their home for Obama when he was running for the Illinois State Senate.

Critics of Obama like myself warned of his radical agenda. But warnings of his Socialist tendencies were dismissed by the mainstream media as "alarmist". The major media outlets downplayed the controversial past of Obama, including his family history, to help assure his election to the Oval Office.Why ? Without this cooperative complicity by the media, it is doubtful that the American public would have elected such an extreme liberal with a socialist agenda to the highest office in the land.

We must vote take our country back, starting at the local level, then in the Congressional elections next year, and finally in 2012 when we replace Socialist Barrck Hussein Obama as President. Yes we will !


  1. Well stated ! It would seem Americans are waking up,at least looking at national polls and current NY,NJ & VA election polling and pray another political EARTHQUAKE occurs in 2010 like it did and was described as such in 1994.

  2. Brian, I would say that your reading and giving a positive review to David Duke, using guilt by association, although since you gave the book a positive review must mean you also espouse the teachings of David Duke as the world's most infamous racist.

    Therefore it would follow that you also are a raging racist because of your association with David Duke's teachings that the Holocaust never occurred and that the White race is superior to all other races and that we should strive to have a pure Aryan race in America.

    I wouldn't count on another 1994 occuring in 2010 with only 20% of Americans identifying as Republicans, Christopher. We may lose the VA governor's race, but Corzine has pulled ahead in NJ, so don't count your chickens before they come home to roost.

  3. Big difference from reading a book and have Duke as his spiritual advisor for 20 years, wouldn't you say Bruce? Bruce you really are off the wall on this. Go take your meds and you will become more lucid.

  4. Chris, how do you know that Brian doesn't worship at the altar of David Duke. Brian is just the kind of person that would be influenced by David Duke. Usually when you read a book by someone like David Duke, you already have a proclivity to believe what they write.

  5. It looks to me, Chris, like you have some explaining of your own to do based on this comment you left in the Macomb Daily.

    Chris Dernay wrote on Jul 29, 2009 6:51 PM:
    " Just because Jesus was a radical doesn't mean all radicals are like Jesus.This jobs fair was marketed for blacks.That is discrimination period.And since it is discrimination of all the other races then it is also racist.If it kept out women then it would be sexist.You admiting that calling someone a racist when they infact act like one is a psychological ploy prooves that that is what you and community organizers like you use race for.In fact you said, racist does: impact areas on a purely and solely systemic fashion.Isn't that what a black community organizer does too?Were you projecting your sins on others?I do agree racism is a problem.I however believe it is a problem in all races and you somehow think it is mostly in the white race.I hope we can have other discussions on these said matters.Do you think what Obama said was prejudgous?And what Gates said was it racist?The good thing is at least the dark skined blacks don't feel superior over the light skined blacks any more or do they? "

  6. Once again Bruce tries his damndest to change the subject,as is the standard Modes Operandi in the liberal world.

    Hey Bruce,instead of kool-aid and offering ice cream to adult married women try sticking to the subject. It may, again may just give you some level of credibility?

    Until that moment arrives,you are but a foot note in the long history of dis-credited liberal agitators with no substance.

  7. Hey Bruce, please do me a favor ... go comment on your own blog, if you still have one. Your strategy of style attacks don't contribute anything to the debate we want to have here.
    Repeating what you heard Olberman say on MSNBC or reciting the radical talking points isn't very original. Don't you have a protest to go to or something ?

    I welcome differing points of view here and would love to debate the issues with a "reasonable" liberal, but Bruce Fealk is nothing but a far-left extremist who gives liberals a bad name ... Vomamike, where are you ?

  8. Bruce said: "Chris, how do you know that Brian doesn't worship at the altar of David Duke."

    As your fellow libs like to say, you can't prove a negative. If you're not doing something, there would be no evidence of you doing it.

  9. Brian - My reading is somewhat eclectic when it comes to periodicals, but when I want to read for recreation, it is usually fiction -political intrigue. However, as you and your friends on the Right want to "charge" - guilt by association, then I too have to wonder about David Duke. No I have not read his book, so I won't pass judgement on its contents. But there can be no arguing about his racist past. I havn't read, nor do I intend to - Malcomb X either. I did find periodicals with William F. Buckley interesting. So there is some validity to the argument that we are drawn to subjects and persons we share an afinity too. The exception to that rule are those scholars who delve into all aspect of the human spririt - and those of us who are just curious. I'm sure that Charles Manson has attracted both followers and scholars alike. But few if any,who have a distaste for the type of a person one is, to go to the trouble of writing a review of their book. I doubt that you - or I for that matter - would write a review of any book that the Rev. Wright would sell - or probably anyone else in that catagory. So you see, I think it is fair to question at the least, the motive you had for writing that review.

  10. Great point Big Chris. Bruce change black to white and see how what I said sounds to you.Bruce I know you don't care much for MLK as he was a conservative like most of us on this blog. Hey Bruce I bet I have more blacks in my family then you do. I also bet I have more black neighbors then you do. And they are like family to me. I also chose to work in mostly black dealerships by choice. Can you say the same Bruce?

  11. Wow so in the liberal world if you read a book by a racist then you are one. But if you go to a racist Church,have friends and now Czars that are radicales then they are too far removed to effect the person. You on the left spent too much time with the glass pipe when you were young.

  12. Hey Bruce I've read the Quaran and many books by liberals. Would you say I am a Muslim liberal? I even watch left wing shows like Maddcow and This way I know what is in your heads. I even read your blog and I wish vomamike had one as I think it would be more reasonable. Vomamike nice to have you on here again.

  13. So in the liberal world if you read Mein Kampf I guess your a Nazi, If you read the communist Manifesto then your a communist, If you read both I guess you become a babbling leftist lunatic.
    I thought democrat senator Byrd of virginia was one of the biggest racists in the country, could I be wrong?

  14. Doug - Byrd is a Democrat so it doesn't count. I guess it's just the point that they are already understood to be racists, so it's like calling a dog a canine. Or like po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to.

  15. Mike, it is not a fair comparison to say by Brian commenting on a book by an author with a racist background, to Obama who was with radicals from Sunday mornings at church to meetings throughout his week for much of his lifetime, are the same.

    We have to look at much more than reading of one book to get an idea of a person. If Brian read that book and many others, joined the KKK, associated with many known racists: then you would have an argument.

    Again, are you saying because I read writings of Martin Luther and enjoy music by German composer Richard Wagner I too am an anti-semite?

    Funny too, Henry Ford had a "little" anti-semitic side to him and Brian "just happens" to work there. Maybe, Bruce is on to something???!!!

  16. Commenters,
    Bruce Fealk is trying to "infect" and ruin this blog, just like he did to the blogs on The Oakland Press. Don't fall for his "baiting' tactics. Let's just stick to the issues and forget about Bruce Fealk, he is not worth wasting time talking about. I will just ignore his comments from now on and hopefully he will just go away and bother someone else.

    Bruce has made a career out of annoying people and pestering them until they lash out at him. The only way to deal with a loser like him is to ignore him. So from this point on, I won't even acknowledge his comments here, and I would ask that you do the same.

    I still strongly encourage reasonable liberals and folks with differing viewpoints to read and comment here, that is what a political discussion should be, but attacks like those Bruce Fealk specializes in don't contribute anything and that is why we were "removed" from The Oakland Press blog site. Bruce ruined that forum, he WILL NOT ruin this one ! Good-bye Bruce, go back to the rock you crawled out from under ...

  17. HAHAHAAHAHAHA. What's the matter Brian, you don't like it when someone throws your tactics back in your face, huh?

    Guilt by association, that's what you have done to Barack Obama and other Democrats.

    I guess you don't like it when the same tactic is thrown back at you huh, buddy.

  18. Hmmm... another mature response from the liberals! How lame they are. Another prime example of how you cannot have a dialog, constructive or otherwise, with an insane person.

    Let's pause to read again the brilliant insight that Bruce left. BWAAAAHAHAHA... what an immature baby.

    Brian, I think you can change the settings on your blog to allow comments only from people who are members. I haven't tried it out on my blog yet, but you might want to try it to filter out the insane ramblings of you-know-who. No, not me, the OTHER insane rambler!

  19. Brian, just saw your post with the URL in the OP. Thanks for doing that. What happened at the OP? I saw the letter in the Voice of the People, and subsequent comments. My guess was that when they threw Fealk off, you were collateral damage.

    Anyway, now that I know where you are, I will be following.

  20. Woo hoo, CRAVEN is here!! Craven, don't forget to check out Chris and Christopher's blogs as well:

    Great to see you commenting again, I was missing your dynamite drop-ins!

  21. Craven great to have you on. It's a lot more fun without the liberal OP after Brian. You always drop a bomb or two when you stop by. Brian I posted something in the MD about all of our blogs. We need to get people on your blog again so put the word out. Keep up the good work Brian. The blog is better without the OP and the MD.

  22. Oh Craven stop by Johns blog and blast Bruce for a change.heheheheheheheee. Just click on his name and it will come up for you.

  23. Hey, I met Brucie today in Rochester. Funny, you'd never know he was an idiot if he didn't open his fool mouth. He organized a counter-rally (Two other guys)and was saying "More taxes! Save our Citizens!" What a loon.

    I told him I'd post some responses to a question he asked me there, but I forgot what the topic was. I know he'll remind me, great guy he is.

    For some reason, he got a kick out of videotaping me and some other conservatives. Maybe he was taking upskirt videos for I smiled for his camera, because we're nice folks at these rallies. Bruce, I don't think a freedom rally is the best place for collecting that type of footage.

  24. Chris, here I thought you seemed pretty reasonable just talking to you on the street, then you put this post up. You are despicable, talking about "upskirt video." You even got the quote wrong, it was "Save our Services." You must need a hearing exam, Chris.

    You are unbelievable.

  25. Bruce, I don't know what you had that camera for. I took a guess. Why don't you tell us what it was about. Have fun with the video and snapshots of me, btw.

  26. Sorry, I got the quote wrong. The cops shut you down by the time I got close enough to hear. Citizens, services, does it really make a difference? Taxes are strangling America and you want more wealth distribution. I call that despicable!

  27. Wow, Bruce has really lowered his "despicable" standards. Can you believe the guy that stalks Brian to his own private blog, poses as a totally different guy ("George, in case anyone forgot), and accused Brian of being a racist because of a book he read and reviewed, is accusing others of despicable behavior?!?!? Oh my GOD the hypocrisy!

    I'm so glad that a ton of people are reading your blog Brian. It does my heart good to think of all the people who get to witness what an ass Bruce is. And how hypocritical liberals in general are. Oh, and how they have no sense of humor at all! What a bunch of babies!!

    B.C., that was hilarious. I do believe Bruce was up to something nefarious, if his brother is to be believed. 2 whole people?! Was it vomamike and djpyg, aka Donald Bortz, the failed challenger for the Oakland County Commissioner seat who is now a stay-at-home toker? BWAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Well you would know Bortz if you saw him, he would have twinkie dust all over his fingers. Plus he's got a huge face. Easily mistaken for Bruce in that regard though.

    Save our services?!!? More like save our entitlement culture, aka unions. LOL, Bruce is a big tool for the unions.

  28. The liberal attendees were Bruce, a guy named Phil and a Norwegian dude that probably has an umlaut in his name so I won't butcher it here. I was fully expecting to see Andrew or Mike.

  29. Since when are blogs private? Blogs are by their nature public, unless you want to make them invitation only, then all you right wing lunatics can talk amongst yourselves, like the people that listen to Fox "News."

    I don't mind being a "tool" of the real heart of America, its unions, that make the things that you buy every day and deliver the food that you eat and take of you when you're sick and turn down your bed at your hotel.

    When you denigrate union workers, you are denigrating hard working Americans that you depend on every day.

  30. I don't oppose the worker, I oppose the union. There is no incentive to work extra hard in a union. There's no chance of a raise until the next contract is signed. Many times, there is so much red tape to follow in order to fire a useless worker, a company will keep then on rather than spend the time to release them. Unions promote mediocrity, bottom line. Unions are great at taking uneducated, unskilled workers and giving them a sense that the world owes them something. With the skills that many union members have, why not shuck the union that is holding them back and make a living at their trade?

  31. Cry me a river Brucie. My dad was a union member, and he was disgusted with them by the time he retired, actually for quite a few years before that. Save your fake shock and outrage for somebody who gives a care, and for somebody who doesn't know what a dirtbag you are. You aren't fooling anyone with your B.S.

    Plus the unions are on quite a downswing, so Brucie they don't make as much as they used to. You are definitely a tool, and we can all see that you don't mind it in the least! ROFLMAO!!!

    Hey B.C., was George there? That guy was really sharp, he was one tough cookie. He had all these great facts and figures. Sure they ended up being fairy dust and rainbow dreams, but until somebody actually read them he sounded sane! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Bruce, I take it you won't answer my questions on my blog? Pussy.

    Hey Bruce, you were the one having the circle-jerk with your two loser lovers over on your blog. You had to follow Brian to where the action is. I hope he blocks you though, you are going over the edge fast! Can't even scrape together a half-dozen people for a protest?!!? LOL... oh man, I'm laughing so hard I can barely type... good thing I'm a touch-typist, otherwise I couldn't see to type through the tears of laughter!!!

    LOSER LIBERALS, UNITE! * 3 people appear *

    Bruce: "That's IT?!?! Where the hell are pukeamike and stonerboybortz?"
    Phil: "Duuuuuh... I don know?"
    Bruce: "Norway George, did you forget to send out the email to the Democratic Underground mailing list?!!"
    N.G.: "Duuuuhh... I was too busy smoking on Don's bong"
    Bruce: "Great, so all those people who came to my rescue when I begged for commentor help when Brian's blog was beating mine to death won't be showing up! People like Andrew, and Joey, and... well, I guess that's about it."
    Bruce continues: "Oh well, we'll just tell everyone there were 100 people here and call it a day! Let's go eat some fat food and make our faces even bigger. Anybody wanna see a picture of the ass-end of my car?"

  32. Bruce, so you admit you stalked Brian to his blog? ROFLMAO.

    Brian, I'm not sure if you should be flattered or frightened, but you have a "not so secret" admirer!!

    oooooh... creepy!


    There's just something so hilarious about the fact that nobody gave a crap about where Bruce went to, we were just glad that he went away. Then he can't get enough of Brian, he's so smitten!

  33. Finding George at a rally is like finding Naugas in a field. It would be worth something if it really existed.

  34. This, too, cracks me up to no end. MSNBC and CNN are fighting about which one is the biggest loser, while Fox NEWS dominates the ratings!! LOL. If only the news would see that people want to watch News, not a lapdog of the administration and a bunch of non-reporters with their biases all hanging out.

    Read more at:

    The October 2009 cable news ratings are in with a major milestone: CNN has fallen to last place
    in the primetime demographic for the first time.
    CNN fell to fourth with an average of 190,000 A25-54 viewers in primetime in October, just behind sister network HLN, which averaged 191,000 A25-54 viewers in primetime. Fox News won the prime demo with 583,000 A25-54 viewers, and MSNBC came in second with 239,000.
    In total viewers, Fox News won primetime with an average of 2,234,000. MSNBC averaged 730,000 total viewers, CNN averaged 679,000 total viewers, and HLN averaged 530,000 total viewers.
    In the total day ratings, Fox News won among A25-54 viewers with an average of 344,000, while CNN (142,00) and HLN (146,000) beat last-place MSNBC (131,000).
    Among total viewers in total day ratings, Fox News averaged 1,255,000 for first place. CNN placed second with 486,000, MSNBC placed third with 359,000, and HLN placed last with 307,000.
    In all categories, CNN and MSNBC fell to their respective 2009 lows, and the networks have taken to squabbling with each other over whose October was better.
    "We're thrilled to be beating CNN in primetime, where the money is made," a MSNBC spokesperson told the Huffington Post.
    "We couldn't be more pleased that both our networks (CNN and HLN) are now topping MSNBC in total day and that leads all TV news competitors on the web," a CNN spokesperson said. "As we have said for years, we measure our audience across all CNN Worldwide platforms and throughout the day, not just primetime. CNN provides quality journalism and our ratings reflect the news environment more than opinion programming does - especially in primetime."
    Story continues below

    Fox News took the top 13 programs in all of cable news, with "The O'Reilly Factor" on top for the 107th consecutive month. O'Reilly averaged 3,389,000 total viewers; "Glenn Beck" (2,748,000), "Hannity" (2,374,000), "Special Report with Bret Baier" (2,248,000), and "Fox Report with Shepard Smith" (1,989,000) rounded out the top five (full ranker below).
    "Anderson Cooper 360" is a particular let-down for CNN, as it came in last place at 10PM in the primetime demographic, losing even to repeats of "Countdown" and "Nancy Grace." "Lou Dobbs" also came in last in the prime demo; in fact, "Campbell Brown" also came in last in the prime demo, making "Larry King Live" the only CNN program not to lose in that category (it beat the new "Joy Behar Show" on HLN).

  35. Let's keep an eye on this. Obama isn't done paying back his favors for getting the presidency. He's not done by a looooong shot. These Democrats are dirtbags who will screw over small businesses to buy votes, no doubt about it. And they'll pay for those votes with your tax dollars. It's about time we got the politicians out of the business of picking winners and losers in the business world.

    From the HuffPo (You know it's bad when the HuffPo is calling a Democratic President out!)

    On Wednesday, October 21, President Barack Obama announced plans to convene a conference of "regulators, congressional leaders, lenders and small businesses to determine what additional steps we can take to get credit flowing to small businesses that want to expand and create more jobs."

    Small business groups like the American Small Business League (ASBL) are concerned the real agenda of the upcoming Obama administration small business conference will be to adopt legislation and policy that will change the definition of a small business and divert federal small business contracts to wealthy venture capitalists.

    The Small Business Act requires that a small business be "independently owned." Firms that are owned and controlled by venture capitalists are not considered small businesses in federal small business contracting and grant programs.

    The venture capital industry, led by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) has spent millions of dollars lobbying members of Congress to change the current definition of a small business to allow even billionaire venture capitalists to participate in federal small business contracting programs.

    During his 2003 race for a seat in the U.S. Senate, President Obama developed DEEP ties within the venture capital industry. Since then, President Obama has received significant contributions from the NVCA and its members.

    Both the House and Senate small business committees have attempted to pass legislation that could destroy millions of legitimate small businesses by diverting billions of dollars in federal small business contracts to wealthy venture capitalists that have contributed millions of dollars to key democratic leaders in Congress.

    House Small Business Committee Chair Nydia M. Velázquez (D - NY) introduced H.R. 3567, Small Business Investment Expansion Act of 2007, which would have changed the definition of a small business for all federal programs to include firms owned and controlled by venture capitalists. In a story titled, "Velázquez Champions VC Firms at Small Business Expense," by Keith Girard,, Velázquez was accused of "quarterbacking the venture capital industry's efforts."

    "I predict that President Obama will try to cheat legitimate small businesses by diverting billions of dollars in federal small business contracts to his wealthy venture capitalist contributors under the guise of 'increasing access to capital for small businesses,' " ASBL President Lloyd Chapman said.

    Read more at:

  36. John, Fox "News" is now relegated to being the "news" provider to the lunatic fringe of the Republican party. As Newt Gingrich said this past weekend, a party can't win with 20% of the electorate. It still takes 50% plus one, which the Republican party is a long way from having.

    TV ratings don't translate to votes of enough people to govern.

  37. Bruce - If, out of all I have written to you, Fox News is the only thing you can disagree with me about... well I find that quite hilarious!! Everything else I am spot-on about I guess. You gonna answer my questions on my blog loser?

    That's a pretty big "lunatic fringe" that Fox News is drawing. See you at the polls, sucker!


    By the way, even the other "news" agencies are quite uncomfortable with Obama and the rest of you radical liberals stances with Fox News. Or didn't you get the memo, when all the other "news" agencies are standing with Fox? You're living in a dream land.

  38. Bruce you are way off base on just about everything you've said. Rethink your position

  39. John, I'm sure you're aware it's a typical Bruce tactic to redirect the conversation when you back him into a corner. He did that to me today, and I called him out on it. Remember, Bruce?

  40. Hey Guys, I just got home from a great fund raiser in Mt. Clemens for Mike Cox and his run for Governor. Jen Gratz was the guest speaker and she was fantastic !
    She pointed out several strong reasons to support Mike Cox for Governor, not the least of which is the fact that he was one of the ONLY state politicians to come out early and strongly, for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (Prop. 2) in 2006. Bouchard waffled, Dick DeVos waffled, and Rick Snyder flat out supports race preferences ! Unbelievable.

    I plan to write a blog about the Prop. 2 campaign and what it meant to Michigan soon !

  41. Good to see you have learned well at the feet of your idol, David Duke, Brian.

    Well done.

  42. Way to go, Bruce! I've got a good football analogy for how you operate. We're the 6'6, 310lb lineman, you're the 5'10 230lb defensive end. You can't attack us straight on, 'cause you'll get crushed. Your best bet is to dance around, misdirect and wait for us to follow you, but the smart lineman calls your bluff and waits for you to commit, then crushes you.

    Better hit the weightroom!

  43. Bruce Fealk said...
    "TV ratings don't translate to votes of enough people to govern".

    Nobody said they did,but with Foxs' dominating viewer audience recieving HONEST reporting AND commentary it is only a matter time.

  44. Christopher, Fox's reporting is anything but HONEST!!!!!!

    They just make stuff up and it is not a news organization's role to promote tea parties and tell the audience to cheer louder when the reporter is on air or to incorrectly report the number of people in attendance.

    Even if every Fox viewer voted Republican, Republicans still lose by massive margins.

    Fox doesn't matter to over 300 million Americans.

  45. Hmmm... it wasn't too long ago that Bruce was trying to brag about Olbermann (opinion, not news) and Maddow (opinion, not news) and how they were gaining in viewers. You can bet that if MSNBC (opinion, not news) were crushing opponents in viewers like Fox (news and opinion) were doing, he would be bragging to no end.

    Brian, I'm looking forward to the Prop 2 blog.

  46. Is this the kind of thing you guys support? Rush Limbaugh was punked over a satire of a thesis President Obama supposedly wrote, but even when he admitted he was punked, he steamed ahead anyway and said, "Well, we all know he thinks it."

    What a buffoon.

  47. Questions that Bruce "Epic" Failk refuses to answer:

    1. Did you watch Chris' video? If you are for abortion then you should have no problem watching it to be fully informed.
    2. When does a blastocyst become a baby, i.e. when did your grandchild change from a bunch of cells into a human being? Would it have been acceptable to abort just before that point?
    3. Why is it a baby if it is killed when a woman wants it, but it is not a baby if it is aborted when it has been around for the same amount of time?
    4. How much money did you donate to the raped woman's fund?
    5. How much extra did you send in, above and beyond what you owed in income and state taxes, since you are so concerned about others?
    6. Do you think there is any government waste in federal, state, or local spending? Do you think there are any inefficiencies?

    Brian, I posed some of these questions to Bruce on my blog, and he refused to answer them. He even said that I would not allow open dialog, even though I left my comments wide open for him to make whatever attacks or statements he wanted to. I told Bruce that if he did not address my questions I would shut him out of my blog. That did a couple of things: Bruce has not bothered me again, and everyone can see what a lying hypocrite Bruce is. Oh, and it was a lot of fun!

  48. If only men would have the same courage and morals as did our founding fathers. Our country is being run into the ground by a handful of irresponsible congressman and women and it is a shame.
    I agree with Brian. Unless this country wakes up and WE the American People start to vote some of these Bums and Bumets out of office they are sure to destroy this great country of ours...

  49. See Brian, just a couple of questions shuts Bruce "Epic" Fail-k down. Now we can have a civil discussion!


  50. Speaking of buffoons, to put some perspective and erase the obfuscation by Olberfealk:

    "So we have to hold out the possibility that this is not accurate. However, I have had this happen to me recently. I have had quotes attributed to me that were made up, and when it was pointed out to the media that the quotes were made up, they said, "It doesn't matter! We know Limbaugh thinks it anyway." Sort of like Dan Rather said, "I don't care if these documents are forged. I know that Bush did what he did at the National Guard. I don't care if the documents are forged." I don't care if the Limbaugh quotes are made up. So, I can say, "I don't care if these quotes are made up. I know Obama thinks it."

    From Limbaugh's show.

  51. Fred, you are right on the money. Unfortunately there is just too much money and opportunity for power (and even MORE money) floating around, corrupting the system.

    We need to take back the powers that the federal government has weaseled from us, and give it back to the individual states. When they have less control over things, the special-interest money will stop flowing to them.

  52. Rumor has it that Obamacare will cover converting a normal person to a liberal.

    It is a two-step procedure, the first step is castration, the second a lobotomy.


    Oh man, I am going to get some mileage out of that joke!!


  54. Brian - Did you know that you have "Beck Rights"? Based on a 1988 Supreme Court decision, union workers cannot be forced to pay any dues other than the amount specifically needed to fund your collective bargaining. This means you do not have to pay dues that will be used as political donations.

    Something you might want to look into, and have your like-minded colleagues do the same. I know my dad didn't care for the thought of his dues going to buy a politician.

  55. John they come around and collect from the workers for the Democratic Party. When I was there at Ford Utica trim that is what they used to do until they closed the plant down. Craven that was a good one.

  56. Excellent point, John! I heard that and didn't even think of our over-dued union friend.

  57. Bruce why can't you answer those simple questions John and I have ask on our blogs???

  58. Brian do you know how many Billion$ the UAW is worth? It would be nice to know. I also heard that Sterling pland said no way to the contract. What is your take on that?

  59. Chris - Ah, so the "donations" are all "voluntary" and "anonymous". Nice. What a bunch of thugs.

  60. Oh if you didn't give everyone would abuss the person. I didn't care. I'd blast them for not having anyone other then a Democrat. They had D.Stabenou at the Halloween Party. I had fun with that one. Every day someone on the line wanted to debate me. The best part was when I would get the 'at a boy' from my fellow conservatives on the line. Brian word is India is going to hell in a hand basket and it is effecting supplies from there to the Van Dyke plant. Ford is trying to retool an Ohio plant so they can keep product moving.

  61. Well, if they come around asking for your "donations" to the Democrat election coffers, you can do what the liberals do when it's time to open their wallets for donations...

    **Pats butt, pats front of pants**, "Hmmm... looks like I left my wallet at home guys! I'll get ya the next time around! Why don't you go get MY donation from the guy who is actually working, I'm on my month-long coffee and cigarette break. That guy can afford to give a little more."

  62. I talked to the guy for about 45 min. and then gave him a buck. Ooooh did that piss him off. I slowed him down a little and put a bug up his butt. It was funny. I used to get them so pissed because I wouldn't submit to their way of thinking. And I made sense to many on the line listening to the show.

  63. Chris, I bet you argued his side for him just to get him going, then said "Yea, everything I said, it's all bull. Here's a buck for ya, go get a coffee, ya bum."

  64. Yep.I held onto him for 45 min. The libs in the group got pissed at me for holding up the guy when he was getting paid by for to collect money for the Democrats. It's the Deomcrat way. By the way they put me on the hardest line in the plant and it was still the easiest job I've ever had. In all fairness I've had a lot of hard jobs in my past.

  65. Craven,
    Glad you found the blog again after The Oakland Press "went wobbly" on me .... Your comments are a great addition to the discussion ! Thanks.